Monday, March 5, 2007

Countdown to International Women's Day:8March


Audra Atkinson MAS Chief Stewardess sacrificed a career so that she could have her third child. As such MAS terminated her because she was seen to have contravened a man-made law. She chose God's law instead and was gifted with precious Allyson Jade (centre).


Sheih said...

Buddy Zorro,

I have launched the video for Audra

BT said...

Zorro, Goodness me, what would have happened to that cutie Allyson Jade had Audra chose MAS??
Audra..U did the right Godly thing!
I will walk with you all.
boh tong (ex-SIA...Sure I'll Assist )

BT said...
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Rajahram said...

It is certainly taking a long time for a case of this nature to be settled - coming up to 4 years. Not so straight forward! Let us see how it ends.

Gerry said...

Cheers to Audra! It takes a lot to make a sacrifice and the essence of which only a woman can understand. Hope many more women show the same courage as displayed by this lady.
Do drop by my blog too for many interesting news and views.

BT said...

Zorro..Thanks for visiting my blog and all those encouragement. If I can help in anyway from Singapore side,do let me know.
My email addy is