Friday, June 7, 2013


A few days after Muammar Gaddafi was killed, I met a Libyan student at a bus stop in Bandar Tun Razak and asked him why did the people of Libya hate Gaddafi so much?
From the websites, we know that Gaddafi provided free education until the university level, free healthcare, cheap petrol and other benefits that surely the people of Libya should be very grateful indeed; but they did not. WHAT MORE DO THE LIBYANS WANT?

The student replied to my question in three words, “Gaddafi is bad”. “But how bad?” I asked further. “He has ears everywhere and even mentioning his name in public and if overheard by the secret police, you will be hauled to the lock up, no matter what you have said about him, whether good or bad, you will be hauled up first and questioned much, much later.”


Anonymous said...

Will Shabery be the first Umno minister to emulate Singapore's practices i.e. requiring license for news portal on internet?

Sathia said...

Why the BN government prosecuted Utha but not Waytha... is it because Waytha is pro-BN while Utha was against BN?

To the common folk, it looks to be selective persecution, right?

Anonymous said...

Calon BN rampas kertas undi pos untuk dipangkah sendiri. Bayar wang RM100 minta mangsa-mangsa tutup mulut.

Malangnya muslihat mereka terbongkar. Fakta dan bukti laporan polis di

Anonymous said...

Najib’s aides have been busy spreading rumors that Zahid was behind the leaks from the Defence Ministry when he was minister there that resulted in Najib’s reputation being tarnished. But the scandals from the Scorpenes submarines, Altantuya murder, the Eurocopters, jet fighters and frigates exploded when Najib himself was still Defense minister!

the mean machine said...

Malaysians know that the Umno/BN is an authoritarian gomen.Yet the minority voted them into power again.Go figure.

Anonymous said...


Any juicy insider info on thr coming umno assembly? Could Muhyidin and Zahid join force to challenge Najib?

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Aiseihman, you need to stay relevant and talk `Gaddaffi' focus on the Tourism folio la.. You no longer df Law.. so no need jaw3!
Notice your lips moving but we can't hear You!
Mineral water + salt = C4 how's zat for the new Nuclear Formula... once an ass always an hee haw!

A Bad Boy said...


This BN Govt is a very insecure Government.

Their fear probably stems from their tenuous hold on power. The extent of fraud used by BN to win the recent GE13 is well-known, both locally and globally.

It's interesting to note Nawawi's conversation with that Libyan student. The Gadaffi method of being "...hauled up first and questioned much, much later..." sounds very very familiar to what was recently done by our very own Police Inspector General.

One has to wonder if our Police Inspector General is, in fact, trying to send out a subtle hidden message to Malaysians at large, and that is, to topple an unjust Government just like what the Libyans have done?

So, if the Police Inspector General is bent on toppling the Malaysian Government, should he be locking himself up immediately?

Oh, I forgot, BN supporters cannot be locked up, even if they want to topple the Government - they get promotions, or senatorships, or get government projects, or get to become Ministers of States, right?

Anonymous said...

Shen Yee Aun has personal vendetta against DAP because he was jilted by a DAP female member years ago. This is what I was told.

A Bad Boy said...

Anonymous - June 9, 2013 at 12:34 PM,

Hm, so there may be some truth in the rumours that Shen Yee Aun has a pencil dick.

That may explain why Shen writes all those articles to make himself look BIG to the ladies.

Yellow Bean said...

Utusan 头版標题再度炒作族群课题,根本没有操守可言,且带有特定议程!

Anonymous said...

Najib’s “War against crime”.
Is it going to be like his “1 Malaysia”? Slogan only? Talk is cheap.

We, the common folks what to see him do the work as a PM. No more busy as Umno/BN Chief…”Lu tolong gua, gua tolong Lu “!

At the rate Najib is going after 505, He has not change much. Still very much the same.

We need to work harder as the people of Malaysia, to end this minority rule of Umno/BN…How?

The least we can do to show our rejection of this minority rule is to turn up for the 22 July gathering at Padang Merbok.

Hopefully, PR leaders can come more prepared to tell the common folks how we can contribute.

NGO activists should be invited too.

After 505, majority of our people were and are still disappointed of the change we sought which was cheated by unleveled playing field.

We are looking forward to see the 89 MPs who represent the majority people to put up a good fight in Parliament.

We are also waiting for the People Tribunal under Bersih. Hope that Ambiga can get enough neutral leaders to sit on the Tribunal .

Anonymous said...

The EC must be shut down immediately, period. They have continuously lied to the people and gave unreasonable excuses for their failures.