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This was retrieved in a blog-posting by Tulang Besi of Malaysian Waves. I had embargoed this article to follow up on the controversial film on May 13, which I believe has been shelved. As such, it is a good time to remember that this letter did surface after 513 1969, lest we forgot to remember.
The May 13 riots: Mahathir's open letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman
Y.T.M. Tunku,
I am deeply saddened because my intention in making a press statement was misunderstood by you. In fact, my intention is the same as yours, to save this country from harm that threatens it.
Your opinions are based on stories that were told to you by the people around you,who will only tell you things that they felt you like or should know. Let me tell you matters that concern the situation, opinion and ideas of the public so as to give you a better understanding on why I made that statement.
It was you yourself who told me that in order to avoid riots, you stopped the execution of 11 Chinese subversives. In fact your action in stopping the execution caused the riots and multiple deaths that have occurred since May 13.
You always “give and take”, that is to give the Chinese what they want. This was the reason for stopping the execution. This also caused the rise of anger among the Malays.
The Chinese labelled you and the Perikatan government as cowards and weak, which can be pushed around. That is the reason why the Chinese are not afraid to deny Perikatan, and the Malays do not want Perikatan anymore. That is why the Chinese and Indians were rude to the Malays on May 12. If you have been spat at in the face or been humiliated, then maybe you understand how the Malays feel.
The Malays whom you think will never revolt now have become mad and run amok , to the extent of losing their own lives and killing those that they hate because you accidentally gave face. The responsibility of the deaths, Muslim and non-Muslims, must be placed on the shoulder of the leader who made the wrong stand.
I apologize but I wanted to tell you the feelings of the Malays. In fact, the Malays now, be it PAS or UMNO, really hate you especially those who were humiliated by the Chinese, and those who lost their homes, families, children and relatives because of your give-and-take policy.
They said that you just wanted to be known as the Happy Prime minister despite the fact that the people are suffering.They know that even during the Emergency, you were still engrossed in poker games with your Chinese friends. The policemen told of how you used their cars and escorts to look for poker partners.
On the contrary, the Chinese have no respect for you.They said you are naïve and of no calibre. There is more of what they said but I cannot say it here. These words came from Chinese from all walks of life, from intellectuals and also the rickshaw man.
Lately, some development has arisen. The Malays in civil service, from Permanent Secretary and below, army officers and policemen have lost trust and respect in you. I knew that most of them supported PAS through postal votes. Officers from the police and army still follow orders at the moment since the orders are in line with their wishes.If you ever do anything that they do not want you to, I believe they will not obey your words anymore.
I know that you are afraid that the Communists will take advantage of the unstable situation in the country. I am more afraid if Government starts to lose control over the armed forces. Once this happens, thing will never be the same again. The civil government then must follow orders from the military. Your title may be Happy Prime Minister, but those who replace you will not feel any happiness at all.
I hope that you will not lie to yourself that one day people will be grateful with what you are doing now. It can never be that only one person is correct and the rest of us are wrong. I want to tell you the opinion of the people that it is about time for you to step down as PM and UMNO chief.
I understand the power that you have and I remember what happened to Aziz Ishak. But I cannot call myself a responsible person if I did not clarify what I meant. If I were to be imprisoned, I will still uphold what I needed to say.
I was told that you called me a Pakistani. I didn’t believe what people said because I know you would never say such thing. I always defended you when PAS said you were Siamese, had no rights to lead the Malays. So, will you also defend me even if there is Pakistani blood in my body.
I wish to reiterate that the statement I made was to prevent the incidents that will increase animosity and hatred among the Malays towards the Government and encouraging the Chinese to further humiliate the pride of the Malays. Bigger riots can take place if this is not controlled. Even the army might not be able to control it. And further more, if TH Tan and the Chinese Chambers can issue a statement, why can't UMNO leaders?
I wrote this in sincerity and that hope that you will read this letter yourself. I pray to Allah to open your heart to accept the actual facts even though the facts are bitter.
Yours sincerely
(Dr Mahather bin Muhammad)
Surprisingly, he forgets many things, but is specific on whom to put the blame on. Now Anwar is fingered in the Project IC! Who is next? Najib?


wandererAUS said...

