Thursday, August 22, 2013



Anonymous said...

one by one your good friend gone......way to go bro

Anonymous said...

Take care friend...

najib manaukau said...

We are all born to go, some may go sooner than others but at the end we all have to go. Remember in the short time you are in this world ,to leave something behind for the society to cherish and not like the numerous things that the egregious Mahahtir have !

Anonymous said...

So the Court of Appeal freed Special Action Unit officers Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar of the charge of murdering Mongolian translator Altantuya . So what happens next? Why didn’t the police immediately, outside the court, re-arrest them for manslaughter instead of first degree murder in this case? It would be open-and-shut case as in the police report Sirul confessed that they were paid between RM50,000 to RM100,000 to kill Altantuya. The police frequently in the past were always ready to re-arrest suspects (not to their liking?) when freed by the judge outside the door of the courts?

It seems that many of our readers had seen this coming. All of us should be in Hollywood as producers as many got it right as the scripts written by ‘professionals’ in the pillars of power are what we had said. We are not going to comment on the defence lawyers of the both criminals as they were privately engaged. However, it is not the same with the public prosecutors, police and the High Court judge Md Zaki Yassin; they were paid by us. From the Courts of Appeal they put all the blames on these three parties for all the ‘loopholes’ and ‘mistakes’ that got both convicts acquitted. Therefore we demand the AG to sack the Deputy solicitor-general III Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah who led a team of prosecutors that comprised DPP’s Manoj Kurup and Noorin Badaruddin for such blatant dereliction of duty.

Judge Md Zaki was the party was also at fault as pointed out by the higher court for ‘obvious mistakes’ and therefore he must be penalised. We are watching to ensure that he will not be promoted in the near future. If it is otherwise, then we know for sure that the case that he judged is not what it seems to be. As for the police the blame was the inconsistency in police testimonies; to put it bluntly it is called perjury in court. Will the AG institute contempt of court against the erring police officers? This is a farce we cannot accept. This will not end here. Justice for Altantuya will not rest until the killer/killers are punished.

Ghost of Amina said...

Pointing my finger to AG.

He has an attitude of playing politics and pleasing his political masters then being steadfast to his work.

He has got Patel in his blood so ampu mengampu and pusing memusing is only expected.

Musa Safri's statement to the police showed there was no najib involvement and it was a miscommunication.

Sirul and Azilah are UTK trained to kill upon instruction without asking. One will not expect any motive simply because they themselves do not know why?

One can suspect that Gani Patail had wanted to please the boss then Pak Lah who was under pressure to resign. Most likelihood Khairy had got to him and proposed the idea of fixing Najib.

Gani created controversy on Najib by not putting Musa Safri on the stand, botch the case against razak to get him acquited early, etc.

Heard Gani wants to appeal but it is not for anything else but for play acting. He is now helping the revival of Pak Lah's faction.

Anonymous said...

Very strange that until now, the faces of chief inspector Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar have not been shown to the public. This has to be a very well-planned drama (sandiwara).

So when later the highest court appeal starts, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) will say they are unable to find the duo because they have fled, and we won't even know who the actual persons are anyway.

I suspect every time they appeared in court, they are actually different individuals. The real culprits have either been 'executed' by their master or are already enjoying their fortunes in another part of the world.

Anfield said...

There is a place and time for everything. A good friend of mine has passed on and yet some see it appropriate to use a post in memory of her to give their non worthy 2 cents political rant.
Have we turned so toxic?
Some people just need to grow up.

RIP Molly, a wonderful woman and wife to one of my good friends

Sundram said...

What happen to Najib's BN-Hindraf MoU? JANJI TIDAK DITEPATI? Shooting 04 Gang won't solve the problems. We need comprehensive plans! Indians also Malaysian citizens, then help them? Waytha must resign as he is cilok by Najib!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sundram

Waytha got conned by Najib who only wanted Indian support for PRU13. Najib let him in through the backdoor and now his men want him out through that very same door. Why? All because when you are in gomen, you have to be slave to your umno masters just like Samy, Palani, Koh Tsu Kun and Chua Soi Lek or you are out. Will he survive the pressure from his umno masters? Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Sundram should realise that Waytha is the snake that screwed the Indians as if they have not suffered enough from MIC.

Anonymous said...

Waytha has been paid millions to betray Hindraf. But he is opening his mouth again hoping to get more from Naj1b?