Monday, September 3, 2012


The Home Ministry wants to engage the mat rempit to help fight crime in the country. Describing the idea as out-of-the-box thinking, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the ministry had asked selected non-governmental organisations and groups to enlist the bikers' co-operation in the fight against crime.

Calling this an 'out-of-the-box thinking' goes to show that our minister is really suffering from a serious mental block or he is totally not qualified to hold the position. Any credible home minister would have instructed his top home security officials to come out with a comprehensive plan and strategy to curb and combat crime.

Granted that every Tom, Dick and Harry, at one time or other would endeavor to think outside the box. Unless of sound mind and body, those who stray outside the box often cannot find their way back to the box! When this occurs, we might be forced to accept as new “values” the result of straying too far away from the box – rempits and new “speakers”.

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Anonymous said...

thinking outa tis world:
1. disband the PDRM
2. award the security contract to mat rempits
3. in return for shares in mat rempit bhd
4. get appointed to be the CEO of mat rempit bhd
5. IPO the shares in mat rempit bhd

heesupmoodin better do tis b4 GE13?

ABU ...... ABC!!!

shithappens said...


there's a huge difference between thinking outside the box and thinking outside this world!!!

wud u employ career criminals to guard your valuables???

my 2 sen

Anonymous said...

We have a very mentally sick man running the home ministry.He wants to recruit the biker gangters mat rempits to fight crimes.Then we will have licenced gangsters sponsored by the home ministry clashing and robbing outside Putrajaya too.This mat rempits even wanted to burn down the pkr headquarters in PJ too.Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The divide and rules policy by BN is a fact. They implementing discrimination in the economy to help those weak bumiputra. We don’t mind. They partial help those Chinese and Tamil primary school. We don’t mind. Chinese want to set up independence private school also cannot. We just want a approve letter only also so difficult. BN is really a race party !!! BN is the party that caused the chaos in this country !!! Chinese was apply for independence school for over 20 or 30 years in different location, but the approval is counted. That’s was only after maybe 20 or 30 years and when BN lost in the election. Do you think the Kuantan Independance school can be done if BN win big big in the last 2008 election ? wait long long time lah…All our MCA and Gerakan minister is useless and they all are fighting for their own pocket only !!! Chinese school approval take long long time, but those International school just take few months only. What the FUCK are this BN government doing ??? Old Chinese and Indian can’t get Malaysia citizenship, but those illegal immigrant from Indonesia and Filipino can get it easily ??? just because they can speak Malay ? What the FUCK Mamak talking about. Do you mean anybody can speak Malay will entitle Malaysia citizenship ??? Please announce this and make it official then we see what happen !!!
BN = Bastards Party = Communist Party = Evil Party !!!

Anonymous said...

He thinks!!?

Anonymous said...

Quote: “The majority of the people are already fed up with the actions of these political desperados who know they are facing defeat in the coming general election and are trying to create public hatred against government leaders,” Hishammuddin was quoted as saying today by state news agency Bernama".

CORRECTION! The majority of the public are fed up with the despotic and corrupted acts by UMNO-PUTRAS/BN.

Hassan Amirul said...

Najib is desperate & he knows that PR's support is strong. He needs to divert the attention & those imbeciles who think that they can change the Jalur Gemilang that easily must be ignorant & have their brain checked! The flag provocateurs could be persons employed by BN to stir up the issue. Remember the movie Wag The Dog? Well, Najib is learning from Hollywood to stay relevant. However, Rakyat won't be fooled & BN is on its way to the exit.

Umno (perhaps the real provocateurs in the flag issue)took the opportunities to attack and pinpoint the opposition but did not arrest the perpetrators.
(strange the police did not arrest the culprit on the spot or confiscate the flag).

Asking the police to investigate and arrest them reminds me of the Chinese national lady who was ask to strip naked and film. They spend monies sending a minister to China to explain but in the end the search for a duplicated lady appears from Pahang. Here again they are looking for scapegoats just to ptotect those perpetrators. How smart they are.
The rakyat can read the actions of those politicians and their so called political affiliations such as the PDRM, MACC AND THE JUDICIARY.

Jong said...

Looks like the Home Minister is suffering from severe degeneration of the mental faculty. Time he stays home rather than subject a nation of people to undue risks suggesting mat rempits be deployed to keep security and our streets safe? How idiotic!

