Friday, July 2, 2010


How can I be neutral, even my pen has a stand!


It is common knowledge now that all 3 of Zunar's comic books are banned as it endangers the security of the country because it parodies the BN Government.

“In Malaysia we may have freedom of speech; what we do not have is freedom after speech.”

(the illustrious late Justice of the Supreme Court Harun M Hashim)


Anonymous said...

Zunar is good, surpassed Lat as the most contemporary cartoonist in Malaysia.

Why BN cannot take the satire?

Buy your copies before it is too late.

西北够力 said...

Kartun Zunar memang mempamirkan semangat dan ciri-ciri 1Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Just sell and distribute from an overseas source, using paypal or credit card for any financial transactions.

Why limit yourself to local sales, when you have an international market at your disposal, with so many ex-Malaysians living overseas.

Hope your comic becomes the new 'Lat'.

pinsysu said...

oooh! i must get hold all these banned zunar books ... jay leno late nite show won't hold a candle compared to Msia funnies in the gomen!! must show support!

retak gertak said...

New movie starring ibrahim katak -"Despicable Me"

wandererAUS said...

Bravo Zunar!...UMNO assholes started the, the jokes are on them!!! Zunar, there is no fear to produce truth, even in the form of cartoons...see, the UMNO goons are running for cover! hehehe

Anonymous said...

The more the BeEnd gomen wants to muzzle the freedom of press, the deeper the hole they dig themselves into. Hello, the rakyat is no longer depending entirely on newspapers or newsletters, we have gone paperless now in the internet lah. Suara Keadilan (SK) should go all out to expose more of BeEnd's plundering and abuses in the internet where they can't touch SK. Keep up the good work SK and PR

Anak Perelih said...

Mr. Zunar.. open source the cartoons....!.. distribute in in PDF format at your blog and accept donations from those who download it... Plus ioncome from adsense...

nstman said...

In Malaysia, it's okay to tell lies. It's okay to cheat Felda. It's okay to use public funds to bankroll Umno cronies.It's okay to butter up Umno, lick its arse. Of course, it is not okay when you expose Umno subterfuge, lies, deceit and opacity. Of course, it's okay to have a people's cartoonist called Lat who sees no evil, touches no evil, hears no evil but embraces everything Umno.

new fart said...

Are the books/magazines in English as well? If so, can we get them in Australia? I am sure a lot of ex-Malaysians would love to get their hands on them!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When cartoonists are quick to the draw
some sensitive people easily get sore
Desiring the entire society to be forcibly bored
But actually scared of being exposed to the core

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 020710
Fri. 2nd July 2010.

Anonymous said...

bro zunar
u always know that thousands and millions of us do support your work. keep it up!

bro zorro
good 4u for publishing an article to show support. keep it up too

for more cartoons
pls visit my blog:
-average joe-

Anonymous said...

Zunar, how can I be neutral, even my pen*s has a stand.

Malaysian said...

Mengapa Faktor Kaum Dan Agama Harus Dijadikan Faktor Pemilihan Pemimpin?

Kini MCA menggunakan taktik baru iaitu memberitahu pengundi Cina bahawa sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat menang di Pilihan raya akan datang, Perdana Menteri bukan dimilikan oleh Anwar Ibrahim tetapi akan jatuh ke tangan PAS dan ini akan menjadikan malaysia menghala kepada penubuhan Negara Islam.

Faktor utama mereka memainkan isu ini adalah kerana Anwar Ibrahim telah berjaya mendapat hati pengundi Cina kerana cara pemikiran yang lebih neutral dan mesra rakyat Malaysia. Dan mereka masih percaya kaum Cina akan takut sekiranya PAS memerintah Malaysia.

Apa pendapat Kalian? Berikanlah pendapat anda disini...

Anonymous said...

Zunar's Monokroni boardgame is good. i should be made an online game.

Najib's promises on the more inclusive, fair and transparent government under 1Malaysia and NEM are just empty promises and more of a farce to the rakyat.

We are convinced now that it is impossible for the Umno-controlled government to reform.

BN selectively banned Suara Keadilan on the day Suara Perkasa hit the stand.

If the water concession deal is made public then it will show another PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) in action. The more such incidents are exposed and dragged on, the more fun we can have at the next general election.

As it is, the government has already offered some sweets by allowing each MP an angpow of RM500,000 for free distribution. If the deal is clean and above board, why would it - and even the audit report - come under OSA (Official Secrets Act).

It clearly indicates the depth of what such 'open tender' would involve - the Black Hole of Calcutta. All the yearning and crying can never solve such issues. And all Malaysians should know what to do as that option is only available once every five years.

Anonymous said...

I think Zunar's cartoon should be in malay to appeal to those who cannot understand English.

We have a big population of urban/rural malays growing up with Gila-Gila/Gempak komik magazines.

Anyway, a good cartoon is self-explanatory and need little text. Zunar has demonstrated that effectively.

Keep up the good work.

mh said...

The Ministry of Home Affairs would do well to lift the ban on Zunar's books of cartoons to redeem their own appalling self image. Proof p'haps that they fear even more, the wider and soon to surface serious revealations of the sordid on going "affairs" at home.

Voodoozela said...


The proposal by Najib that the 30% bumiputra corporate equity would be maintained together with the NEM. Surprisingly the astounding marriage of two conflicting policies has not raised much reaction.

Are the people so shocked that they have lost their power of speech or writing at the amazing reversal of Najib’s crusade for reforms when he became Prime Minister, to become also a promoter of cronyism and rent seeking policies.