Monday, August 12, 2013


I do not remember much of Errol in La Salle Sentul because he was one of those  kids who walked the line….and seldom crossed it.

But I will always remember those eyes of his. If he looks at you with those eyes, it is as though to say, “Say it again… is not you!”

We got close after several visits to Backyard where most cattle-country Sentul “cowboys” roamed and groaned over wasted days and wasted nights. We got closer when we began to ALIGN at SS4 ONLINE after his watch at the Malay Mail. Mostly we talked country music……until recently when my waterworks department failed and my mobility curtailed my regularity at Bala’s Onine. 

I will treasure those moments with Errol and so would the rest of you who “walk through this world with him”. But as long as there’s country music Errol will never be forgotten. Farewell son……...will catch up with you when Malaysia’s country singers gather at Backyard to “REMEMBER ERROL”. No problem, Mr Chong?

Thank you Alice for taking his hands and..........


and this:

Jeremy Monteiro
5 hours ago
Today, again I am heartbroken to learn that my long time & dear friend Gerard Errol de Cruz, a leading journalist in Malaysia passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

He was a gentle and kind soul but he was not afraid to say what he felt needed to be said in his work as a journalist. Although I mostly had good reviews from him, I did occasionally feel a painful nick from his sharp pen on occasion.

But this never affected our long friendship ever since met him in the mid 1980s.

He was a good musician, preferring to play and sing country music and the blues. We jammed on a couple of occasions which I thoroughly enjoyed since it was more a meeting of the hearts than of the minds.

I spoke to him a couple of months ago, it was a nice conversation where he raved about attending the Rock & Roots Festival in S'pore and meeting Organiser Danny Loong who treated my friend Errol with kindness and generosity.

Errol, news of your passing is shocking as has left me with sadness. Thank you for always being in my corner and writing about me often in the Malaysian press. I will miss you, your sense of humor, your simple, kind and gentle ways.

My deepest condolences to his wife & family and all who loved him. Rest in Peace 


Anonymous said...

Rajam heart goes out to Alice whom I have known since our Ipoh days before she married Errol. You are in my thoughts and prayers

A Bad Boy said...

Vale Gerard Errol de Cruz!

Samir said...

Our police & armed forces combined is less than the 260,000 criminals in Malaysia as claimed by Zahid.

Since only 9% of police is fighting crime, no wonder the criminals are not afraid, right?

So much rakyat' money has gone into police force, tak baloi lah!

Anonymous said...

Pak lah should take Mamak by his horns from now on. Not many people knows about the atrocities Mamak did to UMNO Baru. He is alleged to have amazed USD44bil stacked outside of this country. He is a rich man but a poor soul. Waiting for his last moments. UMNO and not UMNO Baru may be a good political party but it (UMNO Baru) has lots of people who are greedy who stole the wealth of the nation. SUCH WEALTH will only bring misery to the respective individual and his family soon. It is a curse which they cannot avoid.

Anonymous said...

Condolence from an ex La Sallian, Sentul.

Sundram said...

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