Saturday, March 30, 2013


During my recent stay in hospital I spent a lot of time willing myself to wellness by thinking positive thoughts thru reading. One morning  a patient next to me asked if he could use my laptop to go into Free Malaysia Today which I seldom log on to. Minutes later I heard him bellow out, “These bastards will never change.” THIS was what brought about the rant!
I later read the piece and promised my ward-mate that I would give these three a piece of my mind when I am discharged. He smsed me this morning and asked for what I promised. Here it is brother.
Enough is enough……should we abandon Sabah…..should we waste effort on a lost case? How can we help people who do not want our help. Lately we have witnessed some gesticulations from over there. Now I realized that they were not sending semaphore signals……they were blowing semaphoric ass kisses to us from across the South China Sea.
It is an acknowledged fact that leap frogging had its origin there in Sabah from the time of Tun Mustaphar. For a hectare here and more hectares there the Sabah politicians would negotiate their souls. Onward Christian soldiers? Balls! These were/are mercenaries. They closed their eyes and ears during Project M. We heard insignificant whimpers but no loud remonstrations….because they were numbed into dumbness. I once thumped a guy in front of me for scratching his ass during the singing of the National Anthem. I suppose being dumb is equivalent to the scratching!
Is Sabah a place where they pay you a thousand ringgit for an ass kiss and 50 cens for your soul? A piece of ass-wipe cost more these days, no?
Once people said: Give me liberty or give me death. Now they say: Make me a slave, just pay me enough! Is there a parallel? The saddest thing about selling out is just how cheaply some of us do it for.
As always Confucius was right when he said: “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.” Selling out is what you do when you’re afraid. Afraid to lose those goodies and deliriously coveting in UMNO swivel, grinning proudly to be labeled the safe-deposit of BN!

 Just look at their satisfied look….you get that for sitting too long on your ass.
 “A person with no back bone, devoid of any self-respect or sense of direction in their life will often conclude that ass kissing is a wise career choice whereas that is the path where they eventually get what's coming to them, a shitty end.” I just paraphrased a John Frank. But that was the choice of Sabahans all along when they chose their leaders with their butts and…………. stooping! WHAT WILL IT BE THIS TIME AROUND BECAUSE THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE ANOTHER TIME!
SABAH, SABAH, PATIENCE! Lancheow! I have run out of this commodity. One Judas was enough, now there are THREE! All fart fungus!

Parting shot: Just wondering what these TRIO will pray for when they attend Easter Services tomorrow? Redemption?


Is this the REDEMPTION they prayed for at service this Easter Sunday?


KTWong87 said...

Only 3? Oh I can easily think of at least 2 more. Bery busy tarik harga here, theaten there, bodek sini. Playing every side they can against each other, claiming to be wira of this, champion of that, and defender of something else. Ptui!

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, one man's poison is another's cure...r u practising....if u r not with me then u r my enemy?
U hv ur opinion & believes others can't? U r sounding like Dr M!

Anonymous said...

These three beggars again. If it is not because of granting PTIs with ICs, I can surely tell you that Sabah have been free from BN/UMNO since 1985. A lot of back stabbing happened before, and surely will this time around. For your record, Sabah's government has been changed 3 times since merdeka. Now is the time for Semenanjung & Sarawak to change for the betterment, as we Sabahan are having hardtime to change due to "pengundi hantu" & express citizens.

Jeyan said...

This has always been the problem for Sabah / Sarawak - the 2 most resource rich members of the alliance now reduced to be the poorest citizens in Malaysia . So called leaders who will sell their soul and people form money and power . Having said that , it is often said a govt a country / state gets reflects its people . Despite all the abuses they have been subjected to , they gave been voting in the very people who have been oppressing them for 54 years and in that process thwarting peninsular Malaysians a chance of getting rid of them by acting as safe deposits . Lack of info and Internet access is not an excuse in my opinion because they should be able to c for themselves what dire states they have been left in by years of BN plunder . Sad that these once brave and fierce Iban and kadazan warriors have now been left to be grateful for the scraps thrown at them by their masters from BN.

najib manaukau said...

Sabah is a gold vault for the scumbags and parasites from Umno to take from whenever they need to. Therefore will you or the morons from Umno ever give up that right ?

Anonymous said...

can beat wong wong chun wai and his gang of prostitutes.
Wong preaches on sunday on how to live god's lifes and write lies for a living seven days a week.
the lady, Jo will prostitute for UMNO with her weekly bullshit. anytime for a shack so long her boss Wong says, OYL.
hey, you still buy STAR?

