Monday, January 18, 2010


I always believe in RECOGNITION, i.e. recognising the services of my 4 Hantus. My daughter Patrina sent me a birthday angpow and what better way than to invite my 4 mates for a retreat of sorts. We chose Cerating it being off-season now. We spent the days brain-wracking and at night we drank enough beers - the collection of beer cans sufficient to float a sunken frigate. One of the topics that got everyone excited was "How can UMNO take back Selangor?" You would be surprised how easy it will be to lose Selangor. Here is one teaser.....and it has got to do with a community-funded Recreation Club.

UKRC, the Ulu Klang Recreation Club was nearly snatched by some greedy MCA thieves with the help of Khir Toyo of course. That piece of land could make millions for some fat-cat MCA and probably contribute another wing to Toyo's mansion.  However, the community fought back with the help of the Malay Mail then and prevented the raid. The new Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government dilly-dallied in getting the land officially gazetted after promises on promises. The MP Azmin made countless promises, the adun Saari Sanguib made similar promises. Promises only! Empty promises, that is.

The community played a significant role in the last GE. Period.

 They were the only "club" to come together to say NO TO ISA (see their Gallery tab)

They gave power to the PR Government. They can take back that power.

WATCH IT SELANGOR.......The power is always with the PEOPLE.




Jong said...

Well said Zorro!

Yesterday DAP's Lim Guan Eng said the same thing, he warned esp Perak Aduns to stop being 'postmen'. That was hard hitting unless one is too blur to grasp what he was trying to say. My Adun since I gave him my precious vote March08, have never even
once stop to enquire if I have problems, imagine that! They are still so naive, blaming the pirates for the Perak powergrab except themselves.

caravanserai said...

Politicians work for the people
The way you are elected the people come first
Look after your constituency it works for you
Forget the people; they dump you aside

Promises many
Understood in elections
When it is over and done
Try to live up the promises
Choose the best one to fulfill
It carries a lot of weight

People don't like to hear excuses
Even in the workplace the boss wants action
Likewise the people are the bosses
They want action less on talking

The products are what they see
In which the people can proudly talk and sell
In this way they work hard for you
You work the hardest for the people

Don't lose sight
The people can play
Pakatan must wake up
Playing opposition should stop
Now learn how to manage
The people centred concept
Else they will dump you
When next election is called!

Hawkeye said...

King Toyo and his Palace.. what happen to the MACC investigation on this Toyol chap?
MACC very quiet hoping the people will forget... but this Toyol keep making the news.

Welcome back guru! Hope you have all batteries fully recharge.

shar101 said...

Well Z,

Damn .. err .. Them politicians from both ends need to be reminded time and time again on the lessons from 2008.

It's ground-up, and not top-down, management anymore.

Be an honest (and preferably, hardworking as well) representative or the constituent will/can find another who fits the bill to get the job done.

Froggies need not apply, of course.

Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Habib RAK said...

Zorro, perhaps belated birthday greetings is in order. Happy Birthday.

As for UKRC, i just open the link to check it out. Last updated with events in Oct 2009. Now already Jan 2010. How?

highly concerned said...

Zorro, what are the extremists saying. We read Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini, etc etc and we don't often get to hear about what is transpiring over there. Would you oblige?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are fine and well. I was wondering what has happened to you when your blog remained statu quo for the past few days.

Now I went for a short break. Good for you....

Thanks for the article.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Others try to draw a line to keep me out
But I draw a bigger circle to bring them in
For this is what "loving your neighbour" is all about
For under the fatherhood of God we are all kins

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190110
Tue. 19th Jan. 2010.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one, UMNO (Najib) also has HRP, the Hindraf offshoot, to create havoc and split the Indian community.

Anonymous said...

I too am loosing patience with the mb selangor.

suddenly he wants to be a hero with being the chairman of ybk selangor.

Even as mb he does not seem to cope -in meeting the needs of the people
and fulfilling his promises. I certainly would urge the PR leadership to
replace him with a new competent guy mid term so that pr can continue
to sustain the leadership in selangor

The present mb is cowed by chinamen businessmen making him unpopular with
the malays who voted him in, He cannot carry on believing that he is running
guthrie and sidelining the malays. Yes, I have been watching this guy
and know how he operates. He is not far off from becoming the jawa totok
whom he replaced.


Anonymous said...

Sad..... Is it just PKR folks?

Anonymous said...

Procrastination is the thief of time.
Weakness is the cause of downfalls.
Promises must be honoured.
Work must be done.

It's the same old story. Complacency gets to the head as time goes by.

Just watch. When ever there's an election, the candidates will visit markets, kiss babies and raise their hands showing all five fingers..... indicating 'see you in 5 years time'.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

you are so right, the way the PR elected rep are behaving and conducting the business of governing, dont be surprise they lose whatever they have gain on GE 12. I am a strong supporter for change for the better, but i am starting to doubt the PR can bring about that change the country badly needed.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Anwar & PKR gang better buck up...!
Fullfill your promises to the rakyat.

