Friday, March 30, 2007

A Bangsa Malaysian he is.


BEN a commentor on my blog posted this true-to-life Malaysian happening.
Definitely! There is still hope for us.

I went to Puduraya bus stand and witnessed the saddest and happiest thing. As crowded as the bus station was, nobody helped a toddler rolling on the floor in frustration as his mum watch helplessly clutching to their bags of belongings.

It went on for 10 mins with bursts of crying punctuated with silent exhaustion. It was hot, humid and polluted; not just the bus exhaust fumes but also cigarette smoke. The bus to Mersing was late by 2 hours with no updates from the counter.

Suddenly an Indian man picked the Malay boy up for a minute and then left as he continued to cry. He continued rolling on the floor. Then a Chinese man went to pick the little Malay boy up and coax him to stop crying and calm him down. The mother felt relief and very tired at the same time.

It so good to see the smile back on the toddler's face and the mother followed suit. He went to enquire about the delayed bus and pat the boy like his own.

When the bus arrived 40 mins later he took them down the steep stairs carefully, one hand carrying the toddler, another holding the railing. He waved goodbye as they boarded the bus as if sending off his own family. No recognition or thanks required.

This is the Malaysia I remember and love. May God in His grace and mercy, revive our land amidst all that has gone wrong.

Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right.

March 30, 2007 3:11 AM


Daily Nibbler said...

Thanks Ben and Zorro for the heartfelt story. It shows that Malaysians still have soul and caring heart.

I quote: "This is the Malaysia I remember and love. May God in His grace and mercy, revive our land amidst all that has gone wrong.

Better is a little with righteousness than great revenues without right."

Well said.

Sheih said...

That is trully Malaysian and why I am so proud to be amongst my Malaysian buddies.

J.T.Martin said...

We still have hope that kind and decent people live among us. A Chinese proverb says it best:

"If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody."

Beef Stew said...

WE ARE GOOD ALL THIS WHILE... it's those fuckwits that continue the brits legacy of "pecah dan perintah"

Kata Tak Nak said...

A true Towering Malysian. You don't have to build cars or bridges or skyscrapers or head multi-billion ringgit corperations, these are easy stuffs. Try being like that man. What does he get in return? Nothing, zilch. I would confer him the Towering Malaysian Award anytime because he did the most difficult thing ever and that is to CARE.

kak maria said...


Simple gestures by ordinary Malaysians that show we are still a caring lot make be wanna cry and believe that there is still hope for us.


ewoon said...

Just warms the heart, doesn't it? My pat-on-the-back for Ben. Let's have more Ben!

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dearest Zorro,
The sort of stories that make me misty through political bulltalks making all of us becoming suspicious of each other.
Tx Bro,believe me ,we bled the same blood that this goodearth fed us....the earth that we call Malaysia.

monsterball said...

You have a kind and concerned heart zorro.

shar101 said...

Humanity lives within us all.

We certainly do not need the government for this basic human trait, especially when sharing it with like-minded people.

Well done, Ben. Love the last paragraph.

You too, Zorro.

yok hoong said...

i am sure there are more of these unreported caring cases in malaysia. in general, malaysians are friendly but somehow you feel there's a hightened subterranean racial tension now. how did that happen? well, i tend to agree with beef stew on the reason.

Anon. Fm Miri said...

I’m proud to be a Malaysian. Actually it’s happening every day, the only thing is that the Not So Talented People do not bother to report it. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Brother thanks for your email and by the way SIKIT buzy body ya. Rocky’s bru link is not working. Suggestion: redo it lah.


zewt said...

it's good to know there is still hope...

Anonymous said...

agree with zewt..good to know that there is hope..

and i tend to think beyond the MSM propaganda, in everyday life, malaysians are a pretty tolerant muhibbah bunch....

at the same time, more must be done to let the truth be known....:D

svllee said...

Hi Zorro, nice story and showing real humanity and humility as well. Nicer than those any of those cheesy 3-minute ads on TV can portray!

A Voice said...

This is the everyday Malaysian that was never lost. It just never got highlighted.

We forgot that after God, King and Country, Constitution, and Law, being Malaysians is about pledging for Good Behaviour and Morality.

Be it on issues of religion or economy or social or race or education, going back and forth from their corners to inside the ring is not the way forward.

It is outside the ring with civility, understanding and comradeship lies resolutions.

Anonymous said...

that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside after a long and stressful day.

thanks godpa :)