Sunday, May 13, 2012



Anonymous said...

Enough la Bersih this and that. Nothing will be achieved except you people getting innocent people being beaten up.

Zorro, if you people like Anwar so want to do Bersih, have some balls and stand in the front. Dont be somewhere safe and instigate the crowd to do your evil bidding.

Anonymous said...

impressive posting!
Keep up the good work.
Blessing to you from thousand of miles away.

Anonymous said...


If there is Bersih 4, there will be bloodshed. Trust me!

In Bersih 3, we seen and heard rakyat in boots and covered faces taunting the police. It was so obvious that these rioters are policemen in disguise.

In Bersih 4, these 'rioters' will be so violent that the police will be forced to be more brutal. A few people will accidentally get killed. Najib will declare emergency and send in the army, suspend the constitution and send Ambiga and everyone in the opposition to jail.

Najib and cronies will FUCK Malaysia big time. They don't care if the rakyat dies or rot in jail, so long as BN remains in power.

Anonymous said...

Bersih 4 !
Bring it on !
Time to eject Election Commission !

passion1 said...

Anon 8.06 pm,
By commenting as anonymous, where are the 'balls'?
If you love this country, join us at Bersih 4

Anonymous said...

anon 8.06pm

when bersih 4.0 happens, u stand in front of the crowd, and ask them to stop.

u do it.

there are frontline soldiers and there are leaders/thinkers. the former protects the latter. the latter is needed to plan to kill evil i.e. umno.

u stand in front of bersih 4.0


Anonymous said...

tell me the date pleaseeee..

Anonymous said...

Let's do the Bersih 4 on the polling day !

Bersihkan them once and for all and start unveiling the crook one by one begining with Tong Kuti & the Najis gang.

Forget about any demonstration or RCI cos they ain't bother to do anything about it !

Reserve the resources and deploy all of of them on the fateful day on the 13th GE .


Evis Mongolia.

zorro said... what is your solution.A tree must shed its fruits before a new tree takes root. Some of us have to make sacrifices for the rest. It is the story of humankind. If we do not resist, if we show fear THEY become braver. You want this for your children and grandchildren? You can continue to be cocooned in your comfort zone whilst others fight your battle for you. It is ok, we will do it for you a Malaysian until you too join us, after you have given this enough thought. You ain't are still my brother.

zorro said... did say that "Najib and cronies will FUCK Malaysia big time." Of course if YOU allow it and do nothing about it. Remember how the Vietcongs who wore only shoes cut out from old car tires defeated the mighty Americans! It boils down to just this: The WILL to survive!The WILL to prevent Najib and his cronies to fuck Malaysia big time...unless you are amongst Malaysians who don't mind being fucked BIG TIME.Think about this brother.

zorro said...

Anon806....keep Anwar out of this. Bersih 3.0 is not about Anwar!Bersih is about NOT CHEATING....if you can understand this!

bumi-non-malay said...

GADAFFI-kan umno.....OR Syria President Assad....mari Ramai-ramai...tuntuk KEADILAN.....bermula kat Malaysia!!......Berapa lagi kena mati sebelum rakyat bangkit....Teoh, Sarbini, Kugan....Mampus UMNO-BN Pembunuh!!

shithappens said...

count me in uncle.....i an many others are ready....

shithappens said...

also look at how fearful they are and have resorted to attacking hte bar council....this is a serious attempt to undermine one of the last bastion of public institution

shame on them big time...i am totally disgusted

Anonymous said...

After the 308 tsunami, UMNO/BN went on a roadshow telling the rakyat that they will reform, transform and meet their aspirations and rights.

All such drivel and the 1Malaysia initiative to 'people first' was nothing but hogwash but a publicity stunt to promote Najib as a visionary leader. It has all come to naught. Najib is not a leader but a leach who robs the rakyat at every opportunity.

He has not done any real and tangible transformation for the betterment of the country. He has only played his part as a GOOD COP while his henchmen have gone overboard playing the BAD COP and robber barons.

Najib's intentions are to hold on to power as he feels the country owes him that because he is the son of Tun Razak. He has been actively promoting all the anti-national elements such as PERKASA, PERKIDA, MAT REMPITS, RELA AND A HOST OF MALIGNANT ANTI SOCIAL THUGS to do the utmost to create civil strife and chaos. These anti-national elements have been the blessings of Najib and his cousin Hishamuddin to stage cowhead demonstrations, mock funerals o LGE, sell UMNO burgers in front of Ambiga's place, employ agent provocateurs at BERSIH 3.0 so the PDRM can unleash their pre-planned acts of terror on innocent BERSIH participants.

UMNO/BN, Najib and his gang of thieves, looters, bullies and porno merchants will NEVER CHANGE.

The rakyat need to throw them out at the next GE. If they insist on holding the 13th GE before full-filling the demands of BERSIH for a CLEAN AND FAIR elections, then it is time for BERSIH 4.0 with a bigger turnout.

BERSIH 4.0 might be the death knell for UMNO/BN.

