Sunday, August 18, 2013


Dear Prime Minister,

Greetings and Selamat Hari Raya to you from the people of Malaysia. We have a simple proposal for you to consider for implementation hopefully by the end of this year. We really don't want to listen to any excuses. If there are any issues or problems, we feel sure our cabinet ministers can solve them. We want you to Just Do It. If our request is implemented, we will certainly give you our vote in the next general elections.

First consider these statistics:
Estimated Population of Malaysia in 2013 is 29 million
Median life expectancy is 74 (Male 71, Female 77)
Proportion of Malaysians who are 65 years and above is 5.1 %
Therefore number of Malaysians who are 65 years and above is 1.45 mil
Petronas 2011 income after tax was RM 68 billion (RM90.6 bil before tax)
Malaysian Corporate tax rate is 25% so Govt has already taken RM22.7 bil

Our request is very simple. The oil in the ground belongs to the people, so the revenue of Petronas rightly belongs to the people. For every dollar that Petronas earns, the government is already taking away 25 cents as tax. Now its our turn. We've never had any clear accounting of what actually happened to the trillions that Petronas has given the government as dividends over all these years, but that is not the issue we are raising here.

All we are asking is, we would like you to enact a law to set aside whatever amount is needed from the net income after tax of Petronas, to set up a fund that will provide a guaranteed annuity or pension, of at least RM2000 per month for every Malaysian man or woman that is aged 65 and above, no matter what his race, his colour, his religion or his political affiliation is. This will be paid to them monthly from January 2014, till the day they die.

As the number of years that a Malaysian, on average, is expected to live after 65 is 9 years (ie 74 minus 65), for each of the 1.45 million elderly Malaysians, you only have to set up an investment fund that generates a paltry 2000x12x9=RM216,000 over 9 years for each person. To illustrate how easy it is to earn RM216K, if you have access to capital, you can buy a house in Bukit Jelutong for RM900K last year, and this year you can more than double your money by selling it off for RM2 mil. That single investment will take care of the post 65 pensions of at least 6 warga tua. Easy Peasy.
Recognizing the considerable financial wizardry in our cabinet, we are confident this can easily be done.

Mr Prime Minister, if you can do this, you will go down in Malaysian history as the Prime Minister who was brilliant and visionary enough to have provided a lifelong pension of RM2000 per month to every Malaysian man and woman above 65 years, till the day he or she dies, no matter what his race, religion or political affiliations are. We already have a good government hospital system that theoretically can provide for all our healthcare requirements. This universal pension scheme for every male or female Malaysian will complete a financial and healthcare package that will be the envy of every country in the world.

Mr Prime Minister, we know you can do this. Announce this incredible pension scheme in your Hari Raya message, and let your cabinet worry about how they are going to do it. In one brilliant move your stature will eclipse that of every Prime Minister before you, including your visionary late father as well. You can do it Mr Prime Minister. Just do it. And do it NOW.

Yours Sincerely,

Yusuf Hashim, on behalf of ALL Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Yusuf

Thank you for your brilliant suggestion. I will definitely follow up with what you suggest.

RM2,000 x 12 x 9 x 1.45 million are definitely good numbers for me to work with. I have never thought that it is so easy to create a pension fund for the family.

The first thing I will do is to consult my overseas financial advisors to see how my bank accounts are able to handle such voluminous transactions. Be rest assured that I will implement this as soon as possible, perhaps even in September this year, ahead of your suggested January 2014.

This is indeed a very good Raya present.

Selamat Hari Raya.


bumi-non-malay said...

Better Chance...Toppling Sabah/Sarawak UMNO-BN via 60 % People power and then SACKING is in the POWER of their constitution.....then leave malaya with the $1 Trillion debt to fix.

We need to create a new place to migrate. Malaysia is Doomed with UMNO-BN ruling + Sultan -Agong approval.....

Lastly....because of race and religion and royalty and need for political power + NO Birth control..... don't expect 6 children family to have a better life and oportunity compared to a 2 children family....the same logic goes to UMNO-BN management of YOUR TAX money...from a limited resources!!

najib manaukau said...

How many Malaysians are aware that aside from NEP's annual thousands of NEP scholarship for the Malay students Petronas also send hundred of Malay students abroad ? This has gone on for donkey years and may I ask why do we need Talent Corp to go round the world to beg immigrated professionals to return to serve the nation ? Why has happened to these million of students ?

A Bad Boy said...

Yusuf Hashim,

All monies from Petronas is for the benefit of UMNO and UMNO cronies.

End of story.

To the corrupt UMNO rich and powerful, we are no better than the stray dogs that wander the streets.

Ordinary Malayasians will just have to scrimp and struggle to get thru life the best they can.

The only way we can see social justice in Malaysia is to kick BN out of Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

I have to seek advice from my wife first.She also want some for her shopping spree, ring diamonds bla,bla, bla..

Anonymous said...

