Friday, March 30, 2007

Rogues' Gallery of the Dumb Revisited.


Datuk Bernard Dompok is promoted to the above categroy. He said (Star 29Mar) that it is UNREASONABLE for non-muslims to submit to the Syariah Court. He chastised Justice Suryadi and Justice Hassan Lah for setting a worrying trend: "unwillingness to take up disputable case like Ms. Subashini's appeal." We used to call this, "passing the buck". To a layman like me I call this action of our two Justices utterly abhorrent, unprofessional and dastardly irresponsibe.
Datuk Ong Kah Ting the MCA President said that M CA had been voicing this concern for the non-Muslim at internal meetings. Why internal meetings on such a grave matter? I dont buy this. He remains in the above category together with the other Chinese Cabinet members.
I still can't figure him since he started feuding with Kaveas. Is the Gerakan taikoh on early retirement? Maybe the PPP head-prefect can throw some light on this.

This champion of the Indians has not even uttered a word in the English press. Did he make a statement in the Indian press? No? Somebody please.


Daily Nibbler said...

Competition for the dumb and the dumbest.

What has the loud mouth, false hair minister has to say about this? Consistency is definitely not his strength.

lc teh said...

The last with the funny hairdo; No tolls no talk. Unless there's an act of God!!!

yok hoong said...


this is a case for all malaysians. i have never heard of a more clear cut case and the judgement is a disgrace for the judiciary.
if the government of the day does not take the necessary steps to ensure that the constitution is protected and preserve, then it has lost its right to govern.

Anonymous said...

so shyness la.....the state of the nation's morality is disturbing. we truly get the govt we deserve

Allied said...

Duck Off!
Is this the road we are taking to achieve a true bangsa Malaysia?

How fair is it that even the Law of the Land is not upheld? Is this justice?
I wonder if Subashini has a blog, and if she has one, what would she say?