Zairi said...

Who cares what Daim has to say (unless he tells us about Umno's corruption), Zorro is always the best!

Take care Uncle Zorro.
Plety of news that can make our blood boil, but save our energy to cast the vote to oust BN in GE13.

zorro said...

OYL, NO, I am not a garbage onlysports page online....and free, no?

wandererAUS said...

I wonder these Trio have pretty daughters...I will gladly oblige, what they steal, I take. Double Happiness!! A PHD course from Khairy, son-in-law of zzzzzzzzzz

Donplaypuks® said...

All this IC/Citizenships ror sale, engineered by that big time bigot & crook Mahathir, happened right under their noses, and they knew nothing about it? Talk about Rip Van Winkle!

Time for a sea change in who runs our country.

Btw, guess who reads the MSM and blogs? Check out

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Sabahans are themselves to blame just like us in Semenanjung. We MCA, MIC, Gerakan and component parties nodding their cow-dung heads to whatever UMNO ask and does without any reservations. Why? All because of for money. So, Sabah and the BN component parties reap what they sow.We ourselves to blame.Even if this GE13 the Opposition looses, serve us right. WE have to pay for our sins and faults. Past 5 elections the turn-out results makes me sick. Why? It's all cos of money and corruption in politics. Even we start now the cancer cells will take a long time to destroy. My solution is pray for divine intervention.

Eddy said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,
Great to know that you have been discharged from the hospital and will continue to pray for your full recovery. I guess you have already been fully recharged and reloaded during your break and will continue to fight for justice for all Malaysians.
Stay fit and healthy please.

Anonymous said...


Good to have you back in harness :)

Your timing is quite impeccable as the elections will be held within the next coupla weeks, according to the soon-to-be Opposition Leader in waiting, Muhyiddin :)

As far as , Pariah, Dumbpork and Korrupt are concerned, eerr.. sorry, Pairin, Dompok, and Kurup, I meant, ...they will soon pay dearly for neglecting Sabahans.

passion1 said...

Good news! Zorro is back.
Bad News! Three Mas-Cat-Tears in Sabah have been sleeping on the job, do not know why intruders attack East Sabah, do nor believe that Sabahan is poor,because they themselves are made millionaires by UMNO.
PKR or DAP, go for it.
Use the 'moon cake' strategy, like in ancient China.
When the natives come to town, give them a piece of cake, with 'why must vote for you' propaganda note inside.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, sorry to hear that you were in hospital... hope that you are on the mend now, and get well soon ya. Miss your posts...

Anonymous said...

We need a Change in Government in order for thse thieves to get the punishment!

Anonymous said...

All must boycott Tanda Putera the racist movie by Finas/BN.

Anonymous said...

其实,回教党的好你们发现不到,每次大集会时,回教党总是出动最多Unit Amal来维持秩序的,百里苦行也是回教党派了几位Unit Amal一直默默陪着大队保护大家的安全。当大家都觉得民联领袖都很棒的时候,你们有没有注意过这些回教党小人物的贡献,他们可以不分贫贱和不分种族来帮你的,其实你去过吉兰丹,没有一个华人是说回教党不好的!不要说吉兰丹人,去过吉兰丹的人都对聂阿兹执政之下感到非常开心和自豪,而且还有免费WIFI,只是没有大事宣传罢了!我也去过吉兰丹几次,他们的风土人情深深感动了我们!真的,造就他们对任何人都那么热心!

Ini Kalilah!

Anonymous said...

The malay community suffers because of Umno's abuse in NEP.

By dangling the NEP carrot to the Malays – instead of dealing with them with a stick – the community now lacks the resilience and true capability to stand on their own especially in a globalised era.

While Malay leaders of the post-May 13, 1969 era should perhaps not be faulted as they needed to quickly address the situation to bring about racial harmony, the failure on their part to deal with the actual causes of the problem in a fair and just manner is to be blamed.

By being the largest number in terms of race, the Malays, through their leaders, ganged up on the other races: they bullied and cowed them into submission, and all the while thinking that the NEP would work wonders for them.

Anonymous said...

Heard that voters in Penampang still want to vote for the current representative because they feel that he is the only person who can represent them. To me, what a waste! What can you said about Penampang today? The roads are in a sad and bad state. The Streetlights even worst. Drainage just see for yourself. That are just the basic amenities. Maybe our brothers and sisters in Penampang are still in the state of a dreaming mind.