Thursday, September 13, 2012



mauriyaII said...

Fantastic image of Petronas being milked dry and the jokers in UMNO/BN do not realize it. Hope the EPF cash cow does not end up the same way.

Donplaypuks® said...

This is 1 more indication why 1MDB is snapping up concession-expiring IPP's like Genting-Sanyen and and AK's Tj Energy.

The gaji buta milking of Petronas is destined to continue!

Note too that those croneys working Petronas's $billion "marginal oilfields" (1 of whom is a son of Maha Firaun) are also laughing all the way to the bank!

we are all of 1 Race, the HUman Race

nick said...

And what's worse is now there's PETRON (Owned by mahathir through his son's San Miguel) trying to milk and squeeze Petronas dry too. Not only that, Petron is also stealing the business from Petronas (Petronas no longer sell jet fuel to Mas). So not only Petron is milking Petronas cow dry, its stealing all the green pastures too. For that reason alone, we should all boycott Petron but for me a boycott is a must since it's owned by mahathir and Mahathir is destabilizing and destroying this nation using all the wealth and money he has stolen from the nation coffers (oil royalties, IPP under table commission and of course tolls and infrastructures corruption done through cronies). For that reason alone, we must punish mahathir and boycott all of his business interests.


Anonymous said...

All the educated and well-informed Malays know only too well all the scams of Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty. They are the ones disgusted by this thief of a mamak in pseudo-Malay clothing.

The fools who hero-worship and heap praises on this evil man are all the rent seekers, leaches and guys with the crutches that the mamak readily provided to make them his eternal slaves.

Wow! if the national petroleum agency does not sell oil to the national carrier MAS, it speaks volumes of the mamak and his tentacles in the nation's economy.

Now PETRON has taken over Petronas' business of selling fuel to MAS. What next? A proxy directive from the mamak to all government to buy fuel and gas only from PETRON? This is not far-fetched. Mamak and his sons are placing themselves in strategic positions to rape the country in the name of Malay participation in the commercial sector of the country.

Do the Utusan Malaysia reading Malays understand the mamak's grand plan? No, they are all in la la land. So long as they get their chicken feed, they will go on supporting him and his family even after he is dead and buried 6 feet underground.

So long as these Malays do not understand that they have been taken for a jolly good ride and sodomized for good measure, the country would go to the dogs.

The mamak will put the blame squarely on the Chinese, Indians and others. (The 'others' category does not include the instant Mykad holding citizens from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, etc.

The sad part is the rent seeking Malays, PERKASA, PEKIDA, the pencak silat wiras, RELA, etc will believe it.

So, how can the country achieve its full potential by 2020 and compete with Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Kampuchea?

Anonymous said...

What about the cows of Shahrizat's hubby?