Allah is Great!! all his evil misdeeds are now coming back to haunt this pariah motherfcuker mamak.
With his past evil deeds stacking higher by the day, he is now a very dangerous and a desperate man. He will not stop to blame others to shield his filthy asshole! He has mastered the art of using others to cover his sins.
This Celup Melayu bastard must be made to face the music and if found guilty, be hung by his blooming balls. Sadly, it will very likely kicking the bucket before a guilty verdict arrived.
Beloved Tuanku Abdul Rahman, you may now rest in peace, your "arch enemy" will soon suffer the same fate like all other evil dictators....a miserable slow death!

Anonymous said...

Besides checking whether you are in the electoral roll and also whether you have been relocated to another area, everyone must also now start checking the ICs of family and friends who have never registered to see whether they are now registered and, if registered, where they are registered to vote.

shanghaistephen said...

Its amazing how this Kerala Indian can also claim to have Pakistani blood in his Kerala veins. And today he's doing all that he advised Tunku on. Create chaos amongst the people and at the same time instigate the Malays to have hate against anyone who was a threat to his plans.
This "wolf-in-sheep's-cloth" bloody Indian sure knows how to manipulate the Malays big time. Trouble is the Malays fall for this fake Malay lunatic's plans hook, line and sinker !

Mydin said...

Mahathir uses a moniker 'Che Det', which is an allusion to 'Che Dat', another revolutionary freedom fighter, Abdullah CD. He was a leading malay MCP, together with Rashid Mydin and gang.

backStreetGluttons said...

In the 1990s Mahathir was the best PM Malaysia ever had, NS highway, Commonwealth Village, KLIA, MSC, Twin Towers, Vision 2020 etc etc or so the accolades rolled.

Today looking back, Malaysians have been conned realbad, left, right & center.

Its time to correct our tragic mistakes, starting with killing off BN first in GE13, expected before June 2013 (yes ah ? )

MAD said...

Dear WandererAUS, despite your foul language, could agree more with your thoughts. This idiot has single handedly fucked and raped our country and even after retiring, still continues with his sadistic mentality in demonising our country. I pray he lives long enough for PR government to take Putrajaya and hang him.

A Malabari friend had this advise for me, Never ever and forever trust a Malabari for he would even kill his own son for self fulfilling person.

elizabeth said...

Even 40 years ago, he spoke with a forked tongue and readily spills out venom and lies.

Anonymous said...

mamakdey is a confirmed mamak thus has no rights to lead the malays, period.

Anonymous said...

only fools will trust this man.

Resident SS(U), Perak said...

Uncle, This old cock Mamak is EVIL. Never want to stop stealing and hurting all the poor innocent people of Malaysia. At this age and time he should be praying 10 times a day and should just live next to a mosque somewhere in Lintang, Sg Siput(U) area.There, if he wants to talk to the wild-boars or monkeys not a problem. He can't practise the 'divide n rule' among both the community as they are very tame and roam freely. He is not fit to stay in a city spewing venom all over.

wandererAUS said... was obvious my foul language used on this Celup Melayu bastard was intentional and without restrain. No apology. There is no need to use polite words with this pariah motherfcuker... who screwed the nation for 22 years and, the dirty means he used to climb the UMNO leadership ladder. I was there and witnessed, how sad our beloved Tuanku was... hurt and humiliated by this creep. I thought the sun will not emerge from the cloudy sky soon enough...but, it does, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. A real opportunity to hang this bloody traitor. My prayer is answered, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Mamakthir is not only vengeful but lied through his teeth.If he can squeezed himself to be a Malay by inserting the defintion of a Malay in the Constitution, you can see the manipulator extraordinaire in him.

Famous remarks include "I cannot remember", "Tunku did worst than me" when cornered over the Sabah Project M , "This could be an oversight" when replying to a question on the evidences adduced by the people of Sabah in the RCI. This clearly brings to light the poor quality of a former PM.

Libang Libu said...

