Wednesday, February 13, 2013


No matter how often one reads about the sordid corruption and abuse of power in Malaysia, one can never get used to the staggering scale of betrayal by those we trusted to govern in our name.
The latest scandal HERE, that certain political leaders illegally and secretly manipulated citizenship grants in order to shift the balance of votes in their favour, is beyond outrageous. The full scope of their treachery might never be known. 

 What is particularly galling is that despite all the publicity, despite the fact that we are about to head to the polls, it's still business as usual. It speaks of an overbearing sense of impunity and an utter disdain for the people of Malaysia.
A government which allows these things to continue unchecked year after year surely loses all its credibility as well as its moral legitimacy.
The carnage that decades of misrule has wrought is now evident in nearly every area of national life - the justice system, the police force, the civil service, the Election Commission and the anti-corruption commission.
Part of the problem is that we, as a nation, have for too long put our trust in personalities and political parties rather than in the kind of institutions that alone can guarantee our democracy and help ensure good governance. So enamoured were we with personalities that we did little as the caudillos undermined our national institutions and weakened the fabric of our nation.
We unwittingly traded our fundamental freedoms for short-term prosperity and stability.
And now, we, like many other nations before us, have discovered the truth of Benjamin Franklin's axiom - that those who trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.


Anonymous said...

I'll give you 2-5 of what LGE achieved for Penang. 2) top marks by the auditor-general for fiscal management out of all Malaysian states; 3) RM192.19 million or 4 percent increase in revenue collection last year; 4) contributed RM12.25 billion or 36 percent of Malaysia's FDI last year; 5) 8th most livable city in Asia. As a little bonus for you, I will also give you 1-5 of what LGE didn't do: 1) pocket RM500 million from any submarine purchase deals; 2) kill Altantuya; 3) awarded the Ampang LRT tender to his golf buddy from George-Kent; 4) threaten to defend Putrajaya at all cost, even at the cost of "crushed bodies and lost lives"; 5) threaten to bathe the keris in Chinese blood in Kampung Baru. What the heck, I might as well throw in number 6 as well; 6) LGE didn't need to pretend to be a chinaman who was very good at playing Chinese drums. Care to rebut me?

Anonymous said...

EC is Umno. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

That is why, Zorro, you and everyone else should start abandoning Malaysia. Leave Malaysia now, get out of the country while you still can. Not for your own sake but for the sake of your children and their children. There are many countries who will accept Malaysians with open arms and do not question your skin colour or ethnicity so long as you contribute your knowledge and skills to the community.

Malaysia has gone to the dogs. These goons are openly and brazenly in broad dayllght, raping the country in anyway they like. They invite the rakyat to watch as they do it and we stupidly stand there and watch as if these are all movies.

LEAVE MALAYSIA! It is a FAILED state by any standard, except Malaysians in Malaysia refuse to admit it.

wandererAUS said...

Malaysians should put on notice to these two EC motherfcukers, their illegal acts, especially making "fly by night" citizens to "legal electorate" of unqualified immigrants amounted to treason! Let their fate be pending until a new administration takes over Putrajaya.

wandererAUS said...

February 13, 2013 at 11:44 AM

Only 2 out of 5? Why not list out what have UMNO/BN bastards have done for Penang after 55 years administrating the State. I am pretty sure bthat is beyond you! You only have a very limited intellectual capacity to box in just 5 miserable acts of a Pakatan govt hardly a term in office. Try harder boy, good try but, no good enough!

Anonymous said...

Next GE14 the chairman and its boots suckers will be out of job. The foreigners will take over their post.

Anonymous said...

We Malaysians have let these bas3rd's bully us all along. The biggest farce is both mahataik and Anwar denying any knowledge of it all. Surely both of them should be held responsible together with all ministers at the time. The biggest mistake Anwar has done is deny being involved and not having any knowledge whatsoever. Surely as DPM and Finance Minister, he would have somehow been involved or surely know about it. Will someone please advise Anwar to admit he knew about it. Maybe he didn't like it and that caused him to eventually challenge his boss to make things right.

