Saturday, June 1, 2013


The Prime Minister pussyfooting around the EC issue during the Agong’s Birthday Award ceremony is definitely not the platform to announce this bland move on such an august occasion. We all can see through Najibs’ 
plethora of quick-fixes. His multibillion 1Malaysia lost him the majority votes. His boasts of making Malaysia a moderate and thus a most democratic country today leaves a bad taste in the pallet to the extent that even his uniformed guardians cannot stand candlelight vigils. His new Peaceful Assembly Act is now a joke. The Lingam RCI remains a central feature vociferously used by our standup artistes. His vacillation over calling for GE13 showed his unpreparedness and when he finally announces it, his choices, especially giving seats to two sacked non-UMNO racists, Ibrahim Ali and the kissable Zul Nordin resulted in some millions of his UMNO members not voting for UMNO. His “I love PM” roadshows were spurned by the youths with exception of some TAR University students. His unsinkable submarines do not even appear to sink into oblivion. His pusillanimous silence against Utusan gutter sermons shooed 90% of Chinese voters to the opposition. His involving the Agong to swear in three non-senatorial members of Cabinet has put the King in an embarrassing and unconstitutional cul-de-sac

And today, in front of the King, he announced the formation of a task force to reform the EC. When the kitchen sink overflows and is flooding the kitchen, you do not call the plumber. You switch off the mains. When a fire breaks out in your organization you do not summon a meeting of the Fire & Safety committee. You call the fire department and get the committee to do what they were trained and certified to do.  His, as always are all muddled actions or knee-jerk reactions. Why was he blind to the massive protests of Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0? We do not needs these in regard to the EC. They have exhibited bigtime incompetence, dishonesty and chicanery. The EC chief and his deputy have hoodwinked us with their indelible incredible ink. Instituting a task force to give the EC guidelines is admitting that the duo has failed. If the head is rotten, you cut off the head, no?

SACK THEM FOR AN INCOMPETENT JOB WELL DONE…… and to avoid a Bersih 4.0 parade to the Palace to ask for their heads on a banana leaf.




rajamohdshahrim said...

Bro.. how to promote your subject in fb..?

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

We cannot believe this man anymore! He had shown us the man he was for the past four years, the next five years will be the same mundane dilly-dally flip- flop that is his TRademark!
Using the Agong and using this Forum is actually dragging the Paramount ruler to be on his side and put the Opposition in bad light!
Sickening and deserving your Poop Chute Award!

EC existence depends on public confidence said...

Yes if EC Chair and deputy Chair refuse to resign, isn't it time for BERSIH 4.0?

passion1 said...

How many 5 years do we have in our lifetime?
In 5 years, a newborn enters kindergarten.Next 5 years, a second child is already 2 years old, and the elder one is in Primary 2.
They are growing fast. Once a while they ask for KFC or McD.
The household expenses keep increasing. The family car needs maintenance. AES summon not able to pay. Cost of having a family increases.
The government link companies(GLCs)owned all Utility Agencies under the Privatization programs, and charges keep increasing over time.
Ah Longs(money lenders) advertising their trade on the walls.
Another family falls victim, and another broken family is not added into the statistics.
All because every 5 years, the powers that be, assisted by the EC, made sure
that the ruling party wins in every general election, by all means.
Do we wait for another 5 years?
We can 'Change' it. Its within our powers to vote for change.

wandererAUS said...

In any civilized country these top EC cheats, liars and traitors to the nation be caged and a full investigation on their illegal activities warranted. Nothing short of a life sentence will satisfied the general public. Can we expect an UMNO Crime Minister to do the right and proper thing?...either, you act on these scums of the earth with an iron fist or you too, will be removed dishonorably. Remember, you are an illegitimate and a minority leader, Malaysians have no respect. You area shameless SOB!

Anonymous said...

UMNO Crime Minister has a reversed mind...or simply, an asshole retard!
The day he is able to administer the nation with integrity and dignity, it will be the day, the rays of the sun come piercing through the cloudy sky!

Petrus said...

I have not seen such better clowns since the days of The Ringling Brothers Circus

yrsoclvr2 said...

Simple! The last minute announcement of the GE13 and BN's obvious efforts at election fraud isn't necessarily a strategy to just hold on to power but it's to buy themselves enough time to "clean-up" the evidence of their misdeeds, corruption and crimes committed. As we express our outrage, the clock ticks away and I have no doubt they they are actively shredding the paper trails and buying off those who can finger the criminals. They are incompetent but they aren't stupid enough not to cover their tracks. In the meantime, it's monumentally clear that they will do everything in the power to stall the Rakyat's demands for justice while they move they ill-gotten gains abroad. They know they will have to face the inevitable music in 5 years or sooner. This is why why it is do crucial that we continue to pursue, pressure and demand for fair and transparent investigations to regain the country's credibility and democratic principles. We must not allow BN to destroy the momentum and spirit of Ubah and allow the criminals (that they are) slither away and escape!

Anonymous said...

Bersih rally is needed again to call for the EC duo to resign!

Anonymous said...

BERSIH 2.0 intends to be at the Immigration office to demand for a meeting with the DG. We hope that civil society members will come and support us.

The details:
Headquarters of the Immigration Department Malaysia
(Ministry of Home Affairs)
Level 1-7 (Podium) No 15
Persiaran Perdana, Precinct 2
62550 Putrajaya

Time: 10 a.m.
Date: Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hope to see you there and please share this.

Anonymous said...

If khir toyo is sent to prison, will the umno people held a candle light vigil for him?

Velu said...

Before election , Waytha asked the Indians to vote BN and give 2/3 majority to BN so that BN can change the laws and constitutions without getting support from opposition . Now , we have the obvious happenings of Indians die in police lock up . As usual , MIC made some noise and Waytha also made some but nothing come out from the authority . Both MIC and Waytha knew this will be slowly forgotten and nothing can be done as long as BN is still in power . If BN had got 2/3 , the consitution might be changed in such a way that there will be no investigation for any custodial death because it is part of police job to get information from the suspects . Custodial deaths is not an Indian issues but a national issue but Hindraf tend to look at it as Indian issues .