Sunday, May 20, 2012


WASHINGTON -- Malaysian students should look at the world as a stage and take advantage of the enormous opportunities abroad, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said here following a luncheon and a Friday prayer session with students and embassy staff.

"You can maintain your roots but also have a global perspective by acquiring job experience and proficiency in several languages," Najib, who is on a private visit here, said.

He said students should take advantage of internship programmes such as the one initiated by the Malaysia-US Chamber of Commerce based here, in collaboration with Education Malaysia in Washington DC, which opens the door for Malaysian students in the U.S. to intern with Malaysian or American-owned companies in either Malaysia or in the United States over the summer to enhance their learning experience.

"Even if you work in the U.S., we won't lose you forever, " he said Friday at the luncheon hosted by Ambassador Datuk Othman Hashim.

Najib was accompanied by the Malaysian Special Envoy to the U.S., Datuk Seri Dr Jamaludin Jarjis.

"My job is to create as many opportunities - beyond that, it is up to you," the prime minister told about 30 Malaysian undergraduate and graduate students currently pursuing engineering, biotech and actuarial science at Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey; Rutgers University, New Jersey; Temple University, Pennsylvania; and Purdue University, Indiana.

Najib and his Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor are on a private visit to attend the graduation of their son Nor Ashman Saturday.

The proud dad, in a lighter moment, recalled his rare visit to his son's dorm room in Washington DC, where he was "horrified" when he did not see any books.

Noting his father's concern, Nor Ashman calmed him by reminding him that he did not need many books because he can read them digitally, and that the proof would be in the results.

As many proud parents would do, Najib happily reported that his 21-year-old son surpassed his expectations by completing his Bachelor's degree in International Affairs with Magna cum Laude honours and an above average CGPA of 3.71 from Georgetown University.

The prime minister also touched on the 1Malaysia concept, and emphasised that it was not merely a slogan but an initiative to make Malaysia inclusive - that Malaysia was not only for a particular ethnic group or religion, but for all Malaysians.

He updated Malaysian students on several development projects in Malaysia, including the Refinery & Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) complex launched by Petronas in Pengerang, Johor, in addition to a petrochemical complex undertaken by a Taiwanese company, which is expected to create some 5,000 jobs on a permanent basis and an additional 5,000 jobs on a contractual basis.

Najib also spoke of the River of Life (RoL) beautification project aimed at transforming the Klang and Gombak rivers into vibrant and liveable waterfronts and to increase the economic viability of the area.

"We have to make the cake bigger and redistribute it to all Malaysians," he pointed out, adding that the Malaysian economy was improving and the government last year collected RM26 billion in tax revenue following assertive measures to collect taxes.

The improving economy has permitted the government to provide financial assistance of RM500 to some four million households earning less than RM3,000 per month.

On politics, Najib expressed his disappointment over the Bersih 3.0 rally, describing it as "not so bersih" (peaceful) after having been hijacked by parties with their own agenda to create the perception of instability in the country.

He said the unruly protesters had refused the government's offer of a suitable venue and then broke the law, which resulted in the situation escalating into violence and chaos where even police officers were assaulted.

Najib compared this with the massive Umno rally held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium where more than 100,000 people gathered peacefully and without any untoward incident.

-- Bernama

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i can just laugh...laugh kah kah kah

Anonymous said...

Biggest liar in the world,corrupted Thats Ah jib kor and its pack of brutal wolves.

sally said...

Is it really a private visit and not funded by taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

Nice to be PM's son. My son scored almost perfect 4 and no one knows. And he graduated from the top 10 varsity in the world. GWU is way down the scale.

Pak Tua

flyer168 said...

Anon 08:41,

Hello, don't play, play he got daughter also meh....

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motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
Looks like Najib spots a nose longer than Pinocchio's as his days become shorter.
Well some die laughing--- and some "die" lying !
Something that hit my eyes about a civil rights fighter ;

Najib must be really sad that non of his UNeducated "crutch-ed" paid thugs were invited to Rio!!

With all my good wishes my dear Zorro.

Anonymous said...

Ah Cheap gip vely, vely long talk for 30 people ho?!! They must have regletted coming for dinner with Ah Cheap, bikin telinga sakit ah!

Anonymous said...

Truth be told.

After watching from a distance the unimaginable antics of the 6th Malaysian PM (first unelected one)for some years, it is confirmed that Malaysians in general have been taken for a nauseating ride.

This tall pinky one with the kind grandfatherly educated in Engrand looks has a shocking multiple split personality disorder,tragic hangover fr failed underperforming playboy days, next can appear unbelievably kind, family oriented and next door father figure, ladies gentleman the next, puzzling senility the day after, hopeless henpecked husband today, tomorrow on stage an inspiring heroic warrior, next week a super friendly international statesman but mega corrupt VIP, tomorrow a Santa Claus wannabe yet hard core despot and...& yes ! acontinuing saga of an unfinished cliffhanger as a running dog sex bomb lover ass licker murder suspect!

Malaysia, you lose. Malaysians, you lose. Do something quick

wonder why said...

Malaysian U are for the children of poor citizens,hoping loans from PTPTN.Those corrupts BN leaders and others go overseas to study with JPA and others GLC scholarships.Day light robbery, and the people are fooled by a bit of goodies, by the robbers.

backStreetGluttons said...

Thxs god for Najib, the Opposition finally has a chance to take over Putrajaya.

Thanks Najib

Anonymous said...

Ah Jib Gor is an incorrigible liar. He lies through his teeth every time he opens his mouth, just like his Home Minister cousin.

This Pee Em who is only for the UMNOputras, not even for ALL the Malays in the country, has a multiple personality disorder. He is worse than the apa nama quake doctor. That recalcitrant suffers from untreatable and uncontrollable verbal diarrhoea that will only cease with his death. Ah Jib Gor will meet his Waterloo at the 13th GE. He will go down in history as the worst Pee Em in every sense of the world.

The apa nama mamak ruined every institution of governance for an unfettered megalomaniac dictatorship.

Ah Jib Gor let loose all the rabid racist and religious fanatics such as PERKASA, PERKIDA on the rakyat so as to cling on to power. His henchmen who do the hatchet job for him are the EC and PDRM.

Geronimo said...

You must give credit to this man. He can certainly lie with a straight face.

Nepa Rakat said...

psstt... Zorro,

that stadium picture is definitely hours before the event start lah.
all the VIPs not there yet.
Told you I was there, and that center (padang) is actually fully occupied and in that doted circle too!
I took some pictures too during the events and the one you posted is definitely in the early hours!

wandererAUS said...

One thing no one can denial him, he carries the title of "UMNO Master Bullshitter" UMNO PM, get stuffed...some are born liars, some are made liars, you are a fcuking natural liar!!!

zorro said...

Nepa, good try...that is an old trick. Now you PROVE it....lets have the photos you took. I can tolerate a bare-faced liar because hge has acquired that skill,but not an amateur bare-faced liar like you. You are pathetic! How many times did mummy drop you when you were a baby? It figures.

Nepa Rakat said...

Wow, wow... never expect you want to argue on this fact!
You already labelled me as liar, so i assumed no amount of explanation or prove will do any good.
But by mutilating that photo is definite a low class liar (Bush, LGE, Anwar, Najib maybe high class).
I thought you have reputation? Never mind, we are all liars and that’s what make the world go round.

Anonymous said...

Nepa Rakat;

Hey smart arse, don't compare your deranged low life to others.... the is only one way to tell ff an UMNO pimp like you, shaft it deep in your asshole!

Anonymous said...

Practice makes perfect.