Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For now every day got its dogs!

But the time is nigh when

The Companies Commission of Malaysia co-ordinated a meeting of 6 government agencies to investigate Suaram: “Whenever there is a complaint or a report which specifies suspicious activity, that is when we will investigate all matters in detail. It is not selective. If there is any suspicion, we will take action.

Here is my list of complaints for the respective relevant agencies to act:

Malaysia is the 10th laziest nation in the world! The shocking piece of finding came from an international study timed intentionally to coincide with the London Olympic Games.

Worse still, Malaysia turned out to be the most slothful nation by far in Southeast Asia, scoring 61.4% on the inactive index versus Cambodia's 11.2%, Myanmar's 12.7%, Vietnam's 15.3%, Thailand's 19.2%, Philippines' 23.7% and Indonesia's 29.8% . Perhaps due to its small size, neighboring Singapore was not on the survey of 122 countries grading about 89% of the world's population.

Which agency should act……stop look at each other….get cracking! Hold another meeting?

A recent poll, done on the eve of the Bersih 3.0 rally, shows that an overwhelming majority of people surveyed want the electoral roll to be cleaned up before the next general election.

According to independent polling group Merdeka Centre, an astounding 92 percent of the 1,019 people surveyed last month said the government should do this before the general election.

The results were almost unanimous across race, age group, gender, income and region, with more than 90 percent of each group answering in the positive.

The survey was conducted over two weeks - between April 14 and 26 - days before the mammoth Bersih rally that saw thousands of yellow-clad protesters on the streets of Kuala Lumpur demanding for clean and fair elections.

What for you all look at PDRM? The EC reps conveniently went to the Ladies W C!

Just because it's a VIP's children's applicaiton Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme gets this special privilege. First Shahrizat's hubby, then Jamaluddin Jarjis' son, former Chief Justice Tun Zaki's wife, now this, who else?

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (Seda) has admitted to a weakness in the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) online application process, leading to former chief secretary Mohd Sidek Hassan’s daughter Suzi Suliana obtaining a large chunk of the solar energy quota.

Hello, hello, why are you reps looking at the two EC blokes who just came back from the loo….lan…oh forget it….no one is responsible yah?

Malaysia is among the top 20 countries in the world when it comes to capital flight, according to the London-based Tax Justice Network.

According to a report by influential London-based daily The Guardian, Tax Justice Network's researcher James Henry estimated that US$283 billion (RM892 billion) has been transferred to tax havens from 1970 to 2010.

For comparison, the amount is three and a half times more than Malaysia's foreign debt of RM257.2 billion in 2011 and is second to Nigeria (US$306 billion or RM964 billion).

Tuan tuan dan puan puan, why is everybody looking at the floor…..the answer my friends is blowing in the wind!

An imam gets one year jail for throwing his slippers at a judge but the police is still looking for the guy who threw his shoe into a mosque in Kedah.

Whoa….why is everybody looking at the rest room again?

Whilst the imam serves his sentence a bowler gets off scot free for deflowering an underaged girl; a mechanic who never passed Form 3, whom the judges says has a future is also let off for raping an minor.

Why are you all grinning at the MACC guys… mean there was an element of corruption?

It is common knowledge that the PM is linked to the submarine deal (HERE)
Why everybody giving us those buffalo looks…..scared of Rosmah?

Musa Aman has been busy repeating over past weeks that he has nothing to do with Michael Chia and that to suggest otherwise was to defame him.

So consider the wording of this answer given by the Prime Minister on 21/6/12:

“The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has conducted investigations into the Michael Chia case which is linked to the Sabah chief minister. It has been completed and presented to the AGC for study and a decision”

Yes, that’s right. I heard you all murmuring…..AG

For the first time ever, the authorities are on the hunt for individuals accused of showing disrespect for public figures by means of stepping on their photograph or in one case, baring a bottom at their photograph. Currently, the police have identified 11 individuals accused of performing such acts during the eve of Merdeka Day at Dataran Merdeka. How fast they forgot the butt exercise of army veterans, the funeral service for LGE the tearing up of Koh Tsu Khoon’s pics and the urinating on Tok Guru and Tok Hadi’s banner image.

Dang! For the first time you guys are turning around and looking at the PDRM reps. That is an achievement!

An Inquiry confirmed that the three investigators cause Teoh Beng Hock to commit suicide. One was promoted and all three are still in MACC we are told.

Why looking right and left for the MACC chaps…..they left the building for the upper floors!

I could go on complaining but I will feature more during the GE campaign and that will be the day when every dog will have its day so until then remember this:

So enjoy the days you have d


Anonymous said...

I thought PKR can provide a viable option to Barisan but
after Chan Jui Meng has brought up Tan Koon Swan story in the manner whivh he did, I now have to rethink my stand.

Middle People

Anonymous said...

who let the dog out..... wooof wooof

Anonymous said...

These bastards are of the most pariahiest mongrels which savage the severs.

Mr Bojangles said...

The Companies Commission has yet to act on a request I made over THREE months ago for which I coughed out hard-earned RM120 as processing fees, to change the auditors of my company.

Response to request as to why something so straightforward is taking so long to selesai, is generally, " Ini say pun tak tahu macam manalah", and 'pegawai sibok".

Anonymous said...

zorro, as usual and in your no-holds barred caustic style, you have laid bare the shenanigans of our UMNO/BN and all their neutered agencies from the PDRM, JUDICIARY, MACC, EC,etc.

The UMNO/BN government cheated the rakyat and covered up everything getting the spineless, fourth estate prostitutes to publish only lies which these maggots did for awards, positions and the crumbs from the largesse of their masters.

What the editors, journalists and publishers failed to realize was that they are the main culprits in spreading lies and disinformation to a gullible public.

With the advent of the alternate media through the internet, UMNO/BN and these dumb miscreants who call themselves human beings have been exposed many times over. Their game is already check-mated. It would soon be over at the 13th GE.

The pirates, cheats, plunderers, warlords and freeloaders in UMNO/BN have contributed greatly to the outflow of capital from the country. The poor misinformed rakyat have reelected the same old rotten government for the past 5 decades because the media being corrupted and shackled failed in their duty.

zorrro, KARMA is only to those who believe in GOD. Those who believe in the Almighty would NEVER do what these rascals have done and are still doing. Religion is being used as a tool to hoodwink the gullible masses. True believers are NOT racists. What we have is a government corrupted to its core by the pseudo-Malay mamak and his racist fanatics.

A CHANGE of government is long overdue. Hope the 13th GE brings about that CHANGE and delivers this beautiful country from the maggots that have been sucking it dry.