Friday, September 14, 2012


For God’s sake, say and do something sensible so that I don’t go confrontational and abrasive against our dearly beloved Ministers. Last week we had our Home Minister who innovatively jumped out of the box with his grand scheme to use the Mat Rempits to help in curbing crime (by monitoring and supervising the matamata?). Of course Khairy did not lay claim to this initiative, realizing that it was said at the sperm spur of an unguarded moment then.

Followed immediately we had the former Chief Justice one Tun Zaki who belittled East Malaysians by suggesting that we lower the entry criteria so that East Malaysians can gain entry to more government jobs. He was lambasted and ridiculed by the Sarawakians civil service, especially the local chapter of the teachers’ union. Leo Moggie anak Irok the longest serving Iban in the Federal Government played dumb. Let me digress a bit on Leo. Whilst having drinks at Kuching’s biggest hotel then, the Aurora, I was introduced to then CPO Ritchie. With him was Leo Moggie, then with some publishing company. When he found out that I was on a coaching assignment from KL, he said to me…..”You people are attempting to colonise US east Malaysians?” I was fully aware of the antipathy against us from the Peninsula and discretely evaded the remark. Today, not that I hope for, but if the opportunity presented itself I would say to him: “You allowed yourself to be colonized, you are the longest serving Iban federal minister and still remain a backward and the second poorest state in the Federation!” and downing with relish a straight Yamazaki single malt!

Back to the present….

Earlier this week the Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister unveiled a blueprint on education. Against all expectations nothing was mentioned about the teaching of Maths and Science in English. A former minister of education of South Korea was effusive in his praise for this blueprint the mainstream reported albeit it was not highlighted that 50% of South Korea’s education budget went to the teaching of Maths and Science in English! It is an uncontested fact that in the past 13 years, three Education Ministers have each produced Education Blueprint but Malaysian education standards have gone from bad to worse.

And a few days later, former inmate of the Fart Chamber, Deputy Minister of Education Puad unveiled to some 1 thousand odd parents and teachers how to spot tell-tale signs of homosexuality and lesbianism in their children. National News Agency Bernama was proud to reveal Puad as saying that being able to identify the signs will help contain the spread of the unhealthy lifestyle among the young, especially students. If fairy tales like these can breed fairies then the Teachers Foundation of Malaysia who organized such 10 seminars should find a place in the Guiness Book of Records, success which even BTN has failed so far to impress.

Dang! These marginalized kids are different from the majority of us but that does not mean that they are inferior! So don’t play God and I only wish some psychologist, psychiatrist, or some inspired shrink can come forward to enlighten these charlatans, so generous with their expert revelations!

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Anonymous said...

ha2-hisha beats them all.he cant even guarantee safety for those who campaigned in Johor.
tiuniamah, why are we paying taxes to these BN morons when they cant even provide decent security.

telur dua said...

Education blueprint my balls. I bet Moo can't even blueprint a pinhead.

Roti Sunshine said...

those BN blockheads can't even raffle a chook in the local pasar malam, let alone execute an education blueprint!

the blueprint will be beautifully laminated and placed under seal and lock in a museum!

yes, BN dream on. if those chaps are so good why is the Malaysian education system in such a shamble? even the son of a MCA president can't even count!

patrick said...

To start with they all look less than bright and when they open their gob we're left without doubt!What a collection of morons!

Anonymous said...

I can only laugh till tear. We are creating world record in generating so many most funny policies in order for Malaysian to achieve top score in global happiness index....Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

Those f'cking ministers are a bunch of stooges.They are not to serve the rakyat but only themselves.That is why they talk- cock just to show they are performing.Pergi mampus dia orang!

Anonymous said...

BN is expert in gay matters.
They can tell you that penetration of anus can happen without causing any damage.

bruno said...

We have sick and incompetent people serving in the cabinet.In times of desperation,sick and incompetent people do desperate things and take desperate actions,contrary to what healthy and competent people do.Sick bastards these sick and incompetent people are.

Horny Bill said...

[...]"...that I don’t go confrontational and abrasive against our dearly beloved Ministers."[...]

I say Uncle, ah! Don't stop for anybody's sake but 'them' ;-))

Sarawak with as much as 50,000 sq miles has only 1 Sultan - Taib. You guys have what some 7 - or 9? The fragmentation there is a blessing and as some pig-headed ones fought and warded off others to keep their cake ...some good came out of it and so Malaya has been ahead, all for the better.

With Sarawak, not only is their oil stolen, land stolen, they only need few votes to elect their kakis in urban and suburban. The rest of the kingdom needs near to 60% votes capture to defeat a BN sob!

So PR and other PR likes have to do more than magic to turn a toad into a prince or literally kick out the 50% of MP seats for change!

# Sarawak's joharimandering -

Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin better start dumping his v-necks ... but then, he looks gay anyway.

Anonymous said...

Most observers believe the Blueprint will not work because it has not identified the core reasons why the results were so disappointing after spending so much in education for the past 55 years. It's not language, neither it is money. It is the people.