Thursday, February 28, 2013


The credibility of the mainstream media can only be regained by discrediting the social media and attacking political cybertroopers, a senior journalist claimed.

"The rise of cybertroopers have made the social media unreliable. Cybertroopers are liars, thus making liars out of social media," said English-language daily The Star’s executive editor Wong Sai Wan at a forum in Kuala Lumpur today on the new role of media in the coming national polls.

"This is our only way of regaining back our credibility. Our job is to get this word out.

“Social media does not provide information, it’s (a form of) entertainment. We must be on the attack," stressed Wong, who is also very active on social media microblog, Twitter. HERE  

Wong Sai Wan’s brother, the former adun of Kelana Jaya was ousted in 308. Humbly yours, a Kelana Jaya resident since 1980 played a part in this thru my early postings of the 2008 GE12. The defeated Adun did not consider the cyber attacks as entertainment, for sure. Too late, the Adun found out that we bloggers were furnishing reliable data to those who went for the truth.

The trouble with these senior editors is that unless and until they go down to ground zero the crap from their media spills over from their ivory tower.

Too late too these hacks will realize that not only social media is lethal……that what they write about gets filtered and cascaded down to the kopitiams NETWORK like this from Boy Cottsinchew :

The incidents in the case of Al-Maunah and the latest case of armed incursion in Lahad Datu show convincing evidence of the state of our security forces being at the lowest ebb.

It further shows that our borders security can't be entrusted to the present political leaders despite their claim of 56 years of experience in government. Duration of service has little relevance in today's warfare if the security personnel, including the generals and ministers, are often caught napping.

The rise in crime and the security lapses are no coincidence given the state of governance in the country. They are symptomatic of something more serious in our system of governance.

If our leaders are so corrupt, failure in governance will only follow suit as a matter of course. The way PM Najib Razak and Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi have kept mum over the latest incident reflects on Umno's culture of irresponsibility.

For them, ignorance is the best defense, but people aren't gullible these day given the web of information at their fingertips.

Hermit: This is a tit-for-tat following the incident where Phillipine police came to escort back a conman holding a Filipino passport, he was whisked away by Malaysian police minutes before his flight to Manila was to take off, allegedly on the instruction of the powerful Sabah CM Musa Aman.

The conman was alleged by the Malaysian police to hold a faked Filipino passport and a high drama unfolded, whereby the conman was suddenly taken ill and warded at the hospital.

The next day, the magistrate was instructed to conduct a trial at the conman's hospital bed, after which he was ‘awarded' a two-year sentence on possession of a faked Filipino passport.

As such, the conman escapes from being charged in the Philippines for swindling over 15,000 people in a quick-rich scheme involving almost a billion ringgit.

Bharat Menon: I am really shocked beyond belief that PM Najib has till now not commented on the Lahad Datu standoff issue.

Anon: May be we could ask Thailand to help. After the Thai army has defeated the Sulu intruders, Sabah should be ceded to Thailand.

Indeed, Sabah was once control by Brunei, and when the Sabahans rebelled, Brunei invited the Sulu sultanate to stop the rebels, after which Sabah was ceded to the sultan.

Retnam: Just wondering - if 100 Singaporeans landed in Johor armed with weapons, what will be the scenario? For one thing, Umno Youth will be mounting a jihad there.

Wisma Putra to decide on deportation of intruders

Apa Nama: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, when was the Immigration Department placed under the Foreign Ministry? During Australian senator Nick Xenophon's deportation, wasn't the Immigration Department under your ministry?

As for these intruder, you don't need the foreign minister's green light to deport them. Are they not enemies of the state? Or are they friends of the state instead?

What puzzled Malaysians is why such good treatment for these 100 intruders when we can deport an Australian senator within 15 hours.

Saintonthego: As the incumbent government, BN must be collectively be responsible and accountable for actions to protect the sovereignty of our country against any outside intruders.

It is a treachery for any minister to openly disown responsibility by "kicking the can" to some other government agency. Is our government so dysfunctional?