Anonymous said...

we can hv BERSIH every MONDAY, by asking the rakyat thruout the country to wear YELLOW

Curious said...

Is this a "breaking news" or is it just an innocent cartoon?

wongty robert said...

It's time for the Bersih movement to move into the rural heartland and reveal the truth on how government agencies and institutions are being manipulated and milked by the UMNO-BN leadership, elites and cronies to enrich themselves in the name of race and religion. The solid evidences of power abuses and corruptions are NOW all over the country. Photographs, posters of these UMNO-BN leadership, elites, cronies extravagance in expensive shoes, handbags, cars, aircrafts, houses/properties, business empires/parties within and outside the country are enough for the rural Malaysians to understand.

Anonymous said...

This old fart never learn.Tua saja tapi tak berakal.
You people want another upheaval, another unrest. We majority of silent Malaysians wont allow it to happen again. Enuflah.
We want peace. I fear another May13 if it happens. And looks like you want it.
Yep like the other anons said, people like you, Achi Ambiga and that instigator fella Anwar conveniently ran away when riot starts. Kasi api tapi lari bila terbakar.
You sepets want Bersih but you use the innocent others and the stupid Malay boys to cause a riot.
You all went home smelling like a bunga tahi ayam.
You want the government's downfall. Then do it in the ballot box.
Of course you know with anti Pakatan so rampant now, your leader will lose. So you resort to anarchy.
We Malaysians at large are not born yesterday.
Like the Malay proverb say sekali kilas ikan, dah nampak jantan betinanya.
I suggest you take that no name airliner to the red dot state, China or Hong Kong. Let us live in peace.
We have so much to be thankful for.

Suka Peace

Anonymous said...

There is such a thing as ''Rally FATIGUE''.

Too much of the same thing in succession will NOT be EFFECTIVE to make a STRONG STATEMENt.

Even though you Enjoy Penang Char Kway Teow, won't you be ''Sian''[Bored] if you have it every day?

anak kampong said...

Don't BN understand the word "BERSIH"and even the Election Commission cannot understand that simple word-

artchan said...

Anytime...Bersih..I will be there.

zorro said... to sian lah....everyday different stall mah!

Aman said...

Do it in the stadium - i am woking every weekend as my work days Wed-Sun every week. I work at Jalan TAR just before SOGO. I made less than RM2K a month with 2 kids schooling and a todler!

Bersih 3.0, my boss minus a day salary almost RM80, which supposed to take care of my untilities bill.

Do la in stadium, at least we can challange the UMNO 66 gathering numbers!

One of the silent majority said...


Please DON'T speak on my behalf or many others who watch silently BERSIH 3 on the screen, cringing in disbelief at police brutality at unarmed civilians, many running away from Dataran after police had fired the tear gas!

Many people turned up for BERSIH 3 cos they couldn't stand police brutality in BERSIH 2. And with worsened police brutality at BERSIH 3, this has worked up even more people against the police/govt. Even my old, mellow, dainty aunty was swearing when she described the police brutality shown in youtube.

I advised our govt don't take our patience for granted for too long!!! Many silent majority may not remain silent anymore.

One of the silent majority said...

And when I talked to my friends and neighbours, majority silent but enraged at police brutality and some said they are ready for BERSIH 4.

And when I talked to those FIRST timer in BERSIH in my OWN entourage, would they do it again? It was a resounding YES !!!

Anonymous said...

If Bersih is about NOT CHEATING then please go tell that to Anwar and Azmin Ali as their own internal party elections were so full of fraud.

Anonymous said...


Anon 908 continuing the bersih 4.0 + potential bloodshed theory.

You asked about an alternative solution. Simple! Work the security forces ... the police, the army, the FRU. There are many, many good people there, bound by the outdated mentality that they have to follow orders, even if it means charging through the valley of death just so that their leaders can enrich themselves illegally without sharing the crumbs with them.

Work them. Do they want their families, children to live in a society like what Malaysia is now ... no future for them? Make them think. Make them realise that it is the right thing not to take orders from their leaders to beat up unarmed rakyat. Make them bring their conscience forth.

That is a start, Zorro. These good men in the security forces are starting to wake up. They see with their own eyes at Bersih 3 the spirit of Malaysia, the care the rakyat for each other even though they have never met before.

This is the 1st ste to Bersih 4.0.

Not another mass rally that gives Najib, Hishammudin the opportunity to order killing of the rakyat and state of emergency. These animals from Barisan have no regard for the lives of the rakyat. Trust me!

Anon 908

Anonymous said...

i missed Bersih 3.0,sure and swear i will join Bersih 4.0 whenever and wherever...

wandererAUS said...

Hi Zorr, it is quite some time since I stop commenting in your blog. I did not know where to search for you. Now I have found it, I will be regular again...more refined though! hehe.
I am amused to see your blog is still infested with UMNO assholes. I could see the way you have handled these freaks...a fart from you, they will get a bad cold!!!

zorro said...

Yes, wanderAus....i was wondering why the long silence. Its good to have you back....I am sure you were active in Global Bersih 3.0.Good to have you back I say this again.