Wednesday, September 19, 2012



of this Award reads:

Your aptitude as an ass kisser,

has determined your altitude to this despicable lowdown award!

We hope the back pain you succumbed to

in kissing more asses than anyone we know, was worth it.

You have smooched, fawned and swooned over more behinds than even Ibby anak Ali.

Your ambition lends more sucking power to your lips than any high-powered vacuum.

For continuous shameless dedication and perseverance in your chosen endeavors we have no other candidate to award this you except your despicable personage.


THIS won him the Award


Other citations HERE


bruno said...

Does this asshole lick whore's asses too.He will eventually lose his tongue by licking to many whore's asses.That is the main purpose he is on a mission to lick whore's asses.To get STD on his tongue,so as to prevent him for making a damn fool of himself,shooting off his mouth like an asshole.

telur dua said...

There is no one more deserving than this guy. I bet he can even win it back to back because there just isn't another better guy in this art, the art of ass kissing. LoL.

Anonymous said...

what goes around comes around... the toes that he stepped on today would be the #$%& he'll be kissing tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This lowlife asshole just can't resist the temptation of his calling. Public servants in a lower position know what they are mandated to do but this scum holding an exalted neutral post does not even understand his position in the EC.

Every tom, dick and harry is doing their best in sucking up to Jibby because he is the new santa claus in the country. He is very liberal when it comes to spending the taxpayers' money. He is the most corrupted politician who openly boasts: you help me, I help you.

No wonder retards and immoral scumbags like this Wan Ahmade Wan Omar who only know ass kissing all their miserable lives tries to up the ante on others like him.

He can play to the gallery of misfits in Utusan Malaysia and UMNO BARU but the educated and knowledgeable Malays in the kampong and urban areas won't be easily fooled. This slimy cur is a disgrace to his race.

As this moron thinks so highly of himself he should stand as an UMNO BARU candidate in a constituency of all major races in the country. He can even stand in one where there are thousands of instant citizens holding Mykad and where postal votes would be kept to decide the outcome BUT he is sure to lose his deposit. Who wants an asshole like him to represent them?

So, do everyone a big favour. Don't open your filthy mouse. Just use it for gobbling down the shit that you get from Jibby and other clowns you are sucking up to.

Jong said...

Wan Ahmad Wan Omar should just do his job as he is paid in the interest of the nation and people of Malaysia otherwise RESIGN and stand for coming GE-13. STOP behaving like Umno's warrior!

The man is not fit for the job if he chooses to take sides. I doubt as No.2 top man in the Election Commission, he is not unaware that he must be impartial, not prejudiced towards or against any particular party. Why is he defending UMNO/BN?

Anonymous said...

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