Friday, May 18, 2012


thanks chom & adelene


Anonymous said...

Great composition and well sung this must be Allan Pereira of Comedy court. Sounds like him

zorro said...

No lah, it is Chom Lee, Bersih activist in Perth. He also sang Tear Gas in your eyes....

Don 3 said...

Selling beef burgers in front of Ambiga's house (who is a Hindu n a Vegetarian) is an insult 2 Hindus n Vegetarians the world over. Since Deputy IGP Khalid Abu Bakar has said it is ok, otherswe can also sell bah kut teh in front of his house. Also Perkasa has insulted the Hindus by ridiculing Hindu funeral rites in garlanding LGE's photo while he is still alive. No Hindu will do it to a person who is still alive. DUMBNO n PRDM must be responsible 4 allowing n encouraging such disrespect to people of other races n religions. But , i dont hear a squeak from the DUMBNO running dogs, MCA GERAKAN n MIC.

Anonymous said...

To me such stupid act as butt dance shows that the army forces and police have lost their own self respect and dignity. NO where in the whole wide world did I come across the scandalous behavior of police and army personal like ours. SHAME ON THEM!!!

flyer168 said...


Yes, another good one by Chom Lee.

Talking about his Tear gas in your eyes...

Listen to this coward...

'Pekida, bantu pertahan kerajaan BN' – YouTube -

Typical of all our so called Jaguh Kampung Ketuanan Political Leaders who are bankrupt of any "Intelligent" solutions towards our citizens plight...

They have bought our nation into the realms of Gutter Politics and Law of the Jungle in the 21st century context in Bolehland.

So let us all unite to bring about the Dawn of Change for the betterment of this nation and its citizens.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I don't thing najib will be able to chew on any Pisang Goreng for any longer.
The Frenchies are after his arse.
If the French able to solves and pinpoint all the shabby dealing linking to Ar Cheap Kor, it's not just mati lah Najib & Rosmah but also mampus lah umno.(and selama-lama nya)

*Comedy courts and Chom Lee are mellow, while NameWee is just damn aggressive , overly original and no holds barred.

Malaysian said...

I have only one word to describe Najib's way - SUICIDAL for the nation !!!!

I guess he can run but he can't hide. The only haven he can run to now is to his in-law's place - Kazakhstan!

His past is haunting him now even in Canada:

Anonymous said...

Love peace, stay peace..
come GE we exercise our right.
whats all this bersih for?

if there still cheating, it will not last another election. but what if majority genuinely wants the BN again?

Will the Pakatan go riot everyday?

I was in Bangkok few times during the Red shirts took Bangkok street, cos I was myBoss body guard and running between KL-Singapore-Bangkok & Manila office.

Like it or not, the Reds are the majority, though how corrucpted Thaksin was, they still rules!!

You may not know, I was among you all through out Bersih 1, 2 & 3. And I was also at Bkt Jalil during the 66th Umno gathering, I am not taking any side.

But come GE13, there wil be only 2 things will happen, like it or not, first, the ruling BN will have a bigger mandate, possible of 2/3 majoity.

2nd, The PR coalition comes to an end, especially PAS-DAP!

I am not saying this cos' I m siding BN, I am not even a member of any party, I don't like Najib too, but I hate Anwar more and cursing LK Siang since the 13th May tragedy!

Take my word, remember this posting and vote and see!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely korek , korek ,korek ! I BOUGHT IT MY WAY ,that's the best words to describe the Chicken Brother.

But the f... thing is that he bought it using the Rakyat Money !!

As far as I can remeber since the first day in office he has been Buying all his ways till today.

The skin of his face is as thick as the skin of the elephant back-side.( in Hokkien dialect lah).

When is the next song I WILL FOLLOW U by Altantuya...the unseen singer specially dedicated to Mr Submarine.

Oh ya , also not forgeting TBH -

Bought Your Way to fidgety.

cin2tan said...

NOW, the @#$%^&* butt-dancer said we should terima-kasih him becos Ambiga
tak mau ( or tak berani) 4.0 lagi !!

Zaidi said...

Uncle Zorro,
Thanks for the posting..I had a nice time laughing away while my brain was actively deciphering the "true" meaning of the song. Funny ain't it...the more a person demands respect the less he gets....When will he ever learn...When will he ever learn...(next song perhaps?)

casper c said...

Khun Pana - it is only going to get worse as inquiry in Paris have only begun to scratch the surface while more meat will be reveal in coming fortnight.

Zorro - perhaps you can initiate communication between lay public and Istana.

There was a recent posting in a blog whereby blog owner laid out a worst case situation - Pakatan Rakyat not being able to claim the throne - being denied access to the palace (mind you this happened to Joseph Kitingan(PBS) when Harris Salleh lost Sabah).

