Friday, August 30, 2013


This is another  of those ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES that BN is endlessly but generously and gratuitously offering for our amusement and distraction. I am referring to this dickhead hand kissing Deputy Minister of Education P Kamal-alan-nathan who publicly proclaimed that the innovative transformation of a changing room into an elegantology  food break venue was a SMALL MATTER.

It was rumoured that had not PKR’s Azim Ali engineered Kamal’s win over PKR’s Zaid Ibrahim this guy would be hankering for a tipping-point hug from Datuk Lee C W’s big Mama. BTW was it a possibility?
Here is another endless possibility – Whytha was cautioned to toe the party line by three cabinet ministers. Former Deputy Minister Wee Kah Siong cautioned Kamalanathan over his small matter puerile remark. Is there a possibility that Najib and other cabinet ministers will tell Wee to also toe the party line? What the outcome of my question…… an another endless possibility?

This morning, the Commander asked me to bestow on Kamal my POOP award. I will not, as the endless possibility of him opening his big mouth as a depository is no small  problem! I would not want him to eat shit and die……thence we would not have him provide us with laughs for the Merdeka festivities.


Anonymous said...

Is Kamalanathan trying to upstage Waytha for stupidity?

Both of them should eat more Smart Pill Dimensi 108 or they run risks of entering Zorro's fart chamber.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Calling all JB folks!

Adakah anda fan of kak Yasmin? Ataupun anda tidak pernah sekali pun tonton filem kak Yasmin? Jom datang ramai-ramai, bawa tikar atau kerusi untuk menikmati filem yang menang 5 anugerah dalam Festival Filem Malaysia Ke-22.

Tayangan Wayang Pacak (outdoor) ini PERCUMA! Jom menyambut Hari Merdeka dan Hari Malaysia yang akan datang dengan menonton filem buatan Malaysia! Jangan lupa bawa kerusi ataupun tikar untuk menonton tayangan khas ini!

Tarikh: 30 Ogos 2013
Masa: 8 mlm - 10 mlm
Tempat: Desa Corner di Taman Desa Skudai, Skudai. (Jalan Sejahtera 15, Taman Desa Skudai, Skudai, Johor.)

A Bad Boy said...


Of cos, Kamalanathan would be kissing Muhyddin's hand - it's a mark of love and respect.

Also, sucking cocks is not allowed in public.

You will note that Kamalanathan certainly did bend down low enough as though he was trying to get his lips on something down there.

Stephen Francis said...

Was Kamal-Alan-Nathan the pariah doing Miley's "tweark" ?

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

Endless Bolehbilities !!!!!

Ka Malang Nathan....another Liow Tiong Lie type......full of lies.


Anonymous said...

Yes, use creative licence and taxpayers' money to make movie that will raise tension between races. Then enforce the rule that cinemas must screen it. Good business model so far.

But why stop there. Perhaps you should make it mandatory for everybody to watch it. Nothing like a 'creative' movie by an 'award-winning' director, and who would not enjoy a scene with men pissing. By the way, should children watch it too?

Anonymous said...

Tanda Putera + 'S' of Suhaimi Baba = TandaS Putera?

Why waste money just to see if Tandas Putera depicts the real May 13 incident or not?
Suhaimi the Director has already admited it's fiction based on her creative imagination, not a true account of May 13.

Zul said...

Tanda Putera is a movie funded by the govt with specific agenda. If you feel it is worth your time and money then watch it. After all this is not the first nor the last movie of this nature.

Read the movie review here before you make your decision:

Anonymous said...

Anybody can answer this doubt?
Is suhaimi baba a He ,She Or IT ?
Most say suhaimi is an IT !

zorro said...

SHIM as in creative licence.

Anonymous said...

Finas should not dishonour Tunku Abdul Rahman's memory with Suhaimi Baba's rampant lies.

THE ACTUAL WORDS of our nation's founder, TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN:

Anonymous said...

Nazri claimed that it is a 'fact' that a few Chinese caused the 513 incident.
Where is the evidence that support his claimed?

There are academic research with supporting fact that say otherwise. No?
Did he based his opinion on the interpretation of Suhaimi Baba's movie?
Did the research cover documents from the Public Records Office in London?
Has Nazri read the book "May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969" by Kua Kia Soong?

If it was only a few individual Chinese who were responsible for the May 13 then, why are the Chinese now still continuing to pay for it? Why then the BN administration ignored the call to declassified the official document/record on 513? Why can't an independent panel / RCI set up to unveil the truth?

Looking at Tanda Putera, I feel ashamed to be a Malay. A new Daihatsu lorry was used in the film, do we have Daihatsu in Malaysia then? There was CCTV, do we have it in Malaysia in 1969? The greatest shame was, there was a Proton Iswara, in 1969?

That is why, when you want to tell a lie, tell a good one, just, do not insult the intelligence of Malaysians! We are offended and it is really a shame to the Government for producing such a sloppy film!

Anonymous said...

Tanda Putera opens with a dramatic scene of an incident where DAP campaign workers kill an Umno campaign helper two weeks prior to the general election then. It further escalates into more clashes in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur after the Alliance party wins the general election with a slim majority.

The antagonistic nature against the Malays was very evident with cries like “Malays, go back to your villages, Selangor is ours.”

Suhaimi Baba tried to negate the notion by Suaram’s Kua Kia Soong who authored the book May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969. Kua had argued that Tunku Abdul Rahman was under house arrest via an internal coup by Tun Razak. Instead, Suhaimi exercised her 'lessen kreatif' in the movie by having Tunku asked Tun Razak to helm the nation following protests pressuring Tunku to step down.

Sathiamuthu said...

The door is open for Waytha to leave but he won't. $$$ even as a zombie is too seductive.