Uncle dearest,
I'll be the happiest blogger in the blogosphere should you link my blog with your world-famous blog.


Thanking you in advance.

Anonymous said...

People who worship the Mat Hat Ther are lazy beggers

Anonymous said...


Reading the various comments posted here for this article saddens me. :(

I have come to realise that many Malaysians have been polarised by the racial divide.

Words like "mamak", "celup Malay", "Malabari", "Kerala Indian", have no place in a Malaysian society which had such a rich cultural diversity.

Yes, I do blame Mahatir for fostering this racial hatred amongst fellow Malaysians BUT I also blame my fellow Malaysians for their weakness of character in being unable to fight off such henious thoughts of racial hatred.

I hope that after we get rid of that good-for-nothing BN in GE13, Malaysians will re-think the hatred in our hearts and discard it for the good of our nation, Malaysia.

GE13 Malaysia Raya said...

Matir used to say he couldn't care less what History would say about him!

Too bad he's a burning sore point in History! :-))

After GE13, he'll freeze in the South Pole!

- GE13 Forecast

Lord Jim said...

I like that bit about PAS wanting to close Genting and the Bursa. That is enough to terrorize the brown stuff out of the Chinese. You can expect them to change their hitherto hardcore support for PAS to voting them out! Unless I can hear some internal stuff about a company, I don't touch shares much. Currency is more fun - provided you don't listen to any advice from Mahathir, Daim or Anwar. There are plenty of ways you can make your money grow, but what' the point when there is nothing that beats sitting under a coconut tree and strumming the guitar? These days so many young folks die inside the stock exchanges at very young age, those half-alive lie in hospital wishing for that coconut tree. I, too, wish to sit under a coconut tree, I am looking for a nice island to buy, I see little meaning in piling up money upon money, they are meant to be spent, not hoarded.

Btw, someone mentioned Switzerland. Well, the Swiss are practising for war in Europe, they have been out exercising a lot too much and appearing to be expecting war some time in the near future. Don't stay awake at night thinking about your money, war is very likely to come to our region soon... One of these days you suddenly get bombings, street battles, Al-Kedah has arrived, you get "Brotherhood" here... Didn't the Yanks say they are moving from Middle East to Southeast Asia? Well, where the Yanks go, Al-Kedah will arrive first! I won't worry about PAS closing Genting, someone would stick a fuse under old Lim Goh Tong's coffin and send it skyward! Oh! I hope I am not spoiling your weekend, I am very accurate with studying trends, so have what I say locked up safely in your panic department! Never mind who runs our government, you monkeys will be running around holding your satchel of money with no value in times of anything!

Don Anamalai said...

The full name of Mahathir is Mahathir Mohd Iskandar Kutty. The word Kutty suggests that his dad was an Indian Muslim.

If he is questioning the granting to citizenship to Indians and Chinese before independence, then his ancestors must be investigated too. And also his own citizenship

Anonymous said...

Teresa Kok 2013 CNY video clip: Dare to Try

Part (1)

Part 2

DAP MP for Seputeh & Senior Exco for Selangor Teresa Kok produced a Chinese New Year video clip for year 2013, with the message to urge people to dare to try new options. In Mandarin, the word "snake" and "try" has more or less same pronunciation. In the year of snake and in the wake of 13th General Elections, it is important for the Malaysian people to dare to vote for change.

Anonymous said...

Najib gives you with BR1M but take away from you with GST and AES.

So what is there to brim about?

Anonymous said...

The following should be reflected in Malaysia Boleh book of records:

Malaysia scored worst in the 2012 Bribe Payers Survey while the Global Financial Integrity (GFI) report ranked Malaysia as world’s second with up to RM196.8 billion of black money having flowed out from the country in 2010.

In the 2012 edition of Transparency International UK’s Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index, Malaysia was categorised as a country having high corruption risk in its defence spending and operations, while scoring D- in the band range of A to F.

In the latest World Press Freedom Index released on January 30, Malaysia plummeted 23 places to be ranked 145th out of 179 countries, creating the worst record ever.

otakpusing said...

