Sunday, September 23, 2012


Be consistently and continuously
Stay focused!


bruno said...

This coming GE will definitely be ABU.The cracks are appearing and signs are as clear as elephants footprints.

In times of desperation desperate people do desperate things and take desperate measures.Take as an example Umno/BN recruiting the services of Tunku Aziz and some ex DAP rejects as low level operatives out to discredit the DAP on the ceramah circuit.

Tunku Aziz who made a name on the international and national levels as a corruption fighter has now become the biggest condoner of corruption.A lifetime's hard work and reputation gone to the dogs in less than a year.Why?Because of his damaged ego of having to quit the DAP with his head held low like a loser,and having an axe to grind.Or the promise of another term of senatorship with a ministerial post if Umno/BN retain the federal gomen.

Whatever it is the man will have to suck up to his political masters,and have the most miserable time of his diminishing career.Worst than what he claimed he endured during his time in the DAP.Lost of self respect and not able to look his friends and neighbours in the eye.

If Umno/BN has no choice but to utilised the services of such oppurtunists,what chance of survival it will have this coming GE.Nada.

Anonymous said...

If Darth Vader and his evil Imperial Armies are not destroyed this time, they will revenge strongly with big guns firing at all cylinders at the weakened Resistance Force to make sure no more resistance to them to rule the whole galaxy with absolute power forever.....

Anonymous said...

Ya,anything and ABU,for a brighter Malaysia and a better living for all Malaysian.
As the saying goes 'no venture,no gain'.

Buttercup said...

Consistent, constant and focused. So funny. What crap, Uncle.
When the paramount leader is forever saying one thing and doing the other.
When DAP leaders like Nizar and Nga for example tweeted sensitive issues and have to apologised.
Blabber mouth politicians the whole bunch especially the wanna-be PM.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

I remembered you were kind enough to pay the bail money for RPK's troubled son. RPK's son was jailed in Sungai Buloh, bashed up ....wrote his father on the MT blog.

You even looked after RPK's son for him while RPK was in exile in the UK.

Tell us.....the bloody slimy RPK today is sucking up to UMNO/BN and Mamathir... is it because he strucked a deal with UMNO/BN to have his son released from jail to be with RPK in the UK?

RPK is a walking excrement....he is a lump of shit who happens to have 2 legs. Look at how he sucks up to mamathir and instill fear in other by writing articles which are pro-BN/UMNO?

You tell us....I really can't stand RPK now. He even justified that the number of visitors did not drop when clearly the traffic volume to his blog had dropped drastically.

Bobo, UMNO/BN's worse nightmare. said...

Rest assured, Uncle B. For as long as i'm on the cause...they will have sleepless nights.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah.

Stay firm on ABU.

But suddenly there will be some snide remarks and comments about PKR and AA or whoever and all these 'stand firm on ABU' will b temporarily shelved aside.

Guess when times are convenient its 'stand firm on ABU' but suddenly we see something we dont like, lets put aside this 'stand firm on ABU' for a while for some pot-shots.


mitchell said...

stay the course....Mainstream media are going all out churning out news that belittle PR...I continue to speak to old and new friends telling them about ABU...Bring on the UNMOputras...we'll whack the shit out of them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stay focus! yes.

While we laugh at BN in its latest resurrection of another bogeyman to scare the rakyat: George Soros and the Jews!

Stupid BN!

Roti Sunshine said...

well said, bruno. you hit the nail right on the head. the poor ex-senator had lived a charm life all these years and probably never had someone to tell him off.

if we the people were to stage an anti-bn forum with ex-bn people, we'll need a stadium and standing room only!

hello, TA, please get over this bitter episode of your life. to hold on to bitterness without letting go, will only destroy you from inside.

if someone want to be in hardcore politics, be ready always for the hard knocks. if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and go smell the roses.

Anonymous said...

Easy money from desperate paymaster
umno who is splashing money. Most would like to take a grab on it . No surprise to see this few months lots of rubbish and discredit the opposition one of this is none other
then RPK who needs the fund to live on. He will care less for Malaysia he will allow the country to go to the dogs.

Anonymous said...



wandererAUS said...

"It is now or never". It is a matter of we rid the devils we know or take chances with the unknown angels. Send the devils to hell! This GE will be life and death of the nation, Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

The BN/UMNO think they are very very smart. Look what is happening now. Our economy is losing out to all the other Asean Countries. They know they have failed and so shift blame to Soros and the Opposition Parties. Who is suffering ? Only the poor Rakyat cause BN/UMNO and cronies still controlled and create money earning opportunity for themselves only. At least PKR has come out with some sensible solutions to ease the problems for the Rakyat and so deserved to be given a chance. After all , they cannot be worst them BN.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the alternative news media (Internet based media) that now we learned so much about our leaders that we would never know say 10 years ago. The RM45 million ring worn by Rosmah or the luxury cars owned by Nazri Aziz and Mahathir..the multi million companies owned by the BN leaders and so forth..Man..I used to adore Mahathir but knowing the truth now God knows how I despise him..I used to think DAP is just meant for Chinese people with the main objective of ruling the country and oppressed the Malays.

Alternative news media has opened my eyes and millions of Malaysians out there who dream for a better Malaysia for all races! You will never achieve that with the current government.

Alan Newman said...

Financial experts now rank Singapore the world’s No. 1 in income per capita and will remain top by 2050. Yet Singapore has little natural resources that Malaysia has. Ask your conscience : What has UMNO done for M’sia in 55 yrs, other than racism, apartheid, in-equal treatment of races, corruption; plunder & squander of hundreds of billions; sabotage of opposition & human rights NGOs; lies, crime; control of media to deceive the people; rigged elections to remain in power. What has UMNO done for the people! Look at Singapore! Shame on Dr MM, yr PM and all their present and past cronies. All a giant can of worms. Out they go in GE13.

Anonymous said...

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Steven said...


Anonymous said...


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rexuan said...

what mentality la you guys are having.. with this abu campaign, do you guys realize that you are practically advocating a porno star and a man that has left his dna in sumone's butt to be pm of malaysia?

these facts alone paint how distorted and currupted the components of pakataiks and its hard core supporters who wish to replace bn and govern malaysia..

nkkhoo said...


Anonymous said...

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elizabeth said...

rexuan, lets say there is no ABU, is Malaysia better off with UMNO and its warlords? To begin with, any party that does not practise corruption and wastages like UMNO is way better.