Wednesday, July 14, 2010




Anonymous said...

CNN is the world's foremost and most reliable news channel. To accuse it of getting kickbacks from Anwar is most insulting to CNN. This is akin to saying that CNN can be bought and all its newsmakers are paying to do interviews with CNN.

CNN should sue Utusan Malaysia by insinuating that it is corrupt to the extent that it takes money from Anwar for its programme.

wandererAUS said...

What is the difference between a pig arse and a swine arse...same difference, these two, a Spin-doc Nazri and a racist asshole Ibrahim...they smell rotten!! Throw them back to the Pig Farm.....

flyer168 said...

What can you expect from these Moronic Ketuanan Jaguh Kampungs...?

With Morons like these, the Whole World is laughing & watching the imminent UMNO/BN Implosion...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

The DPM said it's ok for Chinese, Indians and others to form their own Perkosa-like organization. So is the DPM sabotaging the PM or are both working hand-in-hand to create and incite more racial hatred and disunity amongst malaysians?

If the DPM is sabotaging the PM with the intention of kicking out the PM (which is becoming more apparent), then we will see malaysia becoming another Rwanda in a few short years, not that we are already on the Rwandan path anyway.

Anonymous said...

Very possible this spat between these two is just for show, like UMNO is so against Perkasa.

I bet these 2 goons are best of friends.

Will only believe they are really going after each other when one of them steps down from their position.

In the meantime, thk u to both of u for keeping us entertained.

Anonymous said...

Utusan Melayu reporting is only fit for the garbage bin. Their reporters are either all racialistic with pea brain mentality.
That dickhead, racialistic and opportunistic I Ali can say what he likes. The rakyat doesn't care a damn and that includes all moderate and progressive malays.

si capik said...

dpm is hinting to us that he will seize teh power when the opportunity arises.

SyaBust said...

Mengapakah Kerajaan Persekutuan masih memberi pinjaman RM320 juta kepada Syabas apabila Syabas menghadapi masalah kewangan sedangkan pihak pengurusannya menerima gaji dan bonus yang lumayan? Mengapakah Kerajaan Persekutuan menghalang usaha rakyat untuk mendapatkan laporan audit Syabas serta perjanjian konsesinya?

Anonymous said...

Overheard in a roti canai street stall -
Nazri to Ibrahim Ali : Lu Tolong wah, Wah Tolong Lu
Ibrahim Ali to Nazri : Wah Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Wah

Redza said...

Najib 1Malaysia has great potential, however as it is carried out by UMNO whose main ideology is Malay Supremacy, the 1Malaysia concept is diluted by UMNO's main ideology. Najib hands are tied, his mouth are shut by the demands by UMNO members, he couldn't pursue the 1Malaysia concept agreesively as doing so will lead to a retaliation by UMNO members(look at what happened to Onn Jaafar and Tunku Abdul Rahman), so 1Malaysia is a slogan greatly lacking in strenghth and meaning making it just another slogan. As for the PM, he apeared to lack the political will to break all the obstacles that are hindrace to his 1Malaysia slogan,so hoping for him to do something is wishfull thinking.(anyway, I personally think that 1Malaysia is a mere political slogan aimed at regaining the lost support among non-Malays during the 12 GE by the BN coalition, that's all)

Anonymous said...

Just get rid of both of them, baruahs!

Anonymous said...

Republican Reds,

Well said.

It's nothing but a slogan.

Just like "Bersih Cekap Amanah"
dan "Work with me, not Work for me". All empty talk.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Slogans are often easier said than done
No wonder some are only fit for the dung
No point bragging when they can easily be sunk
By loud-mouth and small-minded political punks

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 140710
Wed.14th July 2010.

Anonymous said...

We are against the government’s act of arbitrarily prohibiting publications and circulation of information. Freedom of expression is fundamental to a democratic society. The government should ensure the greatest possible space of freedom for the people.

In order to improve the standard and quality of news reporting, the government must allow more new media to exist to counterbalance those which often provide false and biased information. Healthy competition will compel media practitioners to maintain a high standard of professionalism.

The printing licence system instituted under Printing Presses and Publications Act (1984) strictly controls domestic media, causing printing media to impose self-censorship and self-restriction within a presumed permissible zone.

We urge the government to amend the act, abolish the printing licence system and replace it with a registration system to protect the media’s right to disseminate and people’s right to information