Friday, March 1, 2013


"The rise of cybertroopers have made the social media unreliable. Cybertroopers are liars, thus making liars out of social media," said English-language daily The Star’s executive editor Wong Sai Wan at a forum in Kuala Lumpur today on the new role of media in the coming national polls.

Was Wong Sai Wan actually referring to THIS group of neophyte bloggers?

…….and of course WSW is unaware of these alpha bloggers from Sarawak:


bruno said...

A running mongrel will always be a running mongrel.This is what he is being paid for.Running round and round and around and around in circles.

Roti Sunshine said...

Dear Zorro,

We can't expect much from this forked-tongue idiot from the Star. If they from this liespaper, are not spinning VHS (violence, hatred and sex)lies, they'll be telling fairy tales and fiction.
With cybertroopers like WCW and JT, we don't need comedians like Harith Iskander, Douglas Lim and Russell Peters to entertain us!

This is a history-making moment and Malaysia needs patriots not parasites like those from the Star liespaper!

There should be a law banning political parties publishing and owning newspapers!

For the Star to regain its credibility, it must go back to the pre-1987 Ops Lallang period when it writers and journalists wrote freely and independently!

Anonymous said...

People like Wong are not much different from the likes of despicable Ridhuan Tee. With balls held hard by UMNO. They are the real liars & crooks.

Not to worry, after GE13, they will be tried/punished accordingly

Anonymous said...

Off topic:
3. News Orgs Post Malaysian Propaganda

Is the American media in Malaysia’s pockets? Some are, at least in part. A group of publications—including The Huffington Post, The San Francisco Examiner, The Washington Times, National Review, and RedState—were busted posting or publishing propaganda paid for by the Malaysian government. According to a filing by the Department of Justice, 10 conservative opinion writers were paid as part of a campaign spanning May 2008 and April 2011. The filing reports that the writers were under the payroll of Malaysia’s government, “its ruling party, or interests closely aligned with either,” but still continued writing pieces in favor of the government for major news outlets.

Read it at BuzzFeed

March 1, 2013 4:47 PM
- See more at:

Brian said...

Two dead commandos and many more to suffer the same fate just because this ex PM wanted to stay as PM as long as he did. He should go and fight these philipino bastards he created. That would be a good sacrifice by him to atone for his crimes and sins against the dead commandos and natives Sabahan.

But then he will probably put the blame on the two dead commandos for being blown to death, the way he always blame others.

Anonymous said...

When Semenanjung Msia needs money, they milk Sabah. When Sabah is in danger, Semenanjung Msia runs away. Why do we need BN? Why do we need Umno? Why do Sabah & Sarawak wants to remain in Malaysia? That is something I never want.

Anonymous said...

I tried to check on the Star wiki entry and found a sanitized history of its origin.

Any way of knowing who started this newspaper? And how it came to be known as the "People's Paper"? and now the toilet paper?

I believe the current management is trying to rewrite history so definitely will need to have the otais to keep the truth in place.

Fauzi said...

Our Gerak Khas polis are killed in Sabah we have to depend on CNN telling us the events from Phillippines and not from our PM, Home Minister or our Defence Minister.

Incident happened at 10am but no news from TV1, TV3, Astro Awani until 4pm?

Hisham said the polis did not fire back in his tweet. Then how can the Sulu invaders got killed? Hara Kiri?

In the first place, how did those Sulu Sultanate soldiers get pass our Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Poline and most of all, the Scorpene submarines stationed in Sabah?

Is this the karma in action over the Projek IC issue?

raj raman said...

If in west Malaysia the Police and FRU will kick and kill suspected criminals but many years go my classmate in the army told me if the army saw this Sulu people with arms around in their speed bot they will take different direction and the Sulu terrorist will take different route.I'ts like you don't kacau me and i won't kacau you.

rajraman666.Uncle Zorro - Wong had to badmouth opposition because he is paid millions by MCA aka UMNO

Gerak Khas said...

Zahid dan Hishamudin mesti letak jawatan. cukuplah membaruakan polis dan tentera. jangan disebabkan kawalan di sempadan longgar, nyawa anggota keselamatan melayang. mereka pun ada keluarga seperti anda semua.

polis dan tentera, pakat-pakat tukar menteri dengan tidak mengundi Barisan Nasional.

jangan politikkan hal ini? berhenti mabuk kerana dua barua ini hanya boleh dijatuhkan dengan sistem politik dan mereka semamangnya ahli politik.

Anonymous said...

but the STAR can lie with impunity?
ya, the paper is best for wrapping dogshit.

Anonymous said...

If I recall, the Star lied and had to settle with LGE. The cheek of this guy. I suppose he can't differentiate between truths and lies... and he's in the media business. God help us.

Pariah Wong C W said...

Uncle Z, Fuck the bastard WCW of Star Publication. Balls-licker and disgrace to the Catholics parishers of SFX, PJ

Anonymous said...

WCW is the master of carryballogy.

Ronaldo said...

Malaysia had been supplying arms and training for the MNLF for years hoping to strengthen them in the name of Muslim brotherhood.

In Project IC, Mahathir gave thousands of Malaysian blue ICs to defeat the Christian-based PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah). Now innocent law-abiding Malaysians are paying the sins of Umno.

We cannot trust Umno-BN to defend the country as they cannot even defend us against some pirates.

Where are all the Sukhoi jets, Polish-made combat tanks, Scorpene submarines and attack helicopters? Why should we sacrifice the life of two brave Malaysians over such a minor incursion?

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Mahathir for issuing I/C to qualified illegal Filipinos who now turned against us.

They can enter the country (including KL!) legally now to create havoc!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers that go against BN are targeted by MCMC.

After being qustioned, that Niamah blogger has toned down, and resort to advertising his restaurants on his blog instead of his usual niamah rant.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia helped in creating the MNLF in the 1970's. In fact, the first few batches of MNLF cadres trained inside Malaysia and they were supplied with weapons and other logistics. Malaysia did this in order to pressure President Marcos into dropping the Sabah claim. These armed group now holed up in Lahad Datu are the product of the Muslim rebellion in Mindanao in the 1970's. They are the children of the MNLF fighters which Malaysia created and are now SHITTING in Malaysia's own backyard. If the conflict escalates, soon there will be suicide bombings in Kuala Lumpur and other cities. NOW, DEAL WITH IT MALAYSHIT! It's called Karma.