Anonymous said...

Calculate this; if give 200,000 ic n this translate to 100,000 couples; each couple hv 5 child, who by now would b of voting age; n give birth to 2 kids; how many now?

passion1 said...

Anon 12.02am, never mind whether who knows, or who deny. Question is ,'Why do it?'.
From another angle, it is not surprise that, not many people know it, because for an act like these,its better that less people should know.

"it's still business as usual"

To BN, they have done No wrong, because they are in power for too long. When a child is being brought up with a silver spoon, they will never know how to spread jam on their bread.
BN must learn to be the opposition, to be able to see things from another angle.
So, its not easy to win Sabah and Sarawak, so WEST Malaysians should all come out to vote.
Hope East Malaysian politicians are matured enough to put aside their selfishness and join hands with Pakatan to make this election WIN happen. Reject independents

thomas fann said...

Our apathy and fear have allowed our elected officials to mismanaged our national wealth, enact laws that violates our constitutional rights, used our public institutions to serve their own ends and divided the people of this nation so that the elites among them can rule over us.

For too long we have handed over the power of governance to ambitious and greedy politicians, and then sit back and watch in despair and hopelessness as they trampled upon our rights and future. With the awakening that started from the last general election in 2008, we, the voters of this country, have a golden opportunity to reclaim our power and our voice. Let us not lose this chance to vote.

Anonymous said...

Alas, the nature of the beast called KLEPTOCRACY

Anonymous said...

WinWin said This ID issuance to foreign immigrant is still on going.It happen in September 2012 when I took a cab from Jaya One PJ to Subang driven by an Indonsian PR. From the short conversation I gathered he had been approach at his Home a week earlier By a group of people offering services to apply Citizenship for FREE. Only one catch he has to do Vote BN.

Anonymous said...

passion 1...

For decades, in Sabah, it has been common knowledge what was being done. Only difference was back then, no one dared to speak up or when they did, it was blacked out.
We all know why it was done... those in power would do anything to hold on to it. In this case it was the power to create and manipulate voters so that they would keep winning. Anwar was part of this machinery, i.e BeNd.
It is a case of integrity. If Anwar is ever to lead us, let him be truthful. It would only work in his favour, not only politically but also personally. If he knew about it or was directly or indirectly involved just say so. He knows now it was wrong, just admit it and ask for forgiveness. We Malaysians are a forgiving lot.
Denying it all makes him no better than TDM.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Who will the Indians in Malaysia vote for in GE13? Rosmah Mansor, witch and wife of weakling PM Najib Tun Razak, said to Deepak who is an Indian that ” 90% of all the problems caused in Malaysia are by 10% of your Indian community “. Will MIC choose to be politically impotent and continue to join Najib and his witchy wife to trample on the Indian community in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Penang did badly last year. It has to switched the trust funds into income to balance its account. Look carefully.

Thomas Fann said...

Former IGP Musa Hassan's remark that he is confident that the losing parties will use their supporters to create chaos to topple the government just like what happened in the Middle East and have an Arab Spring here is not just scurrilous and mischievous but is downright fear-mongering.

He is not alone, in recent days, in singing this chorus called the ‘Arab Spring'. Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak sang it when he said that he hoped the opposition would accept the result of the upcoming election and not find an excuse to create chaos if they lost.

Law Minister Nazri Aziz and Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi joined in the chorus as well following Najib's remark.

All this started from one man, the puppet master himself, former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who on Feb 6 posted on his blog about ‘Anwar's Promise'.

He alleged, without any proof or reference, that... "In Australia it is reported that Anwar promised to engineer an Arab Spring in Malaysia. He will duplicate Cairo's Tahrir Square in Kuala Lumpur and he will organise demonstrations involving hundreds of thousands of people in order to bring down the government if he loses the election."

Their message is clear - BN is for peace and stability, Pakatan is for chaos and revolution. What is your choice? If you want peace and stability, vote for BN resoundingly or else Anwar will take your children to the streets of Kuala Lumpur and their lives will be sacrificed.

