Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Roger Tan writes for Sunday Star and has a blog called Voice of Reason! Anyway if you were comfortable at home on 428, and missed all the action,

do continue to feel comfy and enjoy these reasonable scenes, and possible plot for you next posting in your Voice of Reason…..although I noticed very few readers comment on your postings. Perhaps a change to Voice of TReason might help….just a mild suggestion. Enjoy the vids….Dang, I have been called to the bar….roger Bala I am on my way and I do deserve a stiff one!

His learned colleagues reply HERE


cin2tan said...

Give peace a chance ....PLEASE !

Anonymous said...

u remember the running dogs during the japanese occupation in msia. is still around but morphed into MCA dogs.
may God stew them, figuratively of course.

Anonymous said...

All those bastards of UMNO Dictator Police_Hope those that simply bash,kick and punch the Bersih People ought to be strike by lighting or be run down by motorist.This is the curse we put it on you.Bastards

wandererAUS said...

"Royal Police"?...those lowly educated, deranged bastards behaved like a pack of feral pigs!!...their disgusting actions on innocent Bersih supporters were without a cause...no surprise, coming from an inferior race...

Wow! your photo appears more like that Fata@se ugly bitch sitting on a eunuch UMNO last emperor!
Good one!

Anonymous said...


Since you like Bersih, why not come to the Bersih Pasar Malam tomorrow and Friday night at Ambiga's house.
I heard you like Laksa Penang and Beriani Gam.
Will see you there?

Anonymous said...


I was under the impression the mad dogs in the PDRM were confined to the Riot Squads and the stupidos in blue. I didn't realize the mad dog disease has spread to the traffic police.

If Hisapuddin @ Kerismoodin, Najis and the UMNO thugs still claim the Bersih participants caused trouble and were at fault, the U-tube clips that you uploaded should be screened on electronic billboards all over KL to show who the actual culprits were.

The infamous mafia cousins running the country should be exposed to the rakyat and to the whole world. They are dirty scums doing everything just to hold on to power and protect their ill-gotten wealth.

Shameless mfcukers!!!

Zaharah said...

KL Petty Traders Action Council chairperson Jamal Md Yunus is demonstrating to keep cronyism ala approved permits (APs) alive, whilst the dumbers are led down the garden path.

One is driving about in a duty-free Lamborghini in the name of 'usahawan', whilst the dumbers are scraping to pay for their Proton's hire-purchase payments.

Youhardy Yahaya said...

BERSIH 2.0 came & gone. What changes had it brought? "NOTHING". Next, BERSIH 3.0 came & gone. What changes had it brought? "NOTHING too".

The only thing anyone could see after these 2 events are just 'finger pointing'. The Cops blame the protesters, while, the protesters blame the Cops. Till the cow comes home, there wouldn't be any conclusion nor verdict out of it. The voices of 'polis salah' & 'BERSIH salah' will be the theme till the end of time.

Next, let us reflect the effectiveness of BERSIH since there was already 2 similar events held. Was BERSIH rallies beneficial to its' cause? & is conducting such rallies 'effective' towards its' cause?

I'm sorry to say, it's "NOT" beneficial to anybody & it's "NOT" effective in any ways towards its' cause. It only brought 1 thing in the end of which is "MISERY & PAIN" to the innocent protesters whom naively & ignorantly attended the events but only to discover they had been used as a 'tool' by some unscrupulous parties towards their agenda.

Based on the recent event, the shouts of "REFORMASI" was frequently heard, while, the presence of Pakatan Rakyat leaders arriving like some Oscar winning characters clearly spoiled the motive of the event. What AMBIGA should had done was to DISCOURAGE leaders from Pakatan Rakyat from attending. Thus, this will at least show the 'sincerity & authenticity' of BERSIH as a 'non-political affiliated entity' (purely the voices of 'the rakyat' without BN nor PR in mind)

However, I'm afraid AMBIGA played her cards wrongly & I also suspect AMBIGA was also under the rule of Pakatan Rakyat making what I've suggested 'impossible' to achieve. Both AMBIGA & Pakatan Rakyat made a BIG MISTAKE in the overall build-up to BERSIH 428. They somehow foolishly emphasized too much of 'glamour' & 'attention seeking' resulting innocent protesters from getting splashed, shot & hurt.

As much as the Cops owe the protesters a fair explanation; AMBIGA & Pakatan Rakyat (especially Anwar-Azmin) too owed the protesters a truthful explanation.

The chapters of BERSIH should be closed, moved on & it shouldn't take place anymore. It didn't brought anything beneficial nor did it brought anything effective. BERSIH ought to execute "Blue Ocean strategies' to achieve its' objective rather than sticking to 'primitive methods' such as STREET DEMONSTRATIONS. Is BERSIH running out of ideas? or are they lacking intelligent strategists to advise them? After all, smart armies DOESN'T go to a war blindly with just their ammunition but instead would use their brains first to plot a plan before applying the use of ammunition.

new fart said...

Like what the voice was saying, if you goons have REAL guts, go to Afgan or Irag and fight the Yanks! You are all Muslims right? Then go help your Muslim brothers and fight the Yanks instead of beating up unarmed fellow Malaysian brothers!!! You are nothing but pure cowards and thugs! Oh, the Yanks are going to bomb Iran soon and if you have REAL guts, go fight together with your Muslim brothers and sisters and see how you fare up against the Mighty power of the US of A. We would be happy to buy your coffins when they start sending your dead bodies back! What's the honour and bravery of beating up a single unarmed civilian by so many of you goons?! You tell me!

Anonymous said...

Kissmyarsemuddin, that bloody asshole?...forget about him, dead lost bastard!

Anonymous said...

PDRM= anjing UMNO