Saturday, July 10, 2010


FOR sure, I am not trying to show off my "Learn a phrase a day" thing. I thought I had just learnt a new word but my 1973 Kamus Utama has no BARUAH! Would an updated lexicon have this word? For those who did not go into MT today, the titled words were uttered by Pete in London. Utter, of course is too mild.....CHALLENGE would be like a left hook to floor the wyneb cach[1] Zahrain and a roundhouse to send the pip-squeak pen pidyn[2] Khairy over the ropes and out of the ring. Don't these two twpsyn[3] have better things to do than rile my friend?

Here is Pete's broadside on web-criminal Zahrain:

Firstly, hacking my e-mail is a crime. Secondly, doctoring my e-mail to fabricate evidence against me is a crime. So who is the criminal here? Me, or Zahrain and his handlers in Bukit Aman?

And what is Zahrain doing playing footsies with Bukit Aman anyway? They gave him the contents of my e-mail, which have been doctored. Then he hands the documents back to the police as if he somehow came across them by accident and is now giving them to the police as evidence.

Main wayang. Kerja budak sekolah.

Sure, print out my e-mail. Use that as ‘evidence’ against me. Then explain how you managed to hack my e-mail to procure this so-called ‘evidence’. Remember what happened to President Nixon and the Watergate break-in team? Flash my e-mail contents and let us see Googlegate explode. I will file an official complaint with Google that the Malaysian government hacked my e-mail and has openly admitted doing so.

Come on Zahrain. Make my day. Reveal all those documents that you have -- the doctored contents of my e-mail. I am also waiting to hit you below the belt on some of your personal stuff here in the UK. Oh, and yes, I am monitoring your movements here in the UK as well. And I have a little surprise waiting for you.

People who live in glasshouses should not throw stones, my friend. Remember Kevin Morais, the MACC prosecutor who is trying to fix up lawyer Rosli Dahlan? And remember we tracked him all the way to his gay lover’s home here in the UK? By the way, Kevin is the ‘woman’ in this relationship.

So no one is safe, my friend. You too have a lot of shit. And we too have tracked your shit, all the way to your son taking flying lessons here in the UK.

Oh, by the way, who is financing you for your son's flying lessons? These lessons are not cheap, you know. And we know you can’t afford to pay for them unless you are corrupted and are taking bribes.

So you see, jangan cuba korek rahsia tentang mana orang lain dapat duit. Once we start to korek where you are getting your money from, and how you can afford to pay for your very expensive lifestyle, then you pulak susah nanti.

May I suggest......

Just spoke to Pete who is having a rough time baby-sitting Chia Wei and he told me to tell Zahrain:

Cer i grafu y haliwr mawr tew [4]

Meanwhile we allow KJ to stew over a slow fire.......


Footnote: Translation from Welsh to English:

wyneb cach[1] shit face

pen pidyn[2] dickhead

twpsyn[3] idiots

Cer i grafu y haliwr mawr tew [4] Fuck off you big fat wanker.


poksir said...

very nice..

Anonymous said...

I just cannot believe that this Zah..rain has a face. He is a real human donkey yet he goes around to parade his stupidity to the world. His children and family must be feeling bad to have him as father and husband.

Anonymous said...

This ugly fat toad zahrain is really despicable and unethical to the core. Absolutely zero integrity, unprincipled and tackless. Zorro please expose HIM and his family dirty deeds to the rakyat. All of it. This bum is worthless hitting people below the belt. Time to Hit him real hard and with no compunction at all. Make sure he is a dead meat. NOW!!

TOKZ said...


No doubt I have NO LOVE for that 'FAT MOTHER FUCKER' name ZAHRAIN but based on this article's title, I notice people from PAKATAN RAKYAT love to HARP on this phrase "LAWAN TETAP LAWAN". Why is this so? You mean PAKATAN RAKYAT dudes are really FIGHTERS?

If it's so, how come PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders & supporters always gets BASHED BADLY in almost 99.9% of their ILLEGAL GATHERINGS? If it's so, how come 99.9% of PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders & supporters start to take cover when the FRU moves in? No offence about this though but I sincerely think PAKATAN RAKYAT leaders & supporters are FAR from being FIGHTERS (let alone using the phrase "LAWAN TETAP LAWAN").

As most MELAYU would say:


As for ANWAR IBRAHIM, he's indeed a GENUINE TRUE BLUE "PAHLAWAN". The reason why I say so is because he's a PAHLAWAN when he's alone with SAIFUL doing his GLADIATOR STUNTS from the BELAKANG.

Thus, is PAKATAN RAKYAT truly a PAHLAWAN or a mere SI PONDAN? Answer???......I think you have it, Zorro.


Amir Arshad said...

I can see you idolize Raja Petra very much. Most of your topics involve him. Are you a very close friend of RPK? Or is that you are trying to capture cheap attention by involving him? DATO' ROCKY told me the reason why you always like to involve RPK in your articles is due to something very secretive between you two. Although DATO' ROCKY didn't disclose the secret but he dropped a hint something like both of you share the same woman. It's either you had been banging RPK's wife or is that RPK had been banging your wife. Either way, I salute you guys cos' you both are just like me....."A MILF lover".

I laughed like shit when this was told to me. OK, OK, OK, joke aside but is this real? Thanks for your kind clarification.

bennyloh said...


zorro said...

Amir Arshad, would you be willing to sit down with Rocky and I to verify this. No I will not bite. You are implicating Rocky. Need your courageous answer. Once you say YES, I will contact Rocky.