Like his cousin, he was never smart to begin with, just mediocre. Both born with golden spoons are clueless on the job and if not for their fathers' names, one will still be sitting in his dusty office signing 'Sales and Purchase' letters while the other goyang kaki dapat gaji living on his 2nd wife's earnings, no?

Anonymous said...


najib manaukau said...

Najib knows that he gets kick out of Putrajaya is inevitable when the GE is held thus he is coming up with all kind of excuses not to hold the GE. He just wants to hold on to the glamour o being the P.M. for as long as he can. Now that the law says the time limit is up he starts to come up with 'hints' of the date the GE is going to be held.
He is now using his smaseng to reveal what their kind really are, also a true reflection of what the head of a 'war lord' the behaviour is plus a samseng never heard of in the real democratic country. Of course Malaysia is not a democratic country, right ?

malchindian said...

Legitimizing the Mat Rempits was always on the cards. Who's been consistently selling the masses the idea that RELA , perkasa, silat masters and now mat rempits would form a wider protective net against those who oppose BN's pledge to uphold race, religion and royalty? Lately Jibs has openly asked his minions to form a "barricade" around the last BN bastian/stronghold i.e. putrjaya. But the master architect of this net is none other than the wily Toon.
When will the police realise that their pittance salaries is due to the dilutation of their role and importance to accommodate Toon's need for enormous army of yes-men?
So it's not stupid of Hisaputing to spew what he has been told to spew. He sees Toon's bigger picture, not Jibby's.

Anonymous said...

Thinking outside the box ?

This stupidest of stupid buta gaji Ministers should be put into a box and dropped into the nearest mining pond, followed by that Rais fler

Donplaypuks® said...

Najib, Kerismudin and the Cabinet should all resign today and let the Mat Armpits run Bumno/BN & Govt.

I think the Mat Armpits will perform better!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Beware ! This is an excuse by our crafty home minister to make use of the MatRempits to create trouble in the coming GE.
They have been spending $ to get these good-for-nothing rempits to do their dirty jobs and things will rev-up from here as the GE gets closer!

Anonymous said...


Jong said...

Desperate and confused! The writings on the wall and this corrupt regime realises it.

Even frogs are hard to come by Frogs to work in its favour. Their attempt using that 'dumno unity-talk sifu Nash' to divide, create distrust and animosity within Pakatan have made PR stronger and united. And now the letting out thugs and pitsbulls to create havoc only further exposed their ill intention and preach of hate.

This had eroded whatever credibility and integrity it ever had at all!

Tom said...

Nothing wrong with that after all that is the umno policy and solution. Like illegal immigrants of Bangladeshi,Indonesian or Filipino descent? Make them instant citizens beholden to umno. Not enough voters? Just bring in the Pakistanis. So mat rempit outlaws? Simple, make them law enforcers!

Anonymous said...

sick motherfucker of a HM.

Anonymous said...

On 12.12.12; 1.2 trillion USD will short the RM.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

For certain this is not " If you can't lick 'em, join 'em " sort of out of the box thinking cornered mind.
As he and his Mampus or mampu kept insisting suppressed crime level.
Feels more like umno roping in trouble makers during the election.
They already have Perkosa Wira Negara to make troubles.
Note that the Perkosa members are generally old farts with low sperm count.
Mat Rempits are young brain damaged high testosterone glue sniffers.
Perfect match to start mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Najib is depending on its brownosing ally in LimKokWing for creative ideas to further spin the 1Malaysia slogan into propaganda songs and video...

Bogey said...

Home Minister not thinking out of the box la, Masked Man.
He's thinking with his ass. That's where he gets all his shitty ideas.

Anonymous said...

Read between the lines.

Hishamuddin thinks the police are fucking useless!!!

Anonymous said...

Himpunan Hijau at pengerang is planned on 30 September. Look up for update and confirmation.

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Anonymous said...

PDRM is double standard!

Hancuff a 17-year old girl but dare not handcuff criminals like Ling Liong Sik and Khir Toyol.

Anonymous said...

The brain dead dumb fool Home Minister is washing his hands off everything except our money. While he's at it, why not get Ah Longs to collect all government debts too?