Sunday, February 24, 2013


"Yesterday, I was in Terengganu, I rode the trishaw and asked the peddlar how the present government was, and he said he would support the BN because PAS was ridiculous, only knows how to talk but does not know how to implement," the Prime Minister boasted whilst sucking up to the folks in Seremban.
What did the PM expect the trishaw man, who was probably enjoying a hard-on, to say……………..that his father was a monomaniacal nimrod with piscatorial propensities? Dang, and the dumbo and his circus clowns want another 5 years in the ring to fool us with their transformation drivel?
Belt up folks, check your airbags……and brace yourselves for Mahathir’s next move to dump Jib boy. Welcome home PI Bala. No the jigsaw ain’t done yet……two more pieces?……WTF!

You may want to revisit this 2012 POSTING….on possible OUSTING.


bruno said...

For Umnoputras there will only be wet dreams left for them,when they are comfortably settled down in Sungei Buloh.Then they can shiok themselves sendiri all they like.

Malchindian said...

Zorro, I am surprised jibs hasn't elected himself election chief of Penang too! Why stop at only one i.e. Selangor?
The building up crescendo of MSM garbage on PR rule in Selangor is about to hit new heights but the shiok sendiri syndrome is about to be quashed in the next few days.
And the Oscar goes to.....

passion1 said...

Our PM seems to be going places, making lots of walk, trying to cover up hot issues.
How is he going to cover many 'woks' with one 'cover'?
Surely, several wok will boil over.

Anonymous said...

Bro, is that supposed to be a jigsaw?
Looks more like the old man is looking out from a cage wire mesh.

Looking out or looking in? I do not know..... Yet to be determine.

Cannot wait to ABUed my vote.


wandererAUS said...

UMNO/BN sperm bank already kosong!...give them another 5 years, give them another 55 years, they still remained unproductive ...only perhaps, capable of firing a few blank shots!! This over the hill Indian Melayu from kerala is a has been...laki difficult having a hard on!...he is just fighting for his bloody devil life... to avoid having his balls castrated and roasted for the dogs.
Time is up for the cheats, liars, thieves and murderers...Time for change.

Anonymous said...

Good at making stories PM

Anonymous said...

Najis is only good at growing 'rock melons' because his melons has already been squashed into useless duds by none other than flom. He claims to have made half a million ringgit yearly from his agricultural effort. Was it actually his or the work of some other poor sods? He has been promoting himself all this while neglecting the 'rakyat diutamakan' rigmarole. What is new? Another hype in his transformation exercise? He and his gang are full of bullshit. Wait until the evil Mamak Kutty pulls the rug from under his feet. Then it will be curtains call for all his political ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan (BN) mentabir kerajaan Penang deficit /hutang kerajaan Penang RM3o Bilions & (UMno) Selangor hutang 60 bilions. Tapi sekarang dibawah Kerajaan PK audit Penang & Selangor menunjukkan surplus/untung 1 Billion dapalam 4 tahun. Sekarang Deficit kerajaan Malaysia ialah RM3000 billions & cuci wang gelap RM2000 billions. President Dato Sri Chua soi Lek mengaku kerajaan BN penuh rasuah & Tak cekap tapi rayu Rakyat undi lagi BN? samalah suruh kami makan buah serta makanan yang busuk sudah tentu rosak badan kita sama dengan rosak & hncur lah kerajaan Malaysia.