Thursday, January 28, 2010


Received this in the email from an anonymous source. Even if it is true I just wish them good luck. The authorities still fail to see the honor in a fair fight. Never mind, bring in your imported cyber-troopers and thereby insulting your local-bred troopers who you have already by this action, labeled as impotent! Not nice lah to call your people useless, innit?

The email:

I have reliable information that the recent visit to INDIA by Najib and delegates (UMNO/BN) is mainly to recruit IT professionals and hackers from India for a 3 year contract. It's estimated that more than 200 will be recruited at MYR300 million per annum.(Prposterous sum, but that is the price you pay when you sell your SOUL and your people)

Their only task is to jeopardize, intercept and  disrupt blog sites and bloggers who are not government-friendly. Since they have a strong stranglehold on mass media whereas Internet and local blog media are out of government control,  UMNO/BN  out of desperation are going all out to weaken local anti-government blogs and bloggers by having these IT pros and hackers to infect viruses and trojans into individual IP addresses through TMnet and Celcom Internet service providers. Najib, Hishamuddin and Rais Yatim, along with a few UMNO/BN cabinet ministers had a closed door meeting with Telekom and Celcom top guns  to discuss these matters before Najib left for India.  

This is planned to affect login passwords, local publication access, slow down systems, and even to the extent of destroying data in hard disks if anyone accesses any anti-government blog  sites and to prevent these  from posting anti-government news.

This will not affect proUMNO blog sites due to the fact that the interception is based on IP and POP proxy addresses of individual sites and individual access. So, if you access pro-government blog websites, you won't be affected. Out of desperation, UMNO/ BN  will ensure that Malaysians won't be able to access news from any anti-government blog portals and these websites won't be able to publish the truth of their corrupt activities and strategies to topple the PR government in the Internet local access.
So will there be two standards on hacking - I alwasys thought hacking was a felony. no? And didn't my NIAMAH friend ALERT us to this HERE?


nstman said...

If you are observant you will notice that Umno blogs like Rockybru and Magpie are easy to visit while people's blogs like Haris and Zorro sometimes face teething problems. I dont know whether others have encountered this niggling problems.

backStreetGluttons said...

Worry not , Mr RPK and team has much experience in this kind of disease and came away fighting healthy after an initial discomfort. The antidote is there so its ok. welsh & Polish pros are superior to roti Chennai amateurs , even if its for RM300 million. Nowhere near the RM100 B

Anonymous said...

You do not have to go to India for this kind of technology. It all over the third world and can be obtained more cheaply from other more desperate countries. Yes you can slow down the internet. That is alrady done. The other day I was at eTi'QA Insurance to add the coverage of Singapore to my car insurance. You will not believe this it took me a good 45 minutes for the transaction to be completed. I know this because I had to pay parking charges for the second hour. The first hour is free and paid for by eTi'QA. The person on the other side of the counter said that the computer is slow.

You can blogs the internet but you will be cutting off your nose to spite your face-book.Alrady many of the transaction over the internet takes ages. What do you think will happen. Businesses will ship out their business where the internet is faster.And I do not have to tell you where that is. Our internet speed is one tenth that of the developed countries.And any further reduction in speed will kill the internet in this country.

My humble opinion is that government should take an interest on what people are saying in the internet. Just read the letters and comments in some of the blogs it gives a wealth of ideas on how our public services can be improved. I just take one suggestion. When you give out contracts to dig our roads to lay cables include in the contract a clause that states that when the contractor fills the trench there must be a layer of concrete before the asphalt is placed. By this way you will ensure that over time there will be no indentation on the road that gives you a bumpy ride.

This is only one, get one of the cyber people to go through the letters and pick up the suggestions that will improve the government delivery system.And if you can implement half of what has been identified I guarantee that come 13th GE BN will be returned with a more than two thirds majority.

You see when you have a knife in your hands you can use it for good and you can use it for a bad thing. It is up to the person in power to decide how to use your knife.

