Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Yes, I am referring to Malaysia! Surprise? Well, many hold this to be spot on! I too believe, that we have two policing agencies – one to take care of the powers that be, that be BN if you must know; and the other to take care of us the rakyat.
Go figure it out HERE.

I hope that we have ONE strong ARMY
to protect us from this King of Sulu.
(I refrain from using calling him Sultan
as this would bring disrepute
to our brother Sultans.)


TOKY said...


Some hate them & some like them. Whether you hate them or like them, it isn't really important but if we were to relate them to the Lahad Datu saga, then, I would personally find it important.

Come on guys!!! Lives of these policemen had been taken. A mother had indeed just lost a son, a wife had just lost a husband, a young kid had just lost his father, a sister had lost a brother & so on. Whether one really HATE the police force or not, pls. at least offer them some sort of sympathy & condolences. It's a COWARDLY act to criticize the dead when they are NO LONGER able to defend for themselves. Let us be a MAN instead of a PONDAN of whom will only dare to come out to show her guts when the enemies are finally gone.

Also, let us NOT be like leaders from Pakatan Rakyat especially the likes of LIM KIT SIANG of whom only could say IDIOTIC comments such as "If only this measure had been taken & If only that measures had been taken". Come on!!! WTF!!! Why even bother talking about the past, my dear Kit Siang??? Is LIM KIT SIANG trying to teach us about "Hari ini dalam Sejarah" ka??? Look forward, will he??? & then offer constructive comments such as "What is to be done from now on" instead (NOT what should had been done)!!!

I SALUTE & PRAISE the Police & Armies stationed at Lahad Datu. They are indeed TRUE WARRIORS, while, politicians from both sides are just mere COCK TALKERS.

wandererAUS said...

The Chinese believe that if you often eat overnight eggs, you will eventually, have two balls growing to different bigger than the other! I like to imagine this is how our Royal Police are, "Double standards"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks WandererAus

I guess I ate too much overnight eggs.

Ellese A said...

Zorro and wanderer,

You guys are sick. They are the same. They put their life at risk against criminals on a daily basis but you guys and blind pr supporter just want to see their negative only 24/7. If you had been objective and not spinning you would have appreciated them. You don't like them because they mainly vote for BN. Get out of this sick partisan mindset. Especially at times like this where they again put their life for us and our children, any condemnation is just sick and coward.

An Amused Malaysian Nationalist said...


I have not posted any comments regarding the Lahad Datu incursion anywhere in the blogosphere.

I make an exception here today only because I find that nobody seems to have noticed the fact that all those pro-UMNO bloggers seem to have suddenly become oh-so-nationalistic.

Prior to Lahad Datu, pro-UMNO bloggers seem to be right at home with "Ketuanan Melayu" and in-depth discussions of whether one was a Muslim first or a Malay first.

Now, it seems like all those pro-UMNO bloggers are now suddenly Malaysians first and frothing at the mouth about Malaysian sovereignity.

flyer168 said...


Yes indeed.

Just to share this... -

“...This man here is a Sulu. His name is Datuk Seri Juhar Mahiruddin, 59 who is the Governor of Sabah. He was previously Sabah State Legislative Assembly Speaker. So the Sabah Head of State is already a Sulu..."

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Off-topic: Here is something to truly MALAYSIA BOLEH about!

Tan Twan Eng Wins Man Asian Literary Prize

Tan Twan Eng became the first Malaysian author to win the Man Asian Literary Prize Thursday with his novel The Garden of Evening Mists. The book, set during the aftermath of the Japanese occupation of Malaya, follows a young law graduate who discovers the only Japanese garden in Malaya, chronicling his relationship with its secretive owner and creator. Tan beat four other shortlisted authors, including Turkish Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk, to win the $30,000 prize. Last year's winner was Please Look After Mom by South Korean author Kyung-Sook Shin. The Man Asian literary prize, established in 2007, is given every year to the best novel by an Asian writer, either written or translated into English. The book, which was written in English, was also shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

Read it at Man Asian Literary Prize

March 14, 2013 5:32 PM

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Sambutan Ulang Tahun Parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP) Ke-47:

'Buka Lembaran Baru'

Tarikh: 18 Mac 2013 (Isnin)
Masa: 6.00PM - 12.00AM
Tempat: Tempat Letak Kereta Luar, Sutera Mall, Skudai Johor

Pelbagai acara menarik dan ceramah politik perdana oleh pemimpin-pemimpin DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat akan diadakan! Sila mendaftar untuk menyertai pembukaan rasmi RIBUAN PESERTA, mula pada 6.00PM!

