Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Amid much fireworks and fanfare, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak kicked off a two-month long ‘fly the Jalur Gemilang' campaign at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, also better known as ‘Little India'.

Among the promises he said the government had delivered were unity, peace, and transformation from an agrarian economy to a industrial nation, and now aspiring to be a high-income nation.

UNITY?….now we are more polarized because Najib has not muzzled Perkasa and Utusan says it is ok to spin against the opposition! The unity preached by BN is either cosmetic or manufactured. A glaring unity index is the uniform politicians are given free whilst Tees are supplied together with crash-helmets if you stand in two rows to give a rousing cheer to the VIPs. Have you heard this one:

PEACE? More housing estates are setting up their own security; more people are mugged in malls; snatch thievery is a daily occurrence; opposition ceremahs are marred with thuggery. From2003 1850 have died in police custody. Bersih2 and 3 were marred with police brutality.

TRANSFORMATION FROM AN AGRARIAN ECONOMY TO AN INDUSTRIAL NATION? This is capital bullshit. Native lands are taken for plantations; Felda settlers are exploited and duped! Money is freely given to buy votes.


What is a deficit?

When the government spends more than it earns, it incurs a deficit. The government spent RM229 billion in 20114. However, it earned only RM183 billion. So, it incurred a deficit of RM46 billion. A deficit, in plain language, is overspending.

Our government has overspent in every single year since 1998. 2011 was the 14th consecutive year our government overspent. The total overspend from 1998 to 2011 is RM344 billion. The overspend alone totals RM12,000 for each and every one of us - from babies to adults to senior citizens5. Do you think you got your money’s worth?

Not only has the government been overspending, it has also been extremely sloppy in adhering to its own Budget. For example, the government, when presenting Budget 2011 in October 2010, said it would spend RM211 billion in 2011. It ended up spending RM229 billion!

The overspend alone totals RM12,000 for each and every one of us - from babies to adults to senior citizens5. Do you think you got your money’s worth?

Not only has the government been overspending, it has also been extremely sloppy in adhering to its own Budget. For example, the government, when presenting Budget 2011 in October 2010, said it would spend RM211 billion in 2011. It ended up spending RM229 billion! This anomaly is not peculiar to only 2011. We found that the government has consistently exceeded its stated Budget for every single year since 1997 - a period of 15 years. It might be longer. We stopped looking after 1997. The reasons for spending more than budgeted are never adequately explained.


NOTE: I was privileged to get an autograph copy, hot off the press, even before it was to be launched by YB Nurul Izah later this month, of this latest offering from cartoonist JOHNNY ONG’s UMNO-NOMICS. For the first time Johnny teamed up with economist TEH CHI-CHANG who comments after each cartoon strip. More than a hundred books were sold last night and a percentage went to the fund to pay for Tony Pua’s court case.


Anonymous said...


Najib's UMNO B/BN is still in la la land aka Bolehland. They still try to emulate their evil mentor and de facto PM who dealt in forex and incurred billions of ringgit in losses.

Now Najib is overspending and squandering the nation's wealth by the billions in the hope such spending will bring in a bumper harvest.

Just being a spendthrift alone is not going to bring in profits that Najib hopes to cash in. The money that is being squandered on his transformation projects WOULD ONLY bring in the desired results if those projects are people centric, transparently implemented where crony tenders are not given. The crony tender system only helps the crony and his patron in siphoning away the money that should be for the nation and the rakyat.

While Najib pleads for the rakyat to be frugal and live within their means, he does not apply the same advice to himself. He is one guy who says one thing and does the opposite (cakap tak serupa bikin).

Deficit budget has become the norm in Malaysia. The government spends as if there is no tomorrow. It borrows from the banks and from the EPF which has become its unofficial cash cow.

When money is not that freely available, the government comes up with hare-brained ideas such as the setting up of a consortium to be the vehicle to be listed in Bursa KL to look after FELDA.

The main aim is to bag in the money from the sale of the shares of FELDA. This venture alone is to inflate the coffers of the PM by RM 6 billion whereas the settlers were given a paltry sum of RM 15 thousand. This is such a screwed up project as its chairman is no other than a known felon, the ex MB of Negeri Sembilan.

Other mega projects in the pipeline alone will not make Malaysia a 1st world economy. Neither would it generate its rakyat a comfortable monthly income.