This is intimidation of the subtler kind, a skill that BN has perfected into an art form under Mahathir and we the rakyat are conditioned to respond to.

Images of violence at Egypt's Tahrir Square or Bersih 3.0 in KL are bandied before us peace-loving, self-preserving Malaysians and we are asked - "Do you want this?"

There is a problem with this picture, we are not Egyptians and the violence in Bersih 3.0 did not come from ordinary peace-loving Malaysian but from the brute force of the police.

BN's mantra for the coming election has been ‘Don't Change' and ‘Vote for Peace and Stability'. Heck, MCA even came out with a People's Stability Bus to aid in their campaign.

Who in their right mind doesn't want peace and stability? The question is, who is the one really threatening violence should they lose?

I recall PM Najib's vow at the 2010 Umno Assembly that "they will defend Putrajaya with our bodies and broken bones". Though challenged by DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang to retract, Najib has not.

To illustrate this form of intimidation by BN, let me use this analogy. It is like a schoolyard bully and his gang who comes up to a scrawny trembling victim and saying that he(the bully) is really a peace-loving fella who doesn't like to break bones and spill blood.

And if the victim is really smart, he should just pay up so that bones won't be broken and blood won't be spilled.

How long must we remain living in fear like that scrawny trembling schoolboy? Shouldn't we say, "Enough is enough!" and put an end to this sort of bully-tactics.

The scenario painted by Mahathir and echoed by his choir boys is not without precedent in Malaysian politics.

One can recall the infamous May 13 riot and the not-so-famous riot in Sabah in 1986, after PBS, an opposition party then, won the state election.

Usno and Berjaya (the fore-runner of Umno) couldn't accept the result nor the court decision on it, organised a riot with mainly Filipino illegal immigrants where fish bombs were exploded and a 39-day curfew was imposed.

It was also alleged that our puppet-master who was the PM then gave backing to the riot for otherwise it could not have happened.

Yes, there may be chaos and instability because the losing parties couldn't accept the result of GE13 but history tells us it is more likely to come from the schoolyard bully who has been around too long and cannot accept that his reign of terror has to come to an end.

Anonymous said...

When PR wins the GE13, there will be a rise in the share market should there be no attempt at violence or a coup d’état by the losers.

This is because of the following factors:

• The Malaysian economy has been under-performing all these years while under BN rule. The attached table shows the growth of GDP per capita of South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia from 1980 to 2011. From the table we can see the gap has arisen between these countries and Malaysia in this measurement of the wealth of nations. Should we continue under BN rule, our economy is likely to continue to under-perform and our stock market will continue to stagnate not only in the short term after the elections but for the long term.

• Foreign investors who have long been underweight in the Malaysian market due to Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s disastrous economic model built around mega projects, crony capitalists as key players, and other distortionary policies will be attracted back into the market. As recently as in 2011, Bank of America Merrill Lynch noted that Malaysia remained a “big underweight” for investors in emerging markets. An underweight call is a recommendation for investors to reduce their investments in a particular security, asset class or, in this case, country. Malaysia also slipped from 14th place to dead last among the 15 countries studied by the investment bank, despite the roll out of big ticket Economic Transformation Programme projects.

There are other indicators that the market will not take fright but will rally on account of a Pakatan victory. As pointed out by an SME investor, they include:

• The fact that the opposition states of Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan have attracted more investment that the ten BN states by accounting for RM25 billion in investments comprising 53 per cent of Malaysia’s total investments of RM47.2 billion in 2010.

• If a major sell-down occurs in the Bursa as a result of a Pakatan victory, the nation’s economic institutions such as EPF, PNB, Khazanah and other GLCs would support the market.

• PAS has administered Kelantan for more than 20 years, and Kedah for five years. These two PAS state administrations have neither acquired nor appropriated property, assets or businesses belonging to non-Muslims.

The Marketing Scribe said...