Penceramah: Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim dan pemimpin-pemimpin PR

Semua hadirin dijemput datang!

Anonymous said...

What has Mahathir done right? Proton-fail. Perwaja-fail, PKFZ-fail, Project IC-complete disaster, Royalty-all in his pocket, now in UMNO's pocket. PutraJaya, KLCC, KLIA all overpriced white elephants. Maminco-fail, BNM Forex loss with George Soros-almost bankrupt the country. TNB's IPP-fail -causing TNB to pay RM4 billions every year to IPPs. Judiciary-kaput ever since Salleh Abas case, judiciary was a pale shadow of its past. Multimedia super corridor-after billions what do we have-zilch.

Look at UMNO today. All the good 2nd and 3rd line leaders have been decimated by him. What contributions?

Anonymous said...

I pray that Mahathir will live to be 100 and see all the evil that he had created slowly dismantled and replaced with goodness.

May Allah forgive this evil man. Amen.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

The BN mainstream media is playing with fire by focusing on a statement made by YB Tian Chua. I believed YB Tian Chua did not belittled the strength of our arm forces and our Police as it seem been played out by our politically control media. It a shame to see our media diverting and focussing on something of no valid threat, perhaps to cover up the poor leadership of Najib in the Lahad Datu intrusion?

Anonymous said...

Here again we hear from the tongue twister from 1Malaysia to 1Malay, and now decision by Cabinet not to screen Tanda Putera to the public is twisted that it can be screened to a selected group.

Tell us on what basis that the Felda settlers were chosen over many more qualified public viewers?

zorro said... is perplexing why you should continue visiting this blog when fully convinced that the author is sick. Do yourself a favor, stay away from here. Papagomo probably needs your patronage. Goodbye then.
spread your "gospel" somewhere else.

An Amused Malaysian Nationalist said...


Ellese is a bit of a confused individual.

Right now, Ellese is a Malaysian first - not a Muslim first, not a Malay first, that was yesterday or was it the day before.

Supporting our frontline troops is the in-thing now and it is sexy, so Ellese is going to milk it for all it's worth.

He can't go to a pro-UMNO site because they are all doing the same as he is - being good loyal Malaysians first!! He'll just kick out for trying to steal their thunder.

Ellese is like the guest who comes to your house, eats all your food, defecates and urinates everywhere, breaks your favourite things just for fun and then goes around telling everybody what a f&^king bastard his host has been.

Ellese has always preyed on those he perceives are weaker than him.

Anonymous said...





p/s: yang termakan hasutan dan fitnah dari utusan meloya ni lagi bodoh dan bangang kan..kan.kan..kan

Anonymous said...

Ellese is one if the 3000 umno cybertroopers reporting to khairy j?

Anonymous said...

Attended by about 50,000 members of BN component parties at Bandar Tun Razak last night who were mainly came for the FREE FOODS prepared by BN!

Thank you BN for once in every five years FREE MEAL for the people.

Anonymous said...

^ __ ^...king of sulu !!! That's a good one, uncle !!!

Anonymous said...

Nkkhoo shut his comment section for readers as he could not accept the fact that his readers cannot agree with his pro-BN views.

He is gutted as risky at are making known to him that MCA and BN are not supported by most rakyat opting for change.

Anonymous said...

Great outing in Taman Sutera JB last nite for the 47th anniversary of DAP!

Anonymous said...

Najib says free internet service for the first 30 minutes for the poor......not enough time to see Chua CD (BP hotel room sexcapade)!

Warren said...

I am still excited over the crowd attendance of the DAP 47th year anniversary in Skudai on Monday nite. A friend who attended says there are certainly more than 40,000 people despite it being a Monday. There were no free food and drinks.No gifts and lucky draws. Everyone came with a "UBAH" mind. Tsunami Politik has arrived in Johor!

Anonymous said...

Najib failed to address the following issues in his 'State of Union' speech last night:

1)Malaysia per capital GDP in 2010 - USD 4914 (when the ETP were 1st implemented) & 2012 USD5364 (not USD9970) an increase of 9%. Why compare to 1957? (Source World Bank).

2)In 1960 S.Korea per cap GDP USD 1109 n Malaysia USD 814. In 2012 S.Korea USD16,684.