Vijay47: Quite obviously, Hishammuddin's lines are written in Bollywood. "What is important is that national security is defended and the dignity of Sabah and its people is not compromised." Wow! Way to go, minister.

Now that you have shown that you mean business, I am sure the armed intruders must be shivering in their pants. Just like the baby-selling syndicates must be. What is that, the foreigners have been here 10 days? Hey! What is 10 days between friends?

You have to see things from a perspective affecting international diplomacy and Malaysian hospitality, the allegations that the Malaysian police and armed forces were sleeping on the job is merely a perception created by anti-government elements.

I am sure Hishammuddin will be firm and steadfast - that he will remain in Lahad Datu until the crisis is resolved, even if it takes another year. All Malaysians are behind you.

Acitizen: When it came to sitting on a patch of turf in Dataran Merdeka by Malaysians, unarmed participants got gassed, chased and beaten by police. This happened not once, but during Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.

But Hishammuddin would not take action on armed invaders who took over a village!

Born Free: What will the government do if Thailand sends its troops to claim Penang up to Parit Buntar? Will that be given the same treatment since Penang was once under Thailand? On a similar basis, Singapore can try that too.

If these invaders are not stopped and if the so-called Sulu sultan claims is accepted, Malaysians will not be surprised that our next Agong will be coming from there soon.


Apollos said...

Obviously Wong Sai Wan have never heard the idiom "Pot calling the kettle black" before. Second, he thought that by discrediting Cybertroopers it would automatically help mainstream media regain their credibility. Amazing logic! It doesn't take a genius to know that to regain their credibility all they need to do is to write "the truth and nothing but the truth".

bruno said...

Zorro,now we understand why Malaysia is commonly known as "the land of the bolehs".Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Samsam: It is the umNO's cybertroopers that have made part of the social media unreliable. And it is the like of pseudo-journalists like Wong Chan Wai, Wong Sai Want, Jostling Tan, Baradan Kupasumi, and the Selamat Utusan fellows (sorry, not sure of the correct spelling of these names) that discrediting the credibility of the local MSMs. The public at large would discern what is creditable and believable from what they read and see and make judgement. You don't gain credibility by discrediting others when you yourself are not telling the truth. Some social medias are providing information, including firsthand information and personal experience and real life encounter. And some social media provide fabrications of untrue reports, for example the case of the young son of a Chief Minister (who is the arch rival of Mr. SW Wong's political master) of being accused of harassing an older girl. We know the truth eventually that it was the fabrication of the cybertroopers in the payroll of a certain political party. Dear Mr. SW Wong, your "only way of regaining back your credibility" is to write truthfully and objectively. And your job is to get this word out. But then I think to write truthfully and objectively may not be in sync with the whims and fancies of your political master. So in conclusion, your "on the attack to regaining back your credibility" would just be a futile exercise because your attack lacks credibility.

Jong said...

They have no qualms whacked the hell out of their own citizens and bully them for wearing Yellow, Black & Green. Even those 'armed with candles' weren't spared. But when it comes to those armed invaders occupying our land and fired shots at our security personnel, PM Najib and his Defence Minister continue their pussy-footing 3 weeks on! Why was there no Tear-gas used them to flush them out? Or is this 'stand-off' planned, a sly attempt at sandiwara to garner Rakyats' support for BN government ahead of GE-13?

Watched TV news-clips of lethargic-looking pot-bellied men they sent to Lahad Datu stand-off area, makes one wonder are they the best Malaysia has to protect our borders?

Jong said...

Can't help but wonder how much those 'actors' are paid to go on a picnic? Did Harris Salleh mention RM200 million boleh selesai? My toes are laughing!!!!

Roti Sunshine said...

Dear Zorro,

The main reason why people flee from the MSM to social media is that the former is nothing more than a propaganda sheet for the multi-head Hydra monster, BN!

The MSM in Malaysia is all but controlled by BN parties. Hence, all the news, if you can call them, are one-sided.

I find the social media more balanced and truthful. It is the MSM that push people to the social media. Readers now have an alternative and they need not to buy MSM lies!