Malaysia is not an industrialized nation as Najib claims. Its economy is still agro-based. It is still dependent on its agricultural products especially palm oil. Manufacturing and fabricating light industrial products does not make it a great industrial country. Malaysia does not have the industrial base or human resources to undertake heavy engineering which is the hallmark of an industrialized nation.

Najib like his evil mentor is only good for sloganeering and hoodwinking the gullible poor and the illiterate.

The urban educated and knowledgeable Malaysians know Najib only too well. They are aware of his falsehood, cheating ways, flip-flop administrative style and the CORRUPTION that is thriving under his watch.

He will be recorded in history as the " Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu" snake oil salesman cum PM.

How shameless and desperate can one get to be able to blatantly buy votes. Is winning a General Election by ANY AND ALL MEANS (however evil, manifestly corrupt and without an iota of integrity) the basic aim of a leader?

The above fits Najib completly.

malchindian said...

Love the cartoon! Very telling stats! Can the cartoonist please do another depicting the rakyat as stick figures with a growing overspend burden?

Please keep them coming!

Jalil said...

Adakah anda tahu tentang subsidi kediaman yang diberikan kepada PM & TPM ? Kos sewa bagi kediaman Rasmi PM & TPM untuk sehari RM18.33 Ribu atau (RM550 Ribu sebulan),, bil elektrik RM4566 sehari,atau(RM137 Ribu sebulan), bil air RM1092 sehari,atau(RM33 Ribu sebulan), kos baik pulih pula mencecah RM2 Ribu sehari atau (RM60 Ribu sebulan)...

Ini juga bermaksud, jumlah kos subsidi PM & TPM adalah RM26 Ribu untuk sehari... Jika 1 bulan ? jumlahnya RM780 Ribu.....Kalau 1 tahun ? jumlahnya adalah RM9.36 juta !!!

Bersih Muar said...

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Anonymous said...

To me, there are no less than two categories of the term, “DICTATOR”, and can be expressed as follows:

1. A dictator is a leader who has complete power in a country and has not been elected by the
people; and
2. A dictator is an elected person through democratic process, who gives orders and behaves
as if he has complete power.

In the Malaysia’s political context, Dr. Mahathir’s iron fist rule for 22 years could also be said to fall in the second category as stated above. He had all the qualities and actions during his tenure of political office that has led him to be branded as a dictator. Not only the political opponents and activists have bestowed
upon him such title but so did many a malaysian having the same opinion.

I don’t have to equate him with other dictators as mentioned in the above article but is suffice to say that he had all the qualities and actions during his 22 year rule such as:

1. He, together with the previous prime ministers, were responsible for the demolition of Sabah
and Sarawak 18/20 points Agreements and the degradation of Sabah and Sarawak into
12th and 13th states of Malaysia, and treated the leaders in both states as puppets;
2. Major cracked down on political foes and activists and even to such extent as to silence the
majority using draconian laws at his disposal;
3. Gross abuses of power and massive corrupt practices which have given birth to nepotism and
cronyism and enslavement of the common people with regards to their psychological and social
4. Malaysians had been deprived of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly;
5. Advocate of rubber stamp parliament (lower and upper houses);
6. Advocate of racism and gutter politic; and
7. To reinforce his dictatorial rule, he introduced mass i.c. project in Sabah and had myriads of
illegal immigrants issuing with mykads in order to vote for his ruthless regime and a great traitor
to the country;

If the above few explanations do not fit in the dictator’s list, how should we call him then? Authoritarian, Autocrat and or even King Pharoah! It’s good to ponder.

baDBoyzs said...

We must admire Mr Najib.

Singlehandedly, he has taken the
Art of Conmanship to the next level
garnering 2 International Awards in the process ie

1.False Democrat
2.Champion of DoubleSpeak

Even Mahathir the Great couldn't do that, in all of 22 years.

Malaysia Bolih !

wandererAUS said...

...transformation from an agrarian economy to a industrial nation, and now aspiring to be a high-income nation.

Pink lips and Fat Arse are leading by example!...24 mil diamond ring, fancy branded handbags, commissioned a professional clothes
designer to cover her drooping lungs and blooming ass... that were great buy for a start!... by UMNO "high income" PM and his celuped partner!
Malaysians, you can wait for your glorious high spending days to come...meanwhile,eat your bloody hearts out....

Jong said...

Of course his defecto Woman Home Minister knows too well, ..."If tomorrow never comes"! Sapu first lah.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The IGP, MACC Chief and AG have been keeping a low profile of late. Do not be deceived as they are certainly planning something to cripple the Opposition before GE13.