3)The AVERAGE household income has increased, so is the gap between the high income earner n the low wages labour.

4)BR1M etc2 is but a comestic transformation without any material/significant change for those in the lower income group.

5)Has crime really reduced? Corruption eradicated? Education Standard improved? Public transportation n living standard improved? Do you think those elites living in mansions n bubble can better judge?

6)The rise in domestic investment is the result of Petronas. Everyone knows that domestic investors has moved their operation to neighbouring countries.

7)What about FDI of those states ran by bn?

8)Contracts continue to be awarded to rent seekers.

9)Over 20,000 households were displaced in Pengerang.

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek (Mr "Touch & Play") says LKS always changing place to contest. What is bad about that, fucking soi lek? Lim Kit Siang need not deliver small small projects like chicken drops, but he LKS deliver a bigger mission of liberating Malaysian people from a sinful and corrupt government. Malaysia people know how to differentiate which is more important. You, CSL only scared to death by LKS and OTK. You only know want to fuck peoples’ and your friends’ wives. You ever lick them like a dog. Good show VCD porn star you should be, but your cock is like your mouth, not working well and properly.

Anonymous said...

Chua Soiled Leg, "Touch and blady no go!"...MCA ranout of steam.

Anonymous said...

Najib is now so hard-pressed, he may choose the general election date with a two-pronged strategy: remind the Malays to stay united under Umno or lose political power; and scare the other communities of race riots unless they support the BN.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Johoreans and do the right thing.Malaysia has been abused and pillaged for over 55 yrs under a corrupted ruling Govt. and it is time for a change..Look at how Penang and Selangor states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat since Mar 2008 are managed,they are clear examples of what accountability and transparency are about.DAP leaders have the hood to move out of their comfort zone whereas the MCA and Party Gerakan leaders have no-hood and rather stick to Johor and Penang,that is sufficient reason to bury them this 13th GE.

Anonymous said...

Jangan banyak cakaplah orang tua. Kerana polis dan askarlah ko boleh hidup dengan aman damai. Boleh buat harta lebih banyak.Ko dengan Tian Chua patut balik tongsan.

Malay first

A Malaysian Nationalist said...

Malay first,

You nak Zorro and Tian Chua balik tongsan ke?

Why don't you too get the fuck out of my country, Malaysia?

Your stupid little racist comment is ssoooooo Malaysia-lama.

We, Malaysians, only want those who are Malaysians first.

Anonymous said...

I hope all is well with uncle zorro despite no new entry.

I also hope that uncle zorro could visit Johor soon for first hand reporting on the election battleground at this bn fortress. I hope there could be sponsors in Johor to enable uncle zorro to do this.

Cheers uncle zorro!

Anonymous said...

Ini cakap orang mabuk ( bir san miguel?) dan otak rosak (tv3 punya pasal).

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro visit Johore? No I think he is sick as no new post for long time.

Anonymous said...

The bottomline...let us not allow this UMNO/BN coalition build from "LUST AND GREED" to get away with another 5 years to administer the nation...even 5 minutes is too long. Vote them out!!!!ABU.

Malay Nationalist said...

Malays used to close an eye to corruption by Umno. Malays would rather see them being robbed by Umno who is their own kind than done by non-Malay. But the Malays are feeling the pinch of rising cost of living with Umno continuing corruption unabated. We hope the Malays will realize it was Umno greediness that caused the Malay community being the largest group living below the poverty line.

Anonymous said...


Seperti dijangkakan, belum pun bermula perbicaraan di Mahakamh Tinggi tuntutan sivil RM100juta oleh DSAI terhadap blogger kaki fitnah nombor satu UMNO, Papagomo a.k.a. Wan Muhammad Azri b Wan Deris, dah kecut perut ketar kepala lutut tidak mengaku papagomo itu dirinya.

Cakap berdegar-degar riuh rendah gegak gempita macam nak runtuh langit siap cabar DSAI supaya saman dirinya..Tapi belum apa-apa dah menggigil satu badan ketakutan.

Tapi rakyat langsung tidak hairan pun..Kalau pemimpin nombor agung UMNO kini, Najib Razak pun takut berpeluh nak berdepan dengan DSAI, apa tah lagi taraf cicak mengkarung.

Anonymous said...

