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maj (rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

WTF r they really doin..or probably they dun even know 2 hoots what the hell 4...??? Even if they dun respect ne one AT ALL..at least they respect their own AGE for what they r doing. I'm simply appalled at such pathetic show ..simply speechless..@#$%^&*
from an Army retiree...

Anonymous said...

Sure they are train to be dogs of UMNO but defending the country sure cannot lah.Balls sudah simpan Bank UMNo

pra said...

Mempertahankan maruah agama, bangsa, raja dan negara.

baruah punya budak.

Anonymous said...

Please share this far and wide. This guy is a conman. Read this Public apology in utusan where he was proclaiming himself as a False Datuk at one time. Another stooge LOL. http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/info.asp?y=2011&dt=0113&pub=Utusan_Malaysia&sec=Muka_Hadapan&pg=mh_01.htm Coming election candidate for Umno, Teluk Punggung, Pahang.

Anonymous said...

its one of their many ways of doing their things. Believe me, you have no idea where there have gone thru, so you moron can have a peaceful sleep at night and go on with your business the next morning, or even make a million ringgit.

you think wearing yellow t-shirt made you patriotic enough? Their patience have limits too. they're humans like you. and you want to pick on the royal forces?
Who do you think will guard the pakatan government if pakatan took control of Putrajaya? You going to switch faces?

Roti Sunshine said...

any kick ass wannabe looking for a bit of practice?


Anonymous said...

Those are fat lousy arseholes pretending to be veterans threatening the Heroine. No need to threaten, just do it if they dare !

Oh those sick kids. Need to call their mamas to bring them home

Anonymous said...

Ok these are threats being thrown at Ambiga. Many here talk a lot about justice and all, NOW how many are willing to go over to Ambiga's house and provide security/defend the place?? Anyone??? Zorro???

... or all here only good at talk cock like Zorro

Pak Oncu said...

Hi Bro,, gua juga bekas tentera,, tindak tanduk VET ini memalu kan bekas bekas tentera,,, BAHALOL BIN SAMDOL mangkok mangkok jamban ni ,, ni mesti sekolah darjah 6 masuk tentera ini ,,, TAK BACA PUNYA OLANG,,,

Anonymous said...

I thought they were going to moon Ambiga like what a larrikin did to the Queen when she visited QLD recently. Looks like they are even ashamed of their own buttocks!!

tonyL said...


there goes Malaysia's repute.


Antares said...

Pity these poor sickos, people. Since they were tiny kids, they have been subject to severe punishment - by their fathers, teachers, headmasters; later their army officers. Of course they are addicted to pain and punishment inflicted by some patriarchal authority figure - after all, their DNA is mostly from the ulu areas and their ancestors were either peasants or pirates. Seeing what a courageous and magnificent presence Ambiga is, they were only begging her to don a gigantic strap-on and sodomize the entire platoon. Instead, she offered them chilled cans of 100-Plus which they refused. That's all these born losers have been dreaming of - to be butt-raped by amazons and goddesses till they become transgendered naturally, without surgery. It's a public plea for help. How can we be so unkind to the genetically handicapped and the evolutionarily challenged?

cin2tan said...

one of them warned Ambiga : " saya bagi AMARAN akhir .....!"

WOW ! pls report to polis ...but but but ...never mind lah ...forget it, SIGHS !

cin2tan said...

" kami mau jaga pungung lah ....!"

Ambiga : This IS intimidation !!

Donplaypuks® said...

War veterans? Which war did they ever fight in defending which country?

Anonymous said...

they have brought disgrace to their Supreme Commander, the KIng!
If they have have guts, they should do the full Monty!

Sklau said...

Sorry asses that will become the butt of jokes for years to cum.

In 'The Art of Whore', it was written that 'Hindsight is always better than foresight. Always pander to those who gives you your daily fish but turn your back to those who would teach you how to fish.'

Malchindian said...

That last picture reminded me of "this is not how you yoga".
She is doing exactly what these goons least expect...kindness. Keep it up dear Madam!

I like your psycho-analysis Antares. Gives lucid perspective to the mindset. At least our psychology students in higher tertiary institutions have a live case study to analyse!

Anonymous said...

Mempertahankan maruah agama, bangsa, raja dan negara.
Agama apa yang ajar macam ni?

bumi-non-malay said...

How many of you are prepared to sacrifice your time to volunteer for guard duty so that the third they 'invade' Ambiga's house there would be enough people to defend her and die for her. I read so many comments here in Malaysia Today urging her on. It is now time for you to come forward and defend what you believe in. Or are you merely keyboard warriors who post comments from the safety of your homes/offices?...RPK

...Actually I am waiting for these Army rejects to Harm Ambiga First....they want to play intimidate game...but some of those there have already copped some "incident"....I expect them to dwindle and go away before Monday 21 May.....we shall see....as they retreat they will pass many houses and bushes....more damages coming!!...Opps "incident......They can go collect their daily ration of 2 packet nasi lemak and coloured water...while their Masters in UMNO dine Lavishly on Dinner alone to the tune of $5000....as they read this enjoy the Rain and Heat while their UMNO masters sit in aircon. Padan Muka. So many faces to remember...keep appearing!!