From the on-going RCI on Sabah immigrants, it is no longer a secret that the UMNO govt under Mahathir played a pivotal role in allowing the "invasion" of illegal immigrants to take place in our country. Now with such a revelation, how is it possible for the EC to proceed with the GE with the electoral roll so badly tainted? I can only foresee court cases galore after the election is over. One such plausible case comes to mind is this. Let's suppose the illegal immigrants constitute close to, say, 3 million in population and if Pakatan were to lose by a mere 2 million votes to wrestle Putrajaya from UMNO, I beleive no one is going to sit back quietly to allow UMNO to continue with its shenanigans in PutraJaya for the next five years. Pakatan could have won the GE with a one million majority. Any comment on this, Bernard?

Anonymous said...

These two EC bastards must have emerged from the dirtiest prostitute holes...shame and integrity are things unknown to them. UMNO tainted shit, authors of massive frauds in the electoral rolls.

Alan Newman said...

Now they block a highly respected Australian Senator coming to observe a fair election. I kept pointing out a hundred times the BN-UMNO Gov’t, in power for 55 yrs, is rotten to the core, rotten & stinking inside out. Mahathir & Taib Mahmud’s wealth is each rated at approx RM45 billion, Najib RM30 billion, Daim’s? Taib’s Uncle Yakub before that? And all the other cronies’ wealth? All the losses and mismanagement in 55 yrs? If you crunch the numbers, every single Malaysian has lost a fortune. (For the understanding of Sarawak’s interior natives: 1 billion is 1000 million). These are mafias, crooks & criminals by any standard. Now Jesse Jaskson Junior in US faces 3 yrs in jail for misuse of US$750,000 in election funds. In China people are shot for embezzling US$100,000. Your Malaysian Giant Criminals? You estimate the punishment to befit the crimes! I’d say 5,000 strokes of the rattan and 10,000 years in jail.

wandererAUS said...

Hahaha! Look at the UMNO/BN dickheads, they have scored their own goal! Detaining and deporting an Australian lawmaker is definitely not a very wise move. It only showed to the rest of the world how this bloody UMNO/BN regime abuses its power and how they destroyed human rights in the country. This arrogant "Kissmy arse" HM, he has his brain his his blooming ass. Well done, NYY need have to spend millions to promote Malaysia...truly Asia, nah!

Anonymous said...

Have there been real changes to the problems of Indians during PM Najib Razak's short term? What we see are only promises made conditional upon BN winning in the GE.

Why Hindraf leaders are deluding themselves with vain hopes that BN is still the Indians better hope if Pakatan were to refuse Hindraf's conditions for cooperation?

Have they not learnt after over five decades that BN will not change - certainly not in favour of the minority Indian race? State your stand now. Stop your posturing. It is getting irritating. Are you with BN or Pakatan?

If you want to be neutral by boycotting the general election, then you have no right to make any noise against whoever forms the next government.

Sometimes we just can't help feeling that Hindraf (only the leaders) are there on behalf BN to be the spoiler in the keen contest between Pakatan and BN in GE13.

Awani said...

"Malaysia Truly Asia" edisi terbaru ! Semua orang mesti tengok sebelum PRU13


Anonymous said...

The Election Commission of Malaysia has said that its system isn't perfect, so why then is the government so afraid of someone who is pointing out that there should be reforms in the electoral system of Malaysia?

Has it got something to hide? If you have nothing to hide, then you should have nothing to fear!

Anonymous said...

Updated and corrected version of Najib's CNY video:

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

I hope all is well with you since there is no new posting from you for a while.


Rowdy Cowboy said...

Uncle Zorro

You think only EC cheating ah?

Bank Negara also cheating.

See latest breaking news:

Shadower said...

I admire your bravado. Please keep soldiering on. Someone has to fight for the good of the common man in the street.

"In an age of tyranny the courage of a single person standing for liberty is priceless"

Letchumi said...

Uncle Zorro

Why no action is taken against Ridhuan Tee for his racist article on Sinar Harian that has offended the Indian community?

MCMC and Polis buat bodoh?

Anonymous said...






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