It does not matter if MCA-BN or Gerakan-BN or even Umno-BN brought Jackie Chan to Han Chiang, Penang, to win over Chinese voters and others. It would not matter if it is Psy and his Gangnam, either. If you look at the demographics of the voters BN is desperately trying to woo, they're mostly the youth votes. The other voters are probably more rigid in their voting behaviour. many would already have made up their minds whom they will vote, and still others will decide closer to the polls or on polling day. Going back to the youth, like everything else of their generation, they'll soon forget Psy and Gangnam. They'll understand it was a fleeting moment of free entertainment and be looking for another "free" distraction. That's typical of this generation, not only in Malaysia but around the world. Just goes to show BN is bankrupt of idea to woo voters. Worse, it is bankrupt of election strategies. In sum: Nothing to worry about as long as DAP-led Pakatan does not make stupid mistakes, and as long as LGE does not make ridiculous gaffes, as long as Pakatan infighting does not flare up in full public view, as long as Pakatan keeps coming up with forward-looking, long-term policies that are transparent and fully costed, and as long as Pakatan can look over its record of good governance and can account for all its promises and successes without being arrogant. This, alone, will bury BN and annihilate Gerakan forever.

Anonymous said...

Najib is wasting rakyat money to hire Psy to perform Gangnam Style in BN Penang CNY Open House.


Anonymous said...

Adding salt to the wound, Mongolian C4 hope a Korean will win Penang back for BN but, not a Chinese artist was preferred! Ah Gib Gor, wrong country, you should have requested an artist from the lady you blew to pieces. Trying to fish a Korean beauty? This time Fatmama will squeeze your bloody balls until they come off the stem!

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 70s, I heard the story that Tun actually officially went through the legal process to "swear off" that part of his name "Iskandar Kutty" (Note : the process of "swearing off" was much earlier and not in the 70s, probably in the 50s or the early 60s)

Chua Tee Yen said...

Rakyat is calling at PSY facebook not to come now & getting corrupted money from BN that robbed from its people。。。。

Rakyat sedang seru PSY jgn dtg kerja utk wang rausah dr BN...


Anonymous said...

Haiya Uncle Zorro

In the end, these guys will bring make sure we are stuck with UMNO....... from Uncle Teck Ghees CPI....

Anonymous said...

In a life or death struggle with Semangat 46 a few elections ago, before the elections Mahatir praised the non Malays for their contribution to the country and appealed to them to continue supporting BN. The non Malays secured him a resounding victory against a change to a 46 government. With a 2/3rds majority and just after 6 mths, he called the non Malays pendatangs. Umno, MCA n MIC were silent.

Do you want to believe in them again?

Hasri said...

Umno/BN is "covering all bases", taking both "the high road" and "the low road", in its pre-PRU13 electoral strategy. The "high road" is Uncle Najib's PSY "GANGNAM" circus. The "low road" is his desperate party's use of, and reliance upon, its thuggish "GANG-MAN", Ibrahim Ali and his intimidating rabble.

Anonymous said...

In my younger (student at a private college) days I used to ridicule TDM much to the dismay of everyone around me. They siad I wasn't qualified to say such things about someone who was trying so hard to develop Malaysia. I could see right through it all back then. Without spending money supposedly to develop the country, how else would it be possible to get money into their own pockets. Projects were ballooned with the bigger chunk going into politicians pockets. Later in my working life, i was actually exposed to these factors which proved me right. Servicing MINDEF contracts saw my company providing kickbacks to certain individuals. This prompted me to quit my job as i didnt want to be a part of the corrupted establishment of the government. Mahataik was the core of corruption in Malaysia and he bred and encouraged the growth of fleeting corrupt politicians who feed him until today. Until we are rid of him and his kind (read umNO), Malaysia will never prosper.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe the general public will trust the twisted logic of Mahathir anymore after his 22 years rule of the country. He is just another 'pendatang' if there's ever such a group of people in the country.

Anonymous said...

As long as BN is footing the bill and not using taxpayers' money, it's alright. But then again, there seems to be no difference between the government's public funds and BN's funds.

