Sunday, June 23, 2013


When I was a kid, I never saw a puppet show. I never played with puppets or had any interest in them. But of late, puppets are playing a detrimental role in our lives. I am beginning to see the roles of puppets gombie-ing around regardless. I am particularly interested in the Chinese puppets. Would I be unkind to tag these puppets as government drones….programed like the US drones spying on its own people?

The Election Commission was never for a democratic election process. It was and will be for setting up a PUPPET GOVERNMENT. Do bear in mind that the word kow-towing is of Chinese origin and who better to be puppets than the condescending chinamen in politics, judiciary and the STAR media. Haven’t these chinamen realized that the backdoor is always opened (grudgingly)? Are they that thick not to realize that some of them are where they are just to make the number….just to fill an ethic quota….no matter how dismal or pathetic the crumbs offered? When you wait too long at the foot of the table there will be a time when the crumbs too are not there. Najib was right. There was a Chinese tsunami…..the tide turned against the Chinese in government who begged for crumbs from the Chinese populace and were rejected!


 Since 8 May, the people have gathered throughout the country to seek the resignation of the Election Commission. The 7 remain recalcitrant. Are they testing the patience of the Agong?  

Even if 6 refuse to resign I expect the sole chinaman CHRISTOPHER WAN in the EC to step down. You know very well that you have been programmed, been used. Haven’t you realized that you have served your time as a puppet and that to save face, it is time to pull out? You are not a stick, are you? When a puppeteer controls a souless stick person, would you consider your government as your master?

I know it is a tough decision like turning down a blow job ... mid-blowjob. We know how hard that is! But a MAN has got to do what a man has got to do unless he is a puppet. It's called blue balls. You must have had a desire during your tenure to prove to yourself that you were actually in control – that you were not a puppet. Well, Christopher, it is never too late. Straighten up. WALK TALL. No more crouching. STEP DOWN  … a real man and not a counterfeit souless stick man dangling from the decayed edifice.


Sklau said...

Not all crumbs are made equal. Some crumbs are bigger than others hence the saying "Belum cuba belum tahu, sudah cuba lagi mahu." It takes herculean effort to resist those frickin lickin morsels and Umno knows when to hold em and when to throw em'. The sad thing is Christopher Wan em.

Anonymous said...

Zorro wasn't this Christopher Wan with PDRM? I remembered he was in Penang and promoted by Musang?

Anonymous said...

When will the EC duo stap down?

Purple Haze said...

Singapore smog is getting headlines in the UK and US, reminding all of the dreadful truth concealed behind the expensive branding of “Malaysia Truly Asia”.

Whilst BN’s power-mongers are keen to promote Borneo’s ‘tropical paradise’ to tourists, correctly claiming that it is the oldest and richest jungle on earth, they are meanwhile scrapping with each other over the few remaining acres of pristine forests to chop down.

They then allow their oil palm concessionaires to start the raging fires that have shocked the world and drawn attention to this criminal greed.

To add insult to injury they then try to blame the shifting cultivation practices of the indigenous people, who have carefully lived sustainably in the jungle for centuries.

This environmental disaster lies squarely at the door of modern timber and agri-business and the politicians who are working with them hand in glove and turning a blind eye to malpractices.

After clear cutting the trees and burning off the jungle, the culprits then drench the thin soil cover with fertilisers to grow oil palm.

These fertilisers and all the fast eroding earth from the denuded hillsides have then been pouring into the river systems and polluting them. Weeds have grown rampant and the fish have been dying. Sarawak has suffered this form devastation almost everywhere.

Where jungle has been based on peat these areas have been drained, permanently destroying their ecosystems and causing massive releases of greenhouse gases.

singsong said...

Uncle Zorro,

just to fill an ethic quota...

ethnic quota... is not ethical. It is racist and detrimental.

zorro said...

Anon949....yes he was. Was in Special Branch admin more than operation.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Lucky for people like you in Selangor can get subsidised water in hot hazy days like now. Now I drink more water as per government advice but have to pay more next month!

Winston said...

The whole damned reason why open burning is allowed is that the Indonesian government wants to enable its crony corporations to get rid of the cleared jungles in the most economical way.

This conscienceless and evil government, together with its equally conscienceless and evil government in Malaysia have been wreaking havoc with the health and economy of this region for more than a decade.

And every year when the haze arrives, they put on a rigmarole of seemingly doing something about it!!!