My suggestion/intent is to prevent the same from happening and your role - as an upstanding citizen with many shared affiliation BUT not an office bearer with any party (please update to correct) will appeal to a wide cross section of M'sian (in the same vein as KTemoc suggesting Bersih will resonate more if those with political ambition give the occasion a miss altogether - voice out but not show up is his intent I guess).

Late in the day, haven't sleep a wink after a "hard days night" so please feel free to assume if my words don't make sense or out of context.

As usual, my best to Z and all.

Bedul said...


The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.

When will you and Uncle Zorro realise it's now way Jose. BN is stronger by the day.Do you know where you're going to?

Nepa Rakat said...

bro, you had just spoiled the beauty of the original (the song and lyric)!

Najib will not be killed by this nor by the brutality of bersih3! He gain credits instead!

Knowing Najib, his a strategist! Anwar has no match with Najib when come to this!

You won’t know what his next move until he acts.
Even that you can’t figure out why his doing that!
Why ambiga, anwar, mat sabu and many more still not charged under the new security act although there evidence they can easily be charged under ‘hasutan’ act.

The strategy is, if the people thought BN was bad, now there are ‘offered’ the worst (by PR).
If he can’t stop all that PR attacks, then he is trying to get some credits out of that.
Beside the dirty bersih 3, the Mecca, Madinah demos, the London’s interruption and few others, Najib continue to wins the people, not because he did something right, but cos’ the opposition did so many stupid things!

My in-law, has been a loyal PAS supporters, first time shows his anger and disbelieve on what happened during bersih 3.
He may still vote Pas/PR in GE13 or he may not, I don’t know! But I know he is now frustrated!

Opposition wants 10 days campaign, and Najib said, ‘we have everything to gain from this’
How? The opposition have longer time now to ‘spoil’ themselves through their acts and ceramah!
Najib in fact forecasted, the Pakatan will break coalition during the 10 days campaign, especially PAS-DAP!

Biggest PR mistake, they slammed the BN almost everything and every corner, they forgot to provide or offer workable, alternative solution or plan.
Say, if Felda listing is bad, what is good then? Or just let them there as it is? But Najib has promised them better future, PR has to offer them too, but what and how?
Now its too late for PR to do anything in Felda, just too late!
Game over for PR in Felda!

I can list many more examples, but I think you should do your own homework!

Remember, this is not a football game, you score you win, but what if you score, you win the crowd and I took the trophy and championship?
This it’s not even a chess game, maybe, a sort of Monopoly, who has the biggest cash/asset, wins!


Nepa Rakat said...

you damn BETUL!

Good question, they do not know where they are heading to!

To them Ambiga is their living hero, but the majority in the rural had labelled her as "Pengkhianat"!

That 'kicking police' scene during the bersih3 has given Najib camp a jackpot!

Most the PR bloggers are now 'SS' (syok sendiri) with the bersih3.

"biarkan luncai terjun dengan labu-labu nya!"

Zorro, I am ready for a bet with you, BN or PR take Putrajaya after the GE13?

how about RM10,000 cash? or higher?
You tell me.

I am serious if you dare!
We can put our money with someone we both trust and winner take all!

I will go for BN and I am sure you will put your money with PR?

But please dont tell me you are not a gambler!

And if I win your money, I will donate to a charity organization!

waiting your reply!

zorro said...

Nepa appreciate your comments. However if you read blogs instead of the government media you might see the other side of the coin. Re Felda, why dont you read

You know what? The faster Najib calls (for
GE13, the faster he falls.

Nepa Rakat said...

OK, got that!
Maybe some facts there, rest are assumtions but as said, Najib agenda is to win their vote for the GE13, after that he will have 4-5 years to correct them or think of another strategy!

to win a battle at a time in a no ending war!

zorro said...

Nepa, my 92 year old mother would kill me if I gambled with strangers...however, I have no money to wager with you. Sorry yah to disappoint you. Morever....very foolish to bet when you know that rampant cheating is afoot, no?

Malaysian said...

I bet to my last Ringgit if the next GE is clean and fair, BN will be kicked out of Putrajaya!

But helas, you now, I know and everybody knows that it won't be clean and fair !!!

Zorro, I have added this quote "I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating - Sophocles." to my list of favourite quotes!

If only UMNO knows what is HONOUR !!!!

Nepa Rakat said...

No problem, forget the bet!

zorro said...

Bedul....putting up your comment would insult the readers in this blog. I wanted to spare them your immature conclusion.Pakatan won all those states because we prevented the postal votes from being used. Remember Lumbah Pantai? Remember Rembau....Chegu Bard had already won but the postal votes came in before the recount. In Manek Urai by elections we prevented 5 boxes of postal votes from coming into the counting centre. They cheated but we caught them in the act. Go collect your pay from your are cheap....can figure out how little you get paid. Dont sell yourself cheap, ok?

wandererAUS said...

Mongolian C4 admitted, "He prefers it both ways"...that ugly fat bitch must be pretty good at it, to earn her expensive shopping spree without restrictions.
Ulmi, good try still not taken!