Anonymous said...

Another stupid Amir Arshad why go personnel may be you are the kind that likes your wife to be used by all. Anyway no thanks let your wife enjoy being used. No offence brother Amir since you have said it out.

Amir Arshad said...

Goodness gracious!!!

Didn't I say ROCKY "didn't" disclose the secret but only dropped a hint. The hint could well be just a joke got it? You know what's a joke? Just in case if you don't, it's a topic "Just for Laugh".

However with your immediate response & tone of response, you sounded serious...I mean "SERIOUS".

I'm now wondering whether this mere joke could well be a FACT after all. There's saying which goes "Only a person will feel hot when he bites the chili"

Zorro, I'm sorry to tell you this but I think you had just foolishly disclosed your own secret. Orang cakap "Bunuh Diri". I hope your wife won't get to read this & of course I bet you too will not publish this comment.

SssSSSssHHHH!!!! You better not talk so much, ok? The more you talk, the more you're opening your own cans of worms. Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

Amir Arshad...hang ni memang pondan lah, berani dengan cabaran Zorro ?? kah..kah..kah....pondan + bodoh, inilah baruah UMNO/BN !!!

Tak Nak Amir Arshad Pondan !!!

new fart said...

Hey Amir, a friend of yours just told me that your wife has been secretly fucking a bengali! Did you know that or you are still being kept in the dark? Let me know and I will be too happy to point you in the right direction, okay? Seriously though mate, this is only a joke! Sorry ah!

new fart said...

Hey TOKZ/TOKOK....try and tell the FRU not to carry their weapons and artillery when they come raiding lah. Those are only law-abiding citizens what, and by the way also paying their fucking GAJI! So go and have a life elsewhere monkey!!!

nstman said...

Amir Arshad, idiot, listen up. I adore RPK to bits. He is sincere unlike Umno hypocrites who steal from their own race. The whole country loves RPK, except Umno thieves. So you got a problem, Amir? Go suck it. Long live RPK, long live Zorro, long live the long suffering people of Malaysia. One last word. Amir, you know what makes my day? It is waking up early and reading Zorro's wonderful articles. It keeps us going in a Malaysia torn apart by Umno racists, bigots and self-loathing narcissists.

TOKZ said...


Some DONKEY just regarded those IDIOTS who attends ILLEGAL GATHERINGS a "LAW ABIDING CITIZEN".

This donkey might as well regard ROBBERS & THIEVES "Law Abiding Citizens" when they walk-up to the bank counter with their GUNS & say "Put the $$$ in my bag".

Dumb Prick or what??? You decide.

Anonymous said...

Amir Arshad,

Print what you wrote and show it to your parents. Am sure they be real proud of you.

Anonymous said...


You take this Amir Arshad seriously? i don't believe it. He's just a monkey. A monkey I tell you. We got a lot of monkeys nowadays and sadly the only thing we should deal with these disgusting creatures is to ignore them.

I mean he is just a brainless soul!

Anonymous said...


Can you give us 1Malaysia's Postage?

Anonymous said...

a simple explanation for tokz's rhetoric
contoh no1
in a butt fucking situation, chua kong kek butt-fucked madam x . she is a woman and always a woman and never a pondan.

contoh no2
Y butt=fucked one kevin murahis. Y is
the 'man' and the kevinmurahis is y's
jambu or as you[ a butt-fuckerwannabe]
put it a pundan.

so for your further education go spend
some time to see your local jabu-ani or
as this is a world cup year, a jabu-anu is a new name for a 'pundan'.
Your healthy obsession for the jabu-ani [plural ] is noted. Perhaps
there will be a few jabu-ani will be
contacting you shortly.

So, in parting have fun but-fucking some jabu-ani!!!

wak, taknak to jabu-ani

Anonymous said...

Arsehad who !!??

Anonymous said...

Zorro and others,
Why are you feeding paid trolls? Leave their comments alone in all their imbecilic glory.

Anonymous said...

Zorro vs RockyBru?

If no details are furnished by Zorro, the allegations could be true.

Anonymous said...

You really worship Anwar & half breed hiding in London,don't you?

Jong said...

Agree with Anon 1:41PM. Those paid trolls are sent in because 'they' are feeling the heat.

Zorro, this is your blog, you have every right to delete their disgusting post that upsets everyone here. Please do it. TQ.

zorro said...

Jong, Anon141pm, 916am,
I can reject their comments, but I just want my readers to know how low some can stoop. Its OK people, I can handle these poor creatures who took human insult to the Maker, yes?

zorro said...

Anon248pm, you commented:

You really worship Anwar & half breed hiding in London,don't you?

I only worship God. I will support Anwar because he (and many of us) wants to be rid of BN. As for RPK, for whatever you say, at least he has a name he is proud of whereas you don't even have one. I have known many people born out of wedlock who have names. Even bastards have names. You? Go pick one and be legitimate.

Anonymous said...

you zorro, he saiful.

alvin said...


I think we shld not be perturbed with all these unnecessary comments from the public; some may be abusing your comment form to trade barbs with each other. Forget that.

As far as I am concerned, I wld like to hear Zahrain's & KJ's response to RPK's allegations on the emails, their shits and let the public decides on the truth; not wait till the 3 stooge-committee comes in to force to decide on our behalf.

Neon said...

I agree with what alvin said, Zorro, and do delete those abusive and obscene comments. I suspect this Amir and the few "anonymous" spewing poison is warrior 231.
And I shall be waiting with bated breath for KJ and Zahrain's response too!