Monday, February 25, 2013


Undoubtedly you won’t read this in the Barisan controlled media. I like them because they pass the criteria for SMART goals/targets – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.
Read them HERE:

However all these 
must be tanstlated into


bruno said...

Going by the feel PR is headed for an election victory.But in any and every elections,there are always the last minute fencesitters swing.

These are the people who always showed up with the crowd.They yelled,screamed and cheered with the crowd.But when they get inside the voting booth,they turned chicken and voted for BN.

PR must target this tongkat,crutches and wheelchair crowd of chickens that they will not be fed to the slautherhouse.That there will be jobs for them,not gomen handouts of left over crumbs.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Just my opinion. I do see some PR pledges as off the marks as well as unrealistic.
But still look much better than what the BN trying to sell to me.

1-Lower Diesel price is a better option . As lowering petrol price is encouraging wastage.
To reduce cost of goods distribution we need to look at Diesel fuel price.
2-Those who uses more electricity must be made to pay more.
3-Same for water.
4-Reduce road tolls , as still need to pay for maintenance.
5-Abolish monopolies- Which sector is PR referring to?
6-Lower prices for small cars. Higher duties on luxury cars
7&8-Affordable public housing – agreeable
9-Free education is questionable here. Free for primary and secondary school level.
Only a certain % goes to tertiary . The PTPTN ought to be interest free up to a certain year.
10- AES is a good way to enforce traffic.It must be under govt jurisdiction instead of private companies.
11- Justice for Felda . Refer to court
12- Police capabilities? Not a mention of IPCMC?
13-&14 – Agreeable to free hospitalization and higher welfare payout.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes to Pakatan Manifesto

No No No to Be-End Corruption !

mitchell said...

The big game is approaching....stay strong Uncle and make sure you you drink lots of Essence Of Chicken!!!
ABU !!!!!

wongty robert said...

Could PR achieve all of these in one term? Certainly not in one term. In two or three terms? YES, that is a done deal! So, do we still give them the votes in GE13 to power them into PutraJaya to clean up the mess left behind by UMNO/BN? YES, we must. Malaysians must begin life again free from official government corruptions, abuses, threats and start afresh with a just, clean and honest government truly elected by Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

Pakatan more proactive, while najib is playing hide and seek for fear of Bala and Deepak's revelation.

Anonymous said...

Ubah, reformasi, Ini Kali Lah:

Kamaruddin said...

UKRC issue not settled as promised. UKRC supporters all over Selangor (maily footballers) getting restless. You think Khalid will deliver before the GE Bernard.

Jackson said...

The adulterer had said MCA will not accept any government position if it performs worse than 2008. Will he keep his word? Many in MCA and its blind supporters say he will even continue as president after GE13, no matter what the result. If BN continues to govern, I bet my last ringgit that MCA leaders will still accept government position even with two or three MPs. They are just shameless, dignity is not in their dictionary, and integrity is not a virtue for them.

Anonymous said...