Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Twenty-one people, including federal and state lawmakers, arrested on 9 November 2008 were acquitted and discharged by a PJ sessions court Judge Hayatul Akma today for illegal assembly and not abiding by a police officer's order. They were charged two days before Chinese New Year in 2009. Eyewitnesses accounts of that night available HERE.

The prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case against the accused and police failed to show the roles played by the participants in the candlelight vigil in support of Bersih in 2008, the court in Petaling Jaya ruled. HERE

Was it easy passage for the 21? Not really. As a bailor I was present at most sessions although it was not necessary. My duty was to inform those I bailed to be present in court. However the cops visited me one night to inform me that I had to attend court as one of those I bailed was absenting himself from court hearings. He was arrested and was put into the lockup. We had to post another Rm500 to get his handcuffs off.

Prior to this the UMNO bloggers went to town to accuse RPK of misusing contributions made to him. HERE. Pete asked me to reply to this and I did HERE.

Yes, I will return the RM450 contributed by the parishioners of Church of Divine Mercy when I was short of bail money on that day.


Anonymous said...

So the Malaysian courts are fair and unbiased, yes Uncle? So stop judging our courts as pro-government. You and old man Din are fond of castigating our courts. Time to apologize.

zorro said...

Anon337pm, Some judges ARE fair and unbiased!Any kampong walla knows that. The key word is "SOME" and I have not accused ALL!If you cannot comprehend this then this blog can never satisfy you. You will find more satisfaction and less stressful reading the proUMNO blogs.Morever Din and I are old....that is the only thing we can apologise for....being old.Off with you now and go play with your younger friends.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry uncle, the so called young guy who posted the comment is a sick one among youngsters. Most youngster knows the Malaysian court is biased. That why the gomen can't get their support !

Anonymous said...

All wise people should now realize this country is in such a bad shape is due to Umno's sheer racism,religious bigotry,incompetent and corrupted leaders.This devil should be wiped out after the next GE if Malaysians want their children and their children's children to have a good and bright future.

Bolehlander said...

what I can do for my country (which I am already doing):

1. pay my income taxes
2. pay for the sales tax on most of things that in our country is not taxable
3. pay for service tax on product (such as health care / hospitalisation)
4. pay my road tax
5. pay assessment on my house to local council
6. pay quit rent to the state government
7, pay indah water for services which once upon a time was already included in my assessment bill
8. pay for wifi and broadband services that some countries enjoy for free (and increase populace productivity)
9. pay for water to my office at RM 32 per month despite hardly using the water (whereas home usage was way way more at only RM 2 (after subsidy) per month.
10.pay along with millions of citizens for purchase of submarines that purportedly/reported to be 'unsinkable (cannot submerge)' worth billions.

o'yeah, that I do for my country, while over half of the citizens don't quite do that (esp item 1)

shithappens said...

its only a small but crucial step if u ask me.....the truth of the matter is still this - it aint over till the fat lady sings (pun unintended)