Tuesday, March 27, 2007



The Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the country [Article 4 (1)], all other laws and powers conferred by law must be constitutionally consistent.

The Court of Appeal consisting of 2 Muslim Judges and 1 Hindu Judge (the lone dissenter) ruled against R. Subashini. In this travesty, the Hindu woman was told by the Court of Appeal that she had to seek recourse through the Syriah Appeal Court to stop her estranged and Muslim-convert husband from dissolving their marriage in the syriah court, and converting their children to Islam without her permission.

This bunch of you took the sacred oath to defend the constitution and none of you have come to the defence of this lady. Speak up against the Judges....this has not been OSAed....it is your duty to speak up in defence of the constitution. Until one of you can make a statement you are a PATHETIC LOT.... A ROGUE'S GALLERY OF THE DUMB.

whisper: Shame on you.....Datuk Zaid Ibrahim MP for Kota Baru.......spoke in her defence.....even took the Judges to task.....HIDUP DATUK ZAID IBRAHIM.


L said...

zorro, in the very short time you had your blog, it has become my favourite. you are so full of humour and sense among other qualities. keep it up and let it remain my favourite.

Trashed said...

Agree that the politicians have not been representing their constituents correctly in this matter.

It is an issue of the law and I believe all component parties of the BN should voice their concern that the Constitution has been usurped. The last time I checked, it is still the same one that we have had for decades and we did not get out of bed one day to find it changed.

YB Datuk Zaid appears to be one of the few progressive MPs who understands the Bangsa Malaysia concept in our mutli-ethnic environment.

Zorro's wanted list has MPs who squeak when it is time to roar and are renown for foot-in-mouth disease. Wake up, my elected representatives. Remember who elects you and to the electorate, remember what these characters have NOT done for you.

meontor said...

Gallery of pom-pom trainees!

Seems like the constitution doesn't matter anymore. I heard it is very different from the original one, not sure it is for the better of the country though.

tan said...

Dunno about the rest, but the MCA are more concerned about the wellbeing of the mcaputras than the welfare of the malays, chinese, indians etc.

Malaysia boleh!

shar101 said...


Having the Civil Court and the Syariah Court co-existing within our Judiciary system is creating more problems than actually addressing the legal privilege which each Malaysian citizen is entitled to within the ambit of the Constitution.

It's common knowledge that even the Syariah courts within each state apply different concepts of justice.

These issues of one spouse converting to Islam without the mandatory supporting role that Jakim should provide leaves no legal redress from the other who is not converting.

As in all legal matters, we should always look at precedents as the basis for justification i.e. history decides the road that the future must take.

For example, when the charge was brought up against the Al-Maunah terrorist group, it was 'high treason against the King'. Tell me, since when in the last 50 years has anybody else been similarly charged.

Perhaps, going back to the Constitution in it's original form is the solution and we may have to break some 'eggs' along the way.

Who's going to do it?

mob1900 said...

The only Oath these Goofballs have swored is to be remembered as the ones who breaks it.

Constitution? What constitution?
Not unlike the sleepy-one who once trumpet the same answer, "Yacht? What Yacht? Mengarut-lah!"

monsterball said...

Nice to be a Barisan National minister....all filthy rich with such a small salary..making we commercial firms people look like failing idiots...and yet almost commercial firms citizens rises through high qualifications and producivities. Those gave up their qualifications to be servants of the people...and are so successful.
Vote for thm? NONE IS GOOD.

J.T.Martin said...

trashed, well said. Elected representatives are there because the rakyat voted them in. They are answerable to the rakyat, right? Oh no... now that they have their cushy jobs, they have selected memory. They forget how they got there.

Zorro, they won't speak up. They are afraid to rock their boats (or in their case being so filthy rich... their yachts!) They are not going to bite the hands that feed them.

J.T.Martin said...

oh sorry... I meant to say that those elected representatives develop "selective" memory once they get their cushy jobs.

Rajahram said...

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lc teh said...

Hidup Zaid Ibrahim....The only one with the crown jewels... the rest traded theirs for the seat in parliament.

Daily Nibbler said...

There is one guy among the photos with false hair!

Ben said...

I went to Puduraya bus stand and witnessed the saddest and happiest thing. As crowded as the bus station was, nobody helped a toddler rolling on the floor in frustration as his mum watch helplessly clutching to their bags of belongings.

It went on for 10 mins with bursts of crying punctuated with silent exhaustion. It was hot, humid and polluted; not just the bus exhaust fumes but also cigarette smoke. The bus to Mersing was late by 2 hours with no updates from the counter.

Suddenly an Indian man picked the Malay boy up for a minute and then left as he continued to cry. He continued rolling on the floor. Then a Chinese man went to pick the little Malay boy up and coax him to stop crying and calm him down. The mother felt relief and very tired at the same time.

It so good to see the smile back on the toddler's face and the mother followed suit. He went to enquire about the delayed bus and pat the boy like his own.

When the bus arrived 40 mins later he took them down the steep stairs carefully, one hand carrying the toddler, another holding the railing. He waved goodbye as they boarded the bus as if sending off his own family. No recognition or thanks required.

This is the Malaysia I remember and love. May God in His grace and mercy, revive our land amidst all that has gone wrong.

Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.

jothy said...

They know not of any constitution except there own constitution of filling their own pocket first and last. You thing they care for their race. If they cared for their own race they will not be in the barisan national.

Sam said...


That is the Malaysia we should strive to be everywhere and in every thing we do, alhamdurila

zorro said...

Ben, thanks for posting this touching episode. I made a posting of your story. TQ again.

Luke said...

Looking at a case like this, I often wonder about the wisdom of the judges involved-do they ever consider the implications of their rulings? What are the implications for overwhelming Christian, non-Muslim East Malaysia? Hi, Zorro! Got you linked at my blog-http://thieneleventhhour.blogspot.com...Sorry to introduce you as 'an angry teacher'!!My sense of humor, yunno. Would appreciate if you add me in your links, friend. Btw, I'm also an educationist, private one, that is.

zorro said...

Luke, I dont seem to be able to get into your blog. Is the url above correct.Email me at ktswee@hotmail.com

Old Fart said...

Zorro, you must be reasonable. When all these people have worked so hard lining up to ass-lick UMNO-putras and busy doing that work, where do you expect them to find the time to do anything else? Can they! Dare they say anything that might hurt the feelings of a total nobody in the UMNO heirarchy, let alone a somebody?

zorro said...

I get your message loud and clear. However, this ass-worshiping has been going on and this has to stop NOW.Because its getting them nowhere and the recipient aren't even showing any signs of appreciation. I don't put the blame on UMNO. Our Chinky and Indian thought they were doing the right thing ass-worshiping et al but when you dont get anything in return you have to be DUMB and thats what they are and will continue to be if we dont present them dumbos some alternative(s). GE is one way to end these despicable acts. Then we show them what a good fart is. Cheers buddy.