Wong Sai Wan is nothing more than a d_ _ _ head MSM man. It won't be long before these hard copies MSM start dying their inevitable death!

I have stopped reading the NST for donkey years now. As for the Star, no thanks too!

Why go for beer when you can have champagne? Long live social media and bye-bye the Star, NST and all lies-spewing MSM news.

MSM, please don't kill our forests by printing stuff people don't want to read.

To Wong Sai Wan, please have a life. Quit MSM and save your soul!

Anonymous said...


Sarawakian in KL said...

Please help support this initiative JOM BALIK UNDI BAH.

It is not the same as Jom Balik Undi, who campaigns for overseas Malaysians to return home to vote.

JOM BALIK UNDI BAH is a campaign to to get Sarawakians and Sabahans (already in Semenanjung Malaysia) to return to vote in their own constituencies in East Malaysia.

Please read the "About" section on their FB page to understand the difficulties they face and what they are campaigning for.

JOM BALIK UNDI BAH is led by Anak Muda Sabah & Sarawak and Pusat Komas with the support of BERSIH 2.0.

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guasipenangkia said...

Pretty soon we will have another new state in East Malaysia..Fellow Malaysians, let's welcome the 3rd 'S' state i.e. Sulu....I'm doing the Psy Gangnam dance...

Anonymous said...

What else does this Wong want?

UMNO have MediaPrima and Star Group worth some RM10 billions...! And still hire BN spam jerks...or sperm jerks! If that is not enough the BN gomen wont give anyone else the license ...and they physically threaten newsmen if truth is published.

What does Wong want? Isn't he the smart Chinese, the better Chinese, the good Chinese, the clever Chinese?

Buat malu olang Cina!

As for the Sulu people, in general totality, their claims may be valid. But how legitimate/valid is any claim of UMNO on anything???

The trodden English/Europeans emigrated to America and unfortunately they committed genocide on American Indians and Blacks. If that was not enough they slaughtered the Iraqis. Now they want to decimate the Iranians.

Is there any connection between the UMNO people and the Sulu lanuns (as against the genuine repudiated oppressed honest Sulu people)? Just as Wong is in abject servility to the likes of MCA and UMNO?

Anonymous said...

In the event hostilities break out, the "legalised" and illegal filipino immigrants in Sabah will be the fifth column supporting their countrymen. Hence the Government needs to go slow to avoid such eventualities. The Government did not learn from the Indonesian confrontations where the Indonesians in Malaysia supported their home country with intelligence and sabotage of installations.

The treasonous acts of ( you know who ) granting citizenship to the filipino illegals should be held accountable for undermining the security of the country.

Anonymous said...

while our commandos are taking the shots, our pm is taking the limelight with - "Malaysia after brokering a peace deal between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in October has now brought Thailand and a rebel group to the discussion table"

flyer168 said...


Yes, the situation is serious.

Just to share this...

Is it an invasion by armed terrorists... or not? -

Lahad Datu standoff: Give us the facts -

‘Blanket deportation’ as good as ceding sovereignty ― Mat Zain Ibrahim -

MNLF Urges UN: Send Peacekeepers to Sabah -

When East and West Malaysian Leaders squabble to "Divide and Rule" its people...

A 3rd party will take advantage of the situation...

"Indonesia–Malaysia Stand-off"

It is all about Oil, Gas & $$$.

Bolehland's "Fixed Deposit" has "Backfired" (mismanagement ???) & it stands to lose a sizeable chunk of its Oil & Gas revenues...!

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Hishamuddin says the gunmen (penceroboh) in lahad datu is not militants or what are they? Aliens from outerspace! Umno good friends from phillipines?

then 4 polis terkorban?
takziah to the families.

is this Gerak Khas for tv?
where is the armed forces (ATM now palyaing professional football in liga super?)

why not sending in the armoury tank that bn has spent hundreds of millions of ringgit?

Professor X said...

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s civil engineering senior lecturer, Airil Yasreen Yassin, is seeking legal advice from his university’s legal team over a plagiarised work.

Airil’s work which was uploaded on his blog was plagiarised by National Defence University associate professor Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.