God do not dictate a name to call Him, so all these is just human ego n gains. Dear Christians n Musleems, God is Almighty n he knows ur heart n ur behavior, u can call Him in any name or even no name. Dear Christians..just let the musleems win n let them have whatever they want, if not there will be no peace in the country n we r heading towards palestin, israel, pakistan, taliban, afghanistan n etc. the politicians r destroying our life, be smart n dont fall prey to the politicians. My dear Musleems...whatever the outcome of the court just accept it n lets be happy together for the future of our children, we only have this country, most of us dont have own land n property in other countries like all our ministers n political leaders, they r so rich n they can go anywhere, most umno leaders have home n land in goild coast australia, UK, america n etc. Apa yang kita ada? only this country, so jangan jadi mangsa ketamakan kuasa dan harta orang politik. we have to think n think n think.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the screening of Tanda Putera. The director Shuhaimi claims the film is based on "true facts". Wow! If she had said "true events" I may be inclined to believe her a little but to suggest it is based on "true facts" I'd challenge her to show corroborative evidence and nothing less. And I'll bet she can't or won't. We know that "history" in Malaysia is too often whitewashed by the regime and "true facts" are either muddied or manufactured to project a certain perspective. You only have to pick up any textbook on the history of Malaysia that is written by a local "historian" and published locally to know just how these versions are hugely distorted, and too often deliberately. That said, I hope the other so-called controversial movie by a Chinese filmmaker will also be shown soon. And whilst we're at it, would this brinjal-head regime have the bola-bola to show the films Jesus of Nazareth or The Last Temptation of Christ? After all, fair is fair. No?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia today is not 1998..BUT just because things will not crash does not mean that short-term downward trend is avoidable There is no choice but to impose GST and removing subsidies which is another way of saying higher taxes and higher govt spending..THIS is what all those who voted for UMNO/BN in GE-13 voted for – its time to pay for all those handouts, mega-projects and vote-buying – that 53% of the voters rejected..

The real bad news is that if Bernanke decide to prolong this process, not raising interest rate until 2015 at least, we are in for a long long decline..But if its long enough, then it will be 2017 and hopefully people will remember then what is going to happen in the next few years..

irene said...

BN’s “endless possibilities” and unseen hands help BN secured more than 10,000 majority votes as instructed in majority of the rural constituencies especially in Sabah and Sarawak. If Najib can assure Baginda Razak and the two policemen who were initially convicted of murdering Altantuyah not to worry and that everything would be fine, election fraud and cheating are just small matter to the corrupted regime .

Anonymous said...

Do something wrong > Go to court > Get guilty verdict > Appeal > Acquitted.
Sound familiar? This is how the Allah case is going to end as well.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful idea. If Najibs BN approves this, I will swing my vote back to BN!

Hijau Zainal said...

Himpunan Hijau has crossed the halfway mark in their bid to collect 1 million signatures against Lynas' rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Pahang.

Please support!

Anonymous said...

With regards to the erase of Altantuya immigration record,

1.Is the disappearance of one name from the immigration records an accidental occurrence?
2.Could it have happened without the knowledge of, or instructions from the director-general of Immigration?
3.What was the motive for the removal of her name?
4.If he had no motive, then who had “requested” him to do so?
5.And what was the motive of the person who made such a request?
6.Whose request would he have been obliged to fulfil?
7.What would his position have been had he not complied with the request?

Anonymous said...

The following are fictional account in the movie Tanda Putera according to the imagination of Suhaimi Baba, with the purpose of bashing the Chinese community as we celebrate Hari Merdeka?

1. A scene shows a group of Chinese youth urinating on a flag pole bearing the Selangor flag, outside the residence of the then state menteri besar Harun Idris.

2. Another scene at a cinema, the screen suddenly blacks out, replaced with Mandarin words asking the Chinese to leave the venue, which they do. A man then shouts out, in Malay, why there were Chinese words on the screen and demands the movie be put back on. Then, suddenly, the remaining audience in the cinema is massacred.

3. Throughout the build-up of tensions and race riots, there is a mysterious Chinese man who observes the happenings. He is later revealed to be a communist leader – indicating that the communists may have had a hand in orchestrating the mayhem.

limpehkong said...

Suhaimi Baba on interview by Astro Awani has confessed that she has spiced up the Tanda Putera movie with fictitious events and call that an exercise of her creative licence.

Saravanan said...

Waythamoorthy is an Umno minion who think that UMNO would take care of him. After winning the election it is time that Waythamoorthy is dumped. The game of dumping him has actually begun as being played by Zahid, Hishamuddin and Khairy. Time to close this chapter. Come next election they will dangle a new carrot again and you idiots and greedy bastards will bite again at the expense of your race and country. Even God is unable to help you as God will only help those who help themselves but not those who sell themselves. You will even sell your own mothers. Go blame yourselves for what you are in now. Remember 71% of the gangsters in Malaysia are Indians and you should ask what MIC can do for your community.

Anonymous said...

go look for mu lucky day.
if you are lucky after all the creaming by UMNO cronies, you get 20 per month. and they raise petrol prices to take it back.