Thursday, August 8, 2013


……all Muslim doctors and caregivers
who took special care of me
then and now.
…….all my muslim friends
who visited, wrote to me to will me to wellness.
But most of all
to all muslims
who for reason of duty of state
must be at their work stations,
protecting and rendering essential services,
instead of being home with their loved ones.
It has been some 17 years since Wayne, Patrina and Bernard
celebrated Hari Raya with us.
Today they are here with an additional two,
Ryan and Patrick
to celebrate this holy festival with our
Muslim friends.


mike scorpion said...

Good morning Uncle Zorro. Wishing you the best of health. Selamat Hari Raya to you and all your muslim readers. Been a silent reader of your blog.The blokes who taught you PHUDI DIA ,me and Avtar grew up in the same kampung. Take care. Wishes from Jesse James Jeremiah too.

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

And if you sempay recite the Ayat Kursi and laqadja akum which my late ustaz dad and mum taught us for `elakkan iblis dna hasad dengki' as well `selisehkan bala dna mala petaka' - panjangkan umur!
May Allah Be with you in all your times of need.
Hello to your beautiful family and my favourite people - little cucu2.

Anonymous said...

How did acts of extremism by a tiny minority of Malaysians come to be seen as a true reflection of certain faith and all of its followers? Simple answer to a big question. Stop preaching on "zero tolerance for religious bigotry" and take meaningful action against "the acts of extremism by a tiny minority of Malaysians." Sometimes a seemingly difficult and a potentially explosive problem can be solved by just taking the appropriate actions against those involved in "acts of extremism" . No double standards, no beating of empty drums and no turning a blind eye to those involved in acts of extremism.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bernard,
You take care,we are sure you will win your war,God bless

pak yeh said...

Christians using Allah is a mistranslation of the Bible an a mischief/blasphemy when Allah is ascribed to a trinity and a son.The Bible/Gospel is full of mistranslation and to cover that up, they hid the originals in Aramaic.

Read more and debate @

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh has his own opinion, but the word Allah is not trademarked for Quran only.

pak yeh said...

Dont agree with my opinion.???
How about Allah's (Quran god) and Yahweh's (Bible god) opinion.???

Read more "Allah and Yahweh denies the Christian God. Christians dismissed as liars" @

The truth will set you free from Greek mythology, dogma and lies.

Anonymous said...

Pak Yeh

Tolong eratkan perpaduan.
Jangan berfikiran sempit.

A Bad Boy said...

Pak Yeh,

You sound like the classical case of "my invisible friend is better than your invisible friend".

Your silly assertions that you are offering Allah's and Yahweh's opinion is an insult to your own intelligence, let alone mine.

In reality, you are only offering YOUR own views of what you think Allah or Yahweh may or may not be saying in their respective holy books.

You have no means of looking into the minds of Allah or Yahweh or The Winged Pink Elephant Wearing A Tutu.

You are the typical charlatan claiming abilities beyond what you actually possess!!

Git on your bike and git the fark out of here, you fake!!

Anonymous said...

Rakyat1M, maybe you think they are a laughing stock, but from my sources they are not, but yes many in other countries wonder why we fight to call God , and why we cannot just believe in God instead of bothering what and who calls God by what name.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Zorro

That lovely family looks very familiar. Do they happen to be members of the Baha'i faith?

I could be wrong, bu its a small community and I think I have seen them before in one of our regional or global assembly/function.



Anonymous said...

Jakim should note that if a person is brought up as a good muslim and with iman there is no enemies in Islam.

Anonymous said...

The carnage against the Indians in Malaysia is going to continue for the next 4 years. Only in the 5th year (i.e. election year approaches) will Najib and BN turn over and apologise to the Indians (all insincere, I can tell you) to win votes. And when BN wins again, it's carnage time all over again. Real stupid of the Indians (and Malaysians in general) if you can't see through that.