When the likes of Waytha got seduced by power & $$$, will the citizenry rise up to question the action of the police, when they act beyond their lawful remit? Will the citizenry even recognize it when the police act beyond their powers?

Without an open public discourse, the citizens will remain in the dark. That, perhaps - is the objective of the BN administration: to keep the public unaware of their rights, even in regards to the police role in society.

Jimmy Hart said...

At WWE's Summerslam, Triple H and Randy Orton turned heels but the script is getting worst. WWE is running out of ideas to keep the WWE universe interested.

About time for Vince McMahon to hire Suhaimi Baba to provide new angles (storyline) to the WWE plot with her creative licence.

Anonymous said...




巫统继续放任这些极端狭义思想荼毒马来青年,迟早会擦枪走火,闹出大件事的。像这样错把中国国旗当成马共旗帜的笑话, 国阵是想代表马来西亚挑战中国是吗?

Swallow said...

Wee Ka Siong should preach his rags-to-riches story to Umno and Perkasa.

The lesson of the story is poor Chinese can work hard to be rich and own a RM6 million house.

ps: Joining MCA also helped him to be rich faster.

Anonymous said...

有份拍Tanda Putera电影的华人,应该从此贴上“卖华”的标签!!!

Anonymous said...

MCA, MIC and a few other cock-sucking component parties of BN has produced a lot of Kamalanathans, Chuas, Liongs and other parasites who would not hesitate to do baser things just to be the hand kissers, cock-suckers and ass-lickers of DUMBNO ministers. Shame on these low-lifes because they still do not realize what a shameless lives they are leading.

Same goes to Suhaimi Baba who could stoop so low as to fabricate lies and falsehood in a film portraying an historic episode in Malaysian history.

Claiming creative license and fanciful imagination to concoct scenes to vilify and demonize other races in order to present the actual perpetrators of 513 as innocent is just prostituting oneself to the DUMBNOS who financed the Tandas Putera.

Allowing such a skewered film to be screened at cinemas show the racist and divide rule of the elites in UMNO. They are ready to portray falsehood to con their supporters to stay on in power.

Showing of the film is s blatant disregard of the sentiments of the demonized section of the population.

Is this the way to practise national reconciliation?

Anonymous said...

Tandas Putera is UMNO baru's version of Nazi Germany's film, The Eternal Jew. History records what happened as a result of dangerous propaganda.

Anonymous said...

MCA is endorsing Tandas Putera?
Else, why members so quiet when its humpsup chief agreed with Khairy?

Sabrina Abdulah said...

All cabinet and state ministers must not have free fuel anymore. The prime minister ,chief minister and all ministers’ spouse must pay for their own airfare and hotel accommodation when accompanying their husband or wife overseas. Customs and MACC must ensure no ministers are making use of diplomatic offices overseas to bring in their shopping sprees. The high cost of living are due to poor management of our country’s economy and assets which led to weakening of the ringgit and contribute to higher cost for housing, transportation, goods and services. STOP giving excuses that all subsidies must be removed gradually.

Anonymous said...

大选之后... “有惊喜,有涨价”....
阿Jib gor万岁!

Anonymous said...

"If UiTM accepts non-Bumiputera students, our country will deteriorate as there would not be an understanding between races in Malaysia,"

Does this kind of utterance even make sense at all? And this coming from the ex-vice chancellor of UiTM!!!

Anonymous said...


What happened to the approval for THE NEW VILLAGE? Why has there been no news on the screening of THE NEW VILLAGE?? Are you afraid that box office collections for THE NEW VILLAGE will outstrip the laughable sum that Tandas Putera grossed if THE NEW VILLAGE is allowed to be screened in cinemas??

Anonymous said...

when Mamakutty's lies he is too daft to conceal it well or to arrogant to worry being found out. He obviously knew that Project IC was on and he jolly well knew that being the heartless bully he is, no one would dare stand up to him fearing dire consequences.

Gomez Chia said...

For about a year now, many houses have been compelled to install digital meters. Many have complained. But until now, nothing has been done. TNB, like a dictator, said the old analog meters read electricity usage wrongly and the new digital ones were better. Case closed. No more news on it.

But many, especially old people are suffering, paying double the charges from what they have been paying for years. Most were paying between RM100 and RM150 per month. Immediately after the digital meters were installed, their bills doubled. Despite the complaints, TNB just says, “too bad”.

Many of these people are suffering with the higher bills. I personally know an old couple in their 80s living with their maid in an ordinary house but paying RM300 monthly. Where’s the logic? Prior to installing the digital meters, they were paying RM100 per month for the past 10 years.

If what TNB says is true, that for the past 20 years all our analogue meters were faulty, TNB needs to be sued. This is because, they had the nation thinking that that was the electricity rate. You cannot suddenly turn around and tell 30 million Malaysians that they have living in a false world of cheap electricity. TNB created this false world for the people.

TNB is all lies. The new digital meter runs faster and electricity bills have doubled for the 30 million people of Malaysia. Many old people are suffering because their pensions have not grown that much over the years. We all know, it is the subsidy to the crony IPPs that is the main problem. But yet, nothing is being done by the government. Why? Because TNB is largely owned by Khazanah Nasional.

So why would the government mess up their free extra money from the rakyat? This is the problem of privatisation. It is not really private when TNB is largely owned by Khazanah, EPF, PNB and all the large GLC companies. No wonder the government of Malaysia is not sympathetic to the pleas and cries of the old folk suffering from exhorbitant bills.

Government of Malaysia, please do something about this. You have ignored the issue for one year. Swept it under the carpet. It’s time for you to curb the crony IPPs revenue and unfair contracts. Are a handful of cronies more important than 30 million people?