Splurging the rakyat's money goes on unabated until the elections. After that, our country's deficit will exceed RM600 billion and if BN is kicked out, it will be Pakatan's baby.

If BN wins, all the monies doled out will be taken back two or three folds through increased taxes and rates. God help this country if BN rules for another five years after that.

Mat Hassan said...

Himpunan Bongkar 403 Juta
7 Februari 2013

3.30pm - 4.30pm
Hadapan Majid Zahir
Alor Star

9.30 pm
Pusat Khidmat PAS
Taman Wira Mergong
Alor Stsr

membongkar penyelewengan yang berlaku di zaman BN sejumlah 403 juta.

Kerugian bagi setiap 'projek sakit' tinggalan BN itu adalah seperti berikut:

Yayasan Islam -RM11 juta,
projek udang Kerpan -RM8.31,
Jerai International Park -RM22 juta,
Projek 990East Langkawi -RM48 juta,
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Taliworks Langkawi -RM125 juta, Kompleks MPSPK -RM10 juta,
Projek balak laluan TEKIH -RM3 juta,
ubahsuai Seri Mentaloon -RM2 juta
projek feedlot di Pendang -RM3.5 juta.

Helang said...


In a dark desert hideaway, PWTC lair
Foul smell of Perkasa, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance
I saw migration flight
Legs too heavy and felt so weary
I had to stop for respite

There HE stood in the doorway
His slimy snake oil to sell
And I was thinking to myself
‘This ain’t no heaven so it must be hell’
HE truly scr*** the country
Did it all his way
Ghostly voices down the corridor
I thought I heard them say…

Welcome to the hotel Mamakmania
Such a putrid place
His kids in your face
Plenty of arse kissers into Mamakmania
Any time of year
You can find it here

His mind is definitely twisted
Leading the Umno war clans
He’s got a lot of racist, fascist boys
That he calls fans
How they prance in the rallies
Make you cower in sweat
Some prance follow the leader
Some prance to more, (more, more) get

So I called up Pakatan
‘Please lah show some spine’
They said, ‘We haven’t had courage here since May 1969’
And still those voices are whining from far away
Poor people wailing ’bout their plight
You can hear them say…

Welcome to the hotel Mamakmania
Such a putrid place
His kids in your face
They’re livin’ it up at the hotel Mamakmania
For the big, fat prize
They will mobilize

Despite the Barisan spinning
They’ve got no men, just mice
And HE said ‘you’re all pendatang here
You must heed our good advice’

And in the master’s chambers
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives
But they just can’t kill the beast
Just can’t kill the beast, can’t kill the beast

Last thing I remember, I ain’t
Gonna take the crap no more
I had to turn the effin’ clock back
To the country that was before
‘No way,’ said the HE man
No point to self deceive
You can check out any time you like
But HE will never leave!

Anonymous said...

Panduan Penjelasan Isu Semasa, or a guidebook to current affairs, was produced by JASA (Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas) or “Special Affairs Department” is a propaganda booklet produced by the Federal Government is an evidence how Umno politicians and civil servants use taxpayer funds and facilities to serve their own personal and party ends.

The booklet contains talking points on 44 issues, all of which have been raised by Pakatan Rakyat against Umno, or that the public has raised against the government. These include: Bersih’s demands for election reforms, Teoh Beng Hock, Felda, the Internal Security Act, Dong Zong (the Chinese education coalition), Pakatan Rakyat’s Buku Jingga, and other issues.

Anonymous said...

Dr. M, you are a fraud, a manipulator, a schemer, a habitual lier, a thief, a traitor, a provocateur and now in your dying days instead of seeking forgiveness from your creator and your fellow Malaysians for the evil deeds and treasonous acts and repent, you still want to inflame the sensibilities of the people, treating everyone as idiot deserving your scorn. You are wrong sir, your crimes and your sins will catch up with you and visit your descendants until the seven generations. Repent and seek forgiveness from God and from the people before you breathe your last and hopefully God in his mercy and compassion will forgive you. As for the angry people of Malaysia, you and your descendants will just have to face the music. You are just buying time as day of reckoning is near.

Endri Barcelonista said...