They are the INFERNAL DUO!!!
It now behoves the small but very well administered and capable government of Singapore to do what is necessary to dig us out of this hole!

Hopefully, the people of Malaysia will also chip in to work with them to take whatever action is necessary.

zorro said...

singsong.....typo error. It should be ethnic quota......and why should it be unethical....(unless I read you wrongly)it is accepted NEP practice from 1970 and we have survived. Anyway, if you are depending on crutches, you can NEVER climb to the top unless you are hoisted up by a government crane.

A Bad Boy said...


As you seem unfamiliar with puppets, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that some puppets tend to be operated by inserting a hand up their bottoms.

Other puppets have a large stick shoved up their bottoms as well.

As I see no strings attached to said puppet Government, one must conclude that those BN puppets are hand- or stick-operated.

Hm, I have always been suspicious as to why Najib has that strange smile on his face.

Anonymous said...


Small boy said...

This old man is stupid. Max stupid.
The EC Board members from the Chairman, Deputy Chairman to the other members are all appointed by The YDP Agong. They are there at the leisure and pleasure of the king.
Only the King can remove them. Who is Paul Low? Just another Minister.
And don't pretend you are not biased by singling out the sole Chinese on the board.
Like the Malay proverb said: Sekilas ikan di air, sudah nampak jantan betinanya. Translate -you are soooo transparent in your racism.

Anonymous said...

sudah lah Bernard, your assholes leaders has sworn in as member of parliment already. what tokok somemore!! as your buddy niamah always say...apa lagi tokkok bernard sama patrick!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem with UMNOputras is simply that they don't understand how stupidity works. Now the CM of Malacca has a ton of bricks falling over his head in closing down Jonker Walk. Instead of shoving the cars out of Jonker street they get rid of people and tourists from enjoying shopping in a night market! How stupid can it get in Malacca!

Anonymous said...

Dear zorro,
We have not only Chinese puppets like Christopher Wan but also Indians and Malays who are only too willing to dance to the tune of their political masters. I recall one stupid Indian police officer who kept the DNA samples in his pigeon hole (locker) during AI's second sodomy case. I wonder what reward (promotion ?) he got. Christopher Wan was roped into the EC to just fill the non-Malay quota to justify that Malaysia is multi-racial country. Nothing more. He and Dr. Manogaran are there as window dressing. What can these two stooges do but to kowtow to the EC chairman and others of his ilk?

Where the Chinese and Indians are hankering after chicken feed, the Malays are going after the meaty stuff. One police officer became the IGP for carrying a stained mattress into the courtroom in AA's sodomy case. Another joker who is used to shooting first and rationalizing later and who had the penchant to throw road blocks and arresting those at candle light vigils has become another IGP. Now another Malay police officer is emulating the examples set by his predecessors. He is against the IPCMC.

Nothing is sacrosanct for the Chinese in the MCA. Before the 13th GE they tried to blackmail the Chinese if they were not voted in they would not represent the Chinese in the government. When that threat did not work, now they are up to their usual sandiwara. They are trying everything, even to the extent of causing a rift in the MCA just to hold positions in the government, especially the Cabinet. Looks like these rich towkays in the MCA just can't live without the 'latuks', 'tan sillys' etc. and the power to cheat their own kind.

If these VVIP's had any integrity, honesty and the will to stand up to the UMNOputras as the founding fathers of the MCA did, the Chinese community would not be in such dire straits where they can't raise their voice for being called pendatang and their womenfolk being referred to as prostitutes in Interlok.

All political parties based on ethnicity should pull out of the sham, that is Barisan National.

Anonymous said...

The national reconciliation is not meant for all races. It is meant for PAS and UMNO and some of PKR members. It is not even for MCA or MIC. So please do not talk about this subject anymore. NEP should also have its name changed.

Anonymous said...

I suspect there is a plot to convert non muslims to muslims..because if any one parent decides he/she wants custody of the children..then all they have to do is convert...the child has no say or suffers its fate...the muslim population grows by millions and they start dominating the rest of the world...just like at one time they blame the US as being a super power...but now islamisation is everywhere and they really dont care of the culture,religion and principles of the other nations in the world where they all reside is no wonder the PM of australia gave a speech and it was well received by the australians....that if they do not respect the way of life of the australians ..they can bloody well pack their bags and go back to their motherland...i salute leaders like this...for being honest and is the truth afterall