Sunday, June 9, 2013



A Bad Boy said...


Almost anything is possible.

Almost nothing is impossible.

Anonymous said...

If only you could believe, all things are possible for those who believe.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the old horse?

Anonymous said...


这个星期6月15日(週六)在吉隆坡默布草場(Padang Merbok)舉行的黑色大集會,將換去 6 月 22日 (週六)下午12時,地點一樣。

Small Boy said...

But what I know is impossible is that Anwar will ever be PM. Neither does LKS or LGE,
So stop fighting a losing battle.

Anonymous said...

This Mahathir fella should be charged not only for sedition la but for talking kok. He is a low down liar when he accused the Chinese in Malaysia were out in GE13 to oust the political powers of Malays. What sheer nonsense, the Chinese voted for Malay candidates instead of BN's Chinese candidates (see P80 Raub, Pahang and P48 Bukit Bendera, Penang.) Why was it that the Chinese voted out the BN Chinese candidates if they wanted to oust the political powers of Malays? This Mahathir fella is very stinking poisonous..... spewing venoms and bullshit.

Lim Kit Siang wrote that Mahathir,
in his latest blog, his accusation that the Chinese in Malaysia were out in the 13GE to oust the political power of the Malays and to dominate Malaysian politics must rate as one of his most irresponsible, reckless and baseless allegations in his long political career – which is only matched by another of his irresponsible and reckless allegation during the 13GE, that I contested in Gelang Patah constituency to create a “racial confrontation” and that I incited the Chinese to hate the Malays.

Anonymous said...

DPM Muhyiddin always makes ridiculous statement to reaffirm to us that he is not a leader for all Malaysians. His understanding of the democratic process is almost zero.

Do we want this kind of person to represent Malaysia? Definitely not.

Sidhu said...

Umno had lied by claiming that the DAP won only in Chinese majority areas, ignoring unprecedented results of the party’s Malay and Chinese candidates winning in Malay majority areas with comfortable majorities such as:

1. The Seremban parliamentary seat in Negeri Sembilan won by Anthony Loke by a majority of 12,553 votes or 53% of the popular vote in a seat with 44% Malay voters, 14% Indian and 41% Chinese voters;

2. Raub parliament seat in Pahang with 50% Malay, 40% Chinese 6% Indian and 4% others;

3. Duyong state seat in Melaka with 50% Malay voters;

4. Mentakab state seat in Pahang with 52% Malay, 40% Chinese 6% Indian and 2% others; and

5.Derga state seat in Kedah won by Tan Kok Yew with 1,156 votes, a seat with 56% Malay, 39% Chinese and 4% Indian and 1% others.

Anonymous said...

In the haste to put up the Umno Penang building, UMNO was foolish to ignore the bad design of the building. Didn't UMNO have the common sense to realise that the stand-alone wall on the rooftop that actually fell off was a wind-shield and could be ripped off by strong winds? And UMNO is leading the nation!