Monday, January 25, 2010



YES, Pete really is, so he told a visiting friend of my Mum.   He is in stitches about being flown to the moon when in reality he is on a Mediterranean Cruise with a stopover at the Isle of Capri before he heads toward San Juan to  catch the swallows of Capistrano on March 19 HERE. Whilst he is thoroughly tickled over his "catch me if you can" capers, I am reliably informed by a sponsor, that he feels irresponsible for having embarrassedd the Police Inspector General in this wild angsa chase! This is his way of saying "Sorry lah, stupid!"


Anonymous said...

ha2 hq2 smart IGP. welcome to fabrication no2. Anwar, u r fuck.

pinsysu said...

wow! tiger woods move over ... ah no nid lah, he oredi DQ himself for until dunno when ... tis putt will definitely make a moon-in-one!! *clap! clap! clap!*

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... the IGP will have to wait until his retirement b4 RPK surfaces! Or maybe he wil voluntarily retire early like Mat Said to save face and stress!

Anonymous said...

never undermines the dumn & ugly crooks...... you know bunch of them!

storm62 said...

dear zorro, just got this reply from RPK.

written by Super Admin, January 26, 2010 19:56:19
Dear storm62, yes, everything has been seized. My wife and I have nothing left to our name other than the clothes on our back and the 10X10 bedroom that we are tompanging in. But it is still more comfortable than Kamunting.


since we have done nothing for Haiti, can we do something for RPK?