Thursday, June 20, 2013


Ramachandran Muniandy: Let's all go as participants of the Olympic Day Run, then later change to black T-shirts.

When Mahatma Gandhi started the salt boycott in India, the British closed all the roads to stop the rallies. But the participants went ahead. Hundreds and thousands were arrested. When taken to court, all said that they were guilty.

The judge sentenced them to three months in prison or a fine of 20 rupees. They said they couldn't afford the fine but were willing to go jail. The prisons had no room for them and it would also be a costly affair.

All were eventually acquitted with a warning. That's what people do to fight for their rights!



Anonymous said...

Umno wants to create a new 'malay dilemma' among the malay community to keep itself relevant?

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Seriously, the Haze is really very bad. The KL skyline is almost invisibel not to mention we can all smell the burnt-wood air! Doing the morning chores such as marketing and buying breakfast was an ordeal! It is not possible to ziz in and out, and the eyes smart!
IF Pakatan and Rafizi have any regard to their and the participants health hazards, they should `TUNDA' than cause untowards incidents to people with respiratoty problems!
The haze will not go away till pouring thunder comes! The Planters are having their day, this time of the year! Looks more like some greedy pigs are making an early start to take advantage of the scorching weather!
My windows are never opened and looks like the air-cons will need earlier servicings!
Zorro dear, your eyes and mouth masks will not be helpful with such 400 units readings! Our southern brothers are just helplessly enveloped with smog like Industrial times in ole Britain..
You and oldies like me best stay cocooned indoors!

Ellese A said...

PR should be concern with people's health and haze.

zorro said...

Ellese A.....the brave and the bold can never be fazed by the haze. The football finals between LionXII and Johore will be on haze or no haze despite a health advisory. I will skip my haemodialysis today to be at the padang. Join me?

Anonymous said...

Fires on Indonesia's Sumatra, which have cloaked Singapore in record-breaking haze, are raging on palm oil plantations owned by Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean companies, environmental activist group Greenpeace International said Saturday.

Mastura said...

Great speech by Adam Adli here: