Thursday, May 17, 2012


The 428 Police Brutality Documentation Team calls on all victims of police brutality to help us document cases of violence during Duduk Bantah.

Please contact us via our hotline at 012-3496013, SUARAM at 03 77843525 or


bruno said...

Well for starters Saiful vs Anwar.Penetration or no penetration means have penetration.

For Razak Baginda.Two elite policemen foung guilty of murder and Altantuya's body blown to smithereens.What evidence?We do not need to know any evidence.RB has diplomatic immunity.See,he is back in UK.

Police brutality?What police brutality?Don't you trouble makers know that you are all living in a police state.And you have the liberty to protest and beat up the police.What more do you want?

Anonymous said...


Duduk Exercise depan rumah najib

Anonymous said...

What about damage to my shop? I can give photos and cost estimate of repair. What about loss of business ? Does bersih care?

Only saw I guy in hospital due to injury being hit by the police car. But that is due to bersih supporters violence and brutality.

Maybe that reporter from tv alhijrah should report to suaram.
Does bersih care?
So how many report and evidence collected so far?
You should post them in your blog.
Compare that to violence against the police.

zorro said...

Anon946...if you have a SHOP go lah report to police. you can also report to Bersih. You need transport I can take you to the police to make your report. You cyber troopers got no clas.....think before you comment here. Your slip is showing...if you know the meaning!In the 50s we used to say Friday is longer than Monday.

Anonymous said...

bernard, why does it have to do with cybertroopers?
Aren't you one of Pakatan cybertroopers, or is it General?
Most of us are just ordinary people out there trying to make a living and you sidetracked accusing people of cybertroops when you are just the same.

These are valid claims, and you are not championing them??? but you claim to be zorro?