Anonymous said...

Bodohnya mereka.
Kalau betul mereka ini veteran tentera, Bodoh lagi lah!
Adakah mereka puas hati dengan pencen sebanyak RM500 sebulan?
Ambiga nak tolong mereka mendapat pencen yang lebih, tetapi mereka menunjuk buntut kepadanya.
Hoi! its not Ambiga, its 200000 and the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Ini demo cara UMNO. Tak ada isi. Tapi bekas najis adalah.

Puak totok UMNO Baru ni Buta Sejarah!

RTM! TV3Stooges! Atro! "Jeng..jeng.jeng.. demonstrasi bukan budaya kita!...Occupy Wall Street..Tahrir Square!" Stesen TV Malaysia Pakar Edit Buta Sebelah Mata!! UMNO hentam habis-habisan Bersih 3.0, seolah-olah bandar KL nak kiamat, huru-hara sana sini. Kereta terbakar sana-sini. Bergelimpangan mayat sana sini. Ini semua auta UMNO.

UMNO : Kalau ada demonstrasi di USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Paris. Jangan seronok-seronok pergi sana. Huru-hara nanti jadinya. Lebih baik kamu menteri-menteri UMNO pergi ke Korea Utara. Sana lagi best, tak ada demonstrasi jalanan. Semua RAKYAT menangis depan gambar Kim Jong Il.

Rujuk apa sejarah UMNO pernah demo berpuluh tahun dahulu?


Anonymous said...

Mark my words, no one here will go help defend Ambiga. All a bunch of talk cocks like Zorro. Bersih is a waste of time, designed to serve the likes of Anwar.

Zorro is full of crap. And like many here, only full of empty talk.

Anonymous said...

Saya bekas tentera juga, tapi tidakan tak bertamadun meraka ne dr PERSATUAN VETERAN TENTERA MELAYU sungguh memalukan. Mereka ne semesti berugama ISLAM dan org Melayu yg dikatakan mempunyai tatasusila adat yg bermaruah. Apakah perasaan mereka ne apabila anak dan cucu mereka melihat adigan yg tak bertamadun ne, kalau cucu mereka melakukan aksi ne kpd mereka apakah aksi mereka agaknya.

Anonymous said...

WTF is this anon nincompoop talking about going to Ambiga's house to protect her? She doesn't need any protection. Who is going to hurt her? Those selling burgers and those idiots showing their bums to all and sundry? Those sorry asses are a pathetic lot. Ambiga has to only worry about her safety from the PDRM who do not understand law and order because they have become ABOVE the laws of the country.

Anonymous said...

Ha!Ha1He!He! This is what we call the brain is located at the butt.Typical BN idiotic antics

Anonymous said...

This goes to show what type of bums we have in our Armed Froces. What a disgrace to the whole world by their stupid actions. Instead of having brains in their dumb heads, their brains are in their fat stinking arses.

Anonymous said...

There is a new GLC in town---Asshole Incoporated'

Anonymous said...

but happy to see those damn shameful idiots doing their buttock dancing !
Hoping more of their kind to show MORE shameful acts !!

Anonymous said...

Ambiga tak faham BAHASA MALAYSIA.

Amaran = Warning

Ugut = Threat


Saya bagi AMARAN, kalau anda langgar lampu merah, anda berkemungkinan dilanggar trafik bertentangan ataupun dikenakan saman.

Saya bagi UGUTAN, kalau anda langgar lampu merah, anda berkemungkinan dilanggar trafik bertentangan ataupun dikenakan saman.

So Ambabiga wants to take this to court... good luck.

Spontan Bachik said...

KRU now can have 'butt-dance' for Cicakman, following 'Bat Dance' in Batman movie!

Anonymous said...

they are related to the monkey clan - red butt baboon

Anonymous said...

This is what i would call having their balls in place of cerebral tissue. Typical of DUMBno genome.Real sicko. A laughing stock for the whole wide world to see. Kebudayaan Melaysia ptui ....

Anonymous said...

They ALREADY DEFENDED the country you moron.
For ambiga, ass dancing is more than enough. Too mild in fact. They have put their life on the line. Anything else is no big deal. Ambiga wants riot, THEY can give her some real riot. Don't test them, they have gone many. I think cina also mudah lupa itu 13may. If KL becomes Cairo , who will be the biggest loser??

Anonymous said...

where was your bunker? bro? its the bar of the Dog on the 2nd flr. I know you are not a member. You are a distinguished conman.

zorro said...

Anon818pm...why lah you ask stupid question.Secret bunker mah. Not dog lah....spotted dog. And long bar is not on 2nd floor. Not member but distinguished guest mah.Sorry you got conned into believing that i was at the spotted dog...bark, bark.