"Do not" take us for granted. Next election is "NOT" that far away......

Look into the rakyat's plight. Do you need us to always tell you this? Do you know what the rakyat wants, Datuk Anwar & gang???

Or have you forgotten it is "WE" who voted the entire PKR in & it "will" be us again to vote you guys out...!!

What's the risk to you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Highly Concerned 12:48 am

If you want to know what the racist/fascist wing of UMNO is saying, you can go to the websites of Barking Magpie Pasquale (Rusdi Mustapha) and Big Dog. Really repulsive propaganda in these blogs!

For sophisticated, even devious pro-UMNO propaganda, there is the Rocky Bru blog. Sad to see Rocky blogging like this to show his gratitude to his UMNO benefactors.

To read the opinions of moderate UMNO members, I would suggest
Sakmongkol AK47 and Tengku Razaleigh's blog.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

For sure the Pakatan Rakyat will lose all their votes in Ulu Klang and Ampang Jaya if UKRC's land is not given back to them. I have played football and attended number of social functions at UKRC and I can vouch of the thankless contribution made by the Club members, whom are all volunteers, for the Community there.
This group is really influential with the surrounding Community there and Pakatan Rakyat politicians can forget their votes in the next GE if they do not give back the land to UKRC.The MB must reliase that UKRC is a Club meant for the Oridnary people with strong Community participation and he should get to ground to solve UKRC's problem and not just sit in the Office.

Jong said...

Politicians, aren't they all the same? - nice, hardworking and respectful when they come begging for votes but once they have tasted 'power', they become arrogant and complacent(like not attending Parliament!). They forget the rakyat are always watching their every moves.

Thank you Zorro, you aptly said we gave them the power, we can always take that power away!

Highly concerned said...

"To read the opinions of moderate UMNO members, I would suggest
Sakmongkol AK47 and Tengku Razaleigh's blog."

Unfortunately Sakmongkol seemed to have taken a slight turn since the ISA the candidate issue and the Allah issue. Did you read Sakmongkol's take on the Allah issue?

zorro said...

Habib RAK, for a club that charges RM2 a month and have no paid admin they have a website. Members voluntarily roll one of the best fields in Selangor. Some members after work tend to the upkeep of the premises.
for a community club to run annual international meets speaks volume of what volunteerism is all about. Just peruse the Gallery tab and one has a fair idea of the activities generated. Care to visit some govt. websites that have not been updated close to a year or two. Lets give them credit for what they have done as a community.

Anonymous said...

Sorry lah UKRC.Earlier the MB and Adun Saari dont know anybody in ulu klang and kuala he use to come everyweek.Even to the dirty market but now they only attend executive invitation to grand ballroom with best dinner give spech to all kaya business man.Sorry lah tak senang to solve UKRC'problem.Don't worry he will come again when election coming.

Anonymous said...

Empty promises by Saari Sungib and Azmin Ali and it is the same at Pakatan Rakyat and Selangor government - 2X5. Election campaign cheat. Surely the Ulu Klang folks will punished them in the next GE, if UKRC is not given the land by the Pakatan Government for their examplary contribution to the Rakyat of Ulu Klang, Gombak and Ampang Jaya in sports and community services.
To the Selangor Exco members, dont be blind, just look at their motto, "Putting the Community first". Remember, dont repeat the Khir Toyo blunder. Your votes will be screwed.

vene♥ said...

election time voted by rakyat so MB Azmin and Adun Saari made all promises.but now they work for Khir Toyo's former goverment gangs.
So ukrc club land issue can only be solve after Khir Toyo's mansion built up in this land . (maybe on top of the mansion)

Jong said...

The honeymoon's over Pakatan Rakyat! Get over with your newly acquired 'celebrity status', time to get down to serious work. Just incase you aren't aware the hawks are watching!

We wanted change and were committed to put YOU in office. Yes we did, a political tsunami GE-12 that gave YOU five states and that sent UMNO/BN into a tailspin and near cardiac arrest!

The least that's expected of you is be appreciative, maintain the rakyat's best interest at heart and most importantly, keep to your election promises! No more excuses and dragging of feet when it comes to attending Parliament that smses and phone calls could not get some MPs off and away from their larvish dinners?!

Buck up will ya?!!!!!

Trashed said...

The politicians of both side of the divide should take heed of the lessons from the recent Republican Party's winning the seemingly impossible to lose Democrat Senate seat of Ted Kennedy's in the sate of Massachussetts.

At one stage the Democrat Party's candidate was supposed to be leading by 30% but the people got disenchanted with the candidate and/or the Democrat Party's leadership of the issues of the day.

Hence, they picked the other guy.

Anonymous said...


