Thursday, March 28, 2013


My blog normally remains silent for a few days to honor the memory of a friend who has passed on.

But this time, I break my three weeks’ silence to mourn the loss of a dear friend, ZAINON AHMAD  who tirelessly continued to speak, to write and to publish whatever [he pleased] on our Malaysianess. Social change, he covered in a folksy, chatty style. It is my belief that he either left New Strait Times, or was edged out as its Editorial Consultant in 2001 because he steadfastly stood for freedom of the press and thus to work independently, participating in the events, rather than just watching and reporting and right till the end was convinced that it was still possible for the press to effectively hold the government accountable.
Our friendship began in the early 70’s when he was in University Malaya and was moonlighting as a volunteer liaison officer to an international team during the glory days of the Merdeka Tournament. I was in the transport secretariat and our duties meant close inter-facing with each other. When I had problem communicating with one of the bus drivers, Zainon solved our problem with his adeptness in the Tamil language.   He later surprised me by being able to recite the Lords Prayer and the Hail Mary. He revealed that he came from a Brother School in Kedah and his father told him to do whatever is the practice in the school. One particular Sunday he asked me to double up for him as he had some urgent work. That urgent work was printing notes for sale to undergraduates for extra income. After the tournament I gave him the good news that my Principal, Brother Bernard formerly teaching in his former school in Kedah was willing to help defray expenses for his studies. He was allowed to use only at weekends our Gestetner printing machine and ink but he had to supply his own reams of paper. That went on until he graduated.  
He went on to teach and I only met up with him at one of our “No buy, No lies” boycott campaign in 2007 against Main Stream Media. He was then with the Sun.  He said he liked “ABOUT ME” on my blog sidebar and encouraged me to carry on the fight for a better Malaysia. We last met at Raju’s. He, also a pipe smoker, got a whiff of my tobacco and came outside looking for me. More HERE.

Today, I also mourn the passing away of another friend ALAN ZECHARIA of RTM. I met Alan when I was doing news reading for Berita Daerah in the mid 60s during the time of  Adrain Hendroff, Vicki Skelchy, Constance Haslam and Bosco D’Cruz. 


Anonymous said...

R.I.P Allan

It was great listening to him over the radio back in my younger days.

Seems like it is the passing of an era where possibility and potential are trying to break forth for a generation of Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,
Good to have you back.
Miss you for sometime.
Take good care.
God bless you and Happy Easter.


Anonymous said...

RIP brothers.

Zorro please take care of yourself!

Reseler said...

good,, thank's

Jong said...

Great you have bounced back! I trust you are keeping well.

My condolences to familes of Alan Zackaria and Zainon Ahmad.

We too lost a great guy - Barisan Rakyat Blogger Daniel KL Yong in Penang on 19 march 2013. He is blessed with good friends who helped restored and revived his blog with an Obituary...

Anonymous said...


I am sorry to hear the sad news regarding your friends.

My condolences to their families.

I trust that you, yourself stay in good health so that you may witness the fall of a corrupt and morally-bankrupt Barisan Nasional.

Andrew Gopal said...

RIP Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Zorro, I commented in one of our e. media about how an elderly malay gentleman having been rob of a chance to vote in the mother of elections; the 13 GE. I now read in your blog of another gentleman suffering the same faith. I am a voter in the 70's. I am sure there are a lot of voters in their 70.s, 80's and 90's waiting patiently to caste their votes. I am very anxious to vote in the coming 13 GE. I am sure other old folks feel the same. My opinion is that ahjibkhor is being very unfair in not thinking about the elderly voters in the country and still refuse to dissolve parliament at this late stage. How do you feel about this?

zorro said...

Anon833. As early as 2010 I have given up predicting when GE13 will take place. In one of my postings I even volunteered that Najib will see it thru his term before calling for elections. Lets not get stressed guessing and predicting. It will have to be 6 months after April 29.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is too worried about the possiblity that after GE13, they may have to leave Putrajaya for the next 5 years.Hence the delay of dissolution of Parliament.

The rejection of UMNO has spread to the rejection of their newspaper NST whose readership must have dwindled to an alarming low.

just yesterday, during lunch time, I was walking from Ikano to the curve. Halfway through, two chaps were giving out NST free to anyone who cared to accept one from the few piles stacked by the side-walk. This reflected the hatred towards UMNO, and the public's abhorrence to NST's bull shittings.

wandererAUS said...

It is always very sad to loose friends that are dear to you. Upon reflection, you could easily trace all the worthy things they have done. Maintained their honorable and principled character, you feel extremely proud you have such wonderful friends. We all are getting on with years but, we will continue to fight for human rights and justice for all our fellow men before we call it a day. My dear Bernard, you are one those who stands above many..a decent human being! May our Lord keeps you in good health and great spirit.

My heartfelt condolences to familes of Alan Zackaria and Zainon Ahmad. May they Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

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PK said...

Bro Z, Hylam brothers asking about you in SS3. When datang makan yong tau foo?

Anonymous said...

I note the above spam re freemalaysiakini2.

I could be wrong but I suspect that it is a cleverly disguised BN publication.

The articles seem very subtly slanted towards BN and I notice the blogroll features many pro-BN bloggers.

Maybe I am just paranoid about what or who I read.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro

Wish you all the best.
Take care!

ps: I never read NST and The star.

Johnnie Lim said...

Rip Alan,
I really enjoyed his show and he never fail to play Elvis songs whenever he is on the air. I think I met him once at RTM. He shall be missed.

Anonymous said...

RIP Alan.
Enjoyed listening to his radio broadcasting since the 60s when radio the very few available and affordable past time. Have never met him in person and could only imaging how he would appear in person. And used to enjoyed very much in the 90s where he and another DJs Ridzuan Andullah (if I remember the name correctly) were hosting a Radio4 (or the Blue Network) late night programme called "Memories Are Made of These" where oldies from as early as the 40s were being played over the airwaves that kept me accompanied when I had to do frequent night driving. Thanks for the memories. Samsam.

Zairi said...

Uncle Zorro

Any possibility of you taking over Zainon's column in The Sun?

Surely the coup in news media if that is happening!

Take care!

zorro said...

Zairi, no one can do it any better than Zainon. Thanks anyway brother.

Michael Ooi said...

Brother Edward was my visiting Brother in St. Patrick's. Kulim. 1960

and Brother Brendan was my principal in La Salle, Kampong Baru, Air Itam, 1962