Law abiding Malaysians alway respected and believed in the police when law and order is involved. Not the home ministry approved Rela whose members are closely associated with UMNO or Perkasa. That was why not much questions were raised all these years on alleged police malpractices. But today, Malaysians have a tendency to question such allegations. The glaring reason is because PDRM today seems to be controlled by UMNO/BN, AG with double standards. One set for the opposition and their supporters. Another set for Perkasa supporters including their bullies, extremists and UMNO/BN. The IGP should start to restore public confidence in PDRM and redeem the loss of respect by charging Harris Salleh for his alleged statements. These statements as reported were worst than those allegedly made by Tian Chua which were claimed/reported by UMNO/BN owned or controlled news media. But if the IGP or the AG uses Ibrahim Ali racists' statements as the benchmark, then no charges are valid!

The IGP has demonstrated that he can only act against the opposition leaders not against DUMNO leaders and extremists like the toad Ibrahim Ali and Ridhuan tee and deviant so-called ISLAMIC teachers who still refuse to accept that word Allah was centuries before Islam saw the light of the day.

Hew Forever said...

Did MCA adopt panda as their mascot as an admission that they are now endangered species?

Well, we shall make MCA extinct in the next GE!

Tim said...

Why do need Daim to tell us taht BN will not win with deadwood?

Even my 10-year old boy that tell me that. He also said that BN will win with dirty tactics and phantom votes!

Sam said...

When there is competition, there is improvement. That is why we want a 2-party system where both parties have to improve and compete for the voters' mandate in a clean and fair election to administer the country.
Certainly, there will be changes in policies when a new federal government is formed by Pakatan. The voters (not just the cronies and tycoons with vested interested) will judge whether those changes are good for the country. If Pakatan do not perform up to expectation, they can be kicked out in the next elections.
Those from BN who keep harping that there will be chaos and whatnot are desperate attempts to scare the people. Army generals have assured the people that the armed forces are apolitical and will not allow any trouble to happen in a smooth transition of power.
In USA, the Democrats and Republicans have took numerous turns to administer without chaos despite changing policies each time a new president is installed. This is the type of matured 2-party system we want for on-going nation building.
Only people in the incumbent government who want to cling on to power at all cost are hoping that our political mentality is stunted and stagnant forever, like in the 1969 era when we could easily be manipulated.
People, please rise up and be bold enough to say " Ummm...No!...not going to vote for you ! "

LG said...

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's statement that more disruptions can be expected at political ceramah events, organised in conjunction with the soon-to-be held GE13, is really sickening.

Isn't it obvious that so far it is the BN supporters who have caused more disruptions at these ceramah events? Or perhaps the home minister is making a direct hint that we should expect to see BN supporters causing more disruptions at opposition ceramah events.

Rather than dropping hints and veiled threats, the home minister and the government should provide the needed confidence to the rakyat and assure that a peaceful environment prevails at all political campaign events.

The home minister is not paid to create uncertainty and fear. His job is to ensure the safety and security of the people even under the most trying circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Forget about RTM/TV3, please support Radio Free Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Teng Chang Yeow has embraced Perkasa in Penang!

'Tian Chua is bastard, he eats pork' (according to a banner at a Perkasa demonstration in Lunas, Kedah on March 17).

So, Gerakan leaders Teng Chang Yeow and Oh Teong Keong are not bastards because they don't eat pork, going by their thinking.

I just hope those PPP and MIC people do not touch pork at all, otherwise they will be all be in the same category as Tian Chua - bastards. A vote for BN is a vote for Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa.

And for Teng, who is Penang BN chief claiming that he was not aware of Perkasa's involvement, it must be a lie. If not, then he was totally played out by Penang Umno.

Anonymous said...

Although PM Najib had announced that he has managed the economy well through the GTP (Government Transformation Programme) and ETP (Economic Transformation Programme), the nation’s national debt is soaring and has doubled from 2007 to 2012.

The value of the ringgit has also gone down in comparison to the Singapore dollar whereas post Merdeka days we were on par with Singapore. Is Najibnomics healthy economics then?

Crime is also on the rise and the recent robbery-cum-rape suffered by an American lady in Malaysia is certainly cause for concern.

Foreign ladies here have had their share of mishaps in recent years – a French lady was murdered while vacationing on an island and a German lady was assaulted while jogging but was fortunate enough to be rescued by her maid who managed to beat off the assailant. Another foreign lady had also met a gruesome death in 2006.

Robberies and snatch thefts are still common.

Najib is only painting a picture of illusory grandeur for the nation and his statements should be taken with a large pinch of salt.