I have been to UKRC on few occasions for wedding reception. The Club is full of activities and well managed by its Committee Members.
Residents living in Kuala Ampang and Hulu Kelang have high regards for this Club where volunteerism and Community participation speaks volume fo the Club.

Khir Toyo tried his luck to kick UKRC out "in the name of development" BUT he lost the whole SELANGOR.

UKRC, a Club well known all over Malaysia.

Saari Sungib, Azmi Ali and the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Government, YOU SHOULD SOLVE THE UKRC LAND ISSUE. Give UKRC land back to them. The people of Hulu Kelang are watching.
The Election is nearby. You may have to say bye bye to your votes if you take things for granted.

Ah Piau of UK said...


Typical nature of politicians, they promise you heaven and earth before coming into power but once they are there they ignore the promises made. Very obvious that UKRC has a legitimate claim over the piece of land. If it was not so they would have lost it by now. I think they have prove that the piece of land are rightfully theirs. My hat off to UKRC for being able to fend off numerous attempts by greedy individuals to steal the land from them. Saari Sungib, Azmin Ali, how well do you sleep at night knowing that you have taken many people who trusted in you for a ride? Better fulfill your promises made to UKRC or I sense that that you will lose Hulu Kelang and even the whole of Selangor to the opposition when the next GE comes. UKRC is well known not only in Malaysia but to foreigners as well who know about their land struggle. For our Selangor MB,Khalid I would like to express my dissapointment with him too. He should at least meet the members of UKRC and let them present their case. Is he so high and mighty that he can't, meet people who have put pakatan in power? Have you, Khalid ever visited their premise? I have been there and am amazed how well maintained the field and other facilities are. Do what is right and just and give the title to them. More to come...... in the next episode of the UKRC Land Struggle. Many thanks to Zorro. keep up the good work mate.

Anonymous said...

We want change when we voted opposition. and now opposition party is the state government in 5 states. It seems to me many of us is not very understanding about the pressure they go through. It is not that they are always making excuses (of course sometimes literary) but if the civil government is not on their side but take orders from the federal gomen then everything goes backlog and egventually the state gomen gets a bad name.
Obviously the civil department succeed to give the opposition state gomen a bad name. Like RPK says the tail wags the dog, not the dog wags its tail. Change cannot be easy until the federal government is under PKR control. Until then I hope all of you dont give up to vote opposition next GE. After that if still nothing accomplish we can whack them till kingdom comes.

zorro said...


Sir, I get your point and I too agree that the civil service is dictated by the Federal Government. But in the case of UKRC, the Selangor State government just has to GAZETTE that piece of land and thus state categorically that it belongs to UKRC. Why push the buck to the State Secretary. The MP an Adun have been approached and they say they will act on it. They have not. Similarly Nik Nasmi, Ronnie Liew and Eli Wong have been similarly approached! No action yet. What now? What then? Believe me, I dont want anything but a change in the fed. govt. The state government of Selangor has to convince us that they too want the same! I know they have problems, but they have to prioritize, no?

Ah Piau of UK said...

Well said Uncle Zorro. We are in 100% with you on this. Who doesn't know that PKR has problems. It happens with every ruling party in the world. Even Obama has his problems as well. You are elected to handle the citizens/rakyat problems. There is no excuse in carrying out your duties being an ADUN, MP and MB as such with the UKRC land issue. Why sit at those positions if you haven't got the guts to do what is right? I agree that we need the opposition, however if the present Selangor state ruling party is not effective we are back at square one. I hate to say this but they should look into the interest of rakyat and be genuine in what they do. Not seeking political mileage and glamour, attending only to events that will help them achieve these. The UKRC land issue is a genuine one that requires immediate action as it has been long outstanding. They are not asking the club for their own benefit unlike some greedy, unscrupulous clowns. My stand is very clear, when you want to be elected into any position you got to work and show results, excuses are not acceptable.The people can only be fooled for 1 term. The honeymoon is over, it is time to work and this is your probation period Pakatan Rakyat. Warning signs are here and if not attended to will prove detrimental in the coming GE. Stop beating round the bush and solve real issues that concerns the interest of the Hulu Kelang community. In all assignments there is a date-line even the recent case of the arson attack on the Metro Tabernacle Church, MB khalid personally was at the premise and promised the church leaders that they would be able to obtain their new Church premise(Gombak) CF in 5 days from the date of his visit.
I speak on behalf of the community of Hulu Kelang and request that the MB of Selangor give us his commitment on a time frame that UKRC would be able to obtain it's land title. The ball is at you court MB, Khalid!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


We are giving up on Pakatan Rakyat politicians already. A small issue for a deserving Community cannot be resolved by the MB Selangor, Adun & MP. Only elections promises. Typical bullshit politicians. Goodbye to all your votes from my family in next GE.
Cakap tak serupa bikin.