One more thing people are not anti-government they are anti poor delivery system. Start with the City and Towm councils. The people are paying assessment charges and it is therefore the duty of these councils to provide the basic services such as collection of garbage, unclog the clogged drains, provide reasonable street lighting and for all of us please cut the grass regularly. Fill the pot holes and keep the Housing Estates clean.Instead what do we get. Bill Boards are placed all over the place.Some beautiful houses are deliberately have their view blocked by bill boards. Do not the residents have any say on this mtter?

The list is endless. I hope that God will give my leaders the wisdom to at the beginning what they will be forced to do at the end.Ramalx

donplaypuks® said...

Poliec State tightening its grip? You bet!

Where is 1 M'sia? In tatters, that's where.

But as Gibbon wrote long ago about the Fall of the Roman Empire, sustained repression cannot work. Tyrants will be destroyed by their own hand!

Middle Way? Makes more sense as Buddha preached 2,500 years ago!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Chan said...

"It's estimated that more than 200 will be recruited at MYR300 million per annum."

Base on 200 IT professionals and hackers, that amounts to RM125,000 per person per month!!

Hard to believe!! But what's there to believe or not to believe? This is Semua Boleh Land!

Anonymous said...

Those foreign Indians can swing both ways. It's going to be a laugh when a few of them insert codes that will scupper the government for another government. Hehehe. What's a bribe? It's going to be more than a cup of tea.

Nordin said...

I just love it. Wellcome to the cyberwar.Lets see how these mercenaries fares against the local heroes!

If that what they want,lets get cracking!

Anonymous said...

So now we are same same with our brothers and sisters in China. Go google for solution there are now ways to remain hidden and some are FOC. Catch me if you can.

Anonymous said...

We must give hell to these IT bums from India when they are here.
Hey, what are our Malaysian indian community doing???
Buck up before these Umnoputras kill you.
Rakyat must stand up to fight these IT bums together.

mauriyaII said...

RM300 millian p.a. to get south Indians from Chennai to help the UMNO racist to sodomize the Malaysians, especially the marginalized Indians in the country. Fantastic idea Najib. Wait till the same Indians from Chennai screw up all your plans by infecting all the ministries' computers with malware, trojans and other cans of worms that are specially created to screw you up.

Not all Indians can be bought, even if it means RM125k a month. You may find samy velu, eswaran, thenenthiran and other parasites but not all Indians fall in their category.

By the looks of it, this crime minister is all set to be worse than the most corrupted and hated evil mamak.

paloibinmulau said...

if they really want to throttle our normal speed for surfing it is better for we try ultra vpn or tor+firefox. at least we are anonymous. the best is switch to DIGI broadband.

Anonymous said...

and these 'muslims' who planned this act of sabotaging others who are exposing their ILLS got the guts to visit the Kaabah (Islam's HOLLIEST shrine) and had a photoshoot splashed on internet savvy gomen-friendly sites!!..

see how desperate umno is?

The MIND!!!

Chan said...

I still cannot believe we have to spend our hard earned RM125,000 per month on each of those IT experts ... must be Mr. Ji's big idea ... I'll be darned!

In 3 years each of these guys is going to bring home RM 4,500,000 or INR 60,892,106.67. That's a loss of RM900,000,000 foreign exchange in just 3 short years!!

Aiyoyo! Ayoma!!

Anonymous said...

"This is planned to affect.... even to the extent of destroying data in hard disks if anyone accesses any anti-government blog sites"

One should try to look into this software RETURNIL which has a freeware version.

It clones (copies) your OS and creates a virtual environment in your PC. In this manner, your actual operating system is never affected by viruses, Trojans, malware and other security threats.

The ONLY inconvenience I must say is that we must not forget that we are working in a virtual environment, otherwise whatever data that we have saved will be erased once we restart. So, I normally removed those data to an external drive before I restart.

And some users find this need to restart troublesome but for me, it's worth it if it means no more virus and trojans!

I have been using this Freeware (RVS 2008 Personal version) for 3 years now whenever I need to surf many unknown sites. Read that RVS 2010 still have some problems.

Good Luck.

ktteokt said...

If that is what he intends to do, then TDM can say "REST IN PEACE" to his "BABY", the Multimedia Super Corridor which he has spent so much time in!

samson said...

No need to go to India, can recruit droputs from MMU who cannot get a decent job with any private IT companies in C'Jaya. Wonder how they studied IT in English?