Saturday, March 9, 2013


"Dr Mahathir says if Anwar becomes the PM, he will sell the country to the Chinese. Najib says he can understand the Chinese in BN but the Chinese in the DAP, they are the worst. For me, I have the most experience - with the Chinese in Gerakan, the Chinese in MCA and I am proud to work with the Chinese in DAP because they have principles and integrity. And this is something the Malays must understand. We cannot develop the country with this type of prejudice. We cannot raise our country with this sort of prejudice. We have to live with new realities."

"We reject Malay racism, we won't allow that to be replaced by Chinese racism or Indian racism. We will have to create a new Malaysian awareness and spirit," Anwar tells the 50,000 audience at PadangKotaLama last night. As a parting shot he tells Mahathir to SHADDUP!HERE


Anonymous said...


After looking at the photos of last night, all I can say is "F U". I was too lazy to do this but now I have to press on and organise a big re-union during GE13. I'm getting my family members and friends to come back to Malaysia to vote. ABU!!!

Anonymous said...

U shaddup, racist Chinese. Malays cannot be racists but Chinese can. Good example is DAP.


najib manaukau said...

This grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir adamantly claims he is a Malay when he is not,
To settle this on going dispute all I am calling for is for this mamak to have his DNA tested to show who he really is. This is a challenge mamak Mahathir, This will settle this argument once and all times !
I will gladly pay for the testing procedure with a bank guarantee, if the DNA shows you are indeed a Malay. Otherwise the fees for the test will have to come from your US$44- billions. It is pittance and you can even pay it out of petty cash. Besides what have you got to loose except the right to claim you are a Malay !
Come on accept the challenge ,shenanigan Mahthir if you have what a real man should have in between your legs. Surely you can't have your manhood questioned, if you are a MAN !

Malaysianatheart said...

Zorro, After GE13, don't forget to turn our flag the right way up! Keep going bro!

zorro said... will revert to its rightful position IF THERE IS A SEMBLANCE OF GOOD GOVERNANCE. Let's not take for granted that everythinbg will change overnight.

Anonymous said...

Good to see zorro reporting on this matter as I am disappointed that Penang blogger Anil Netto for unknown reason did not cover this in his blog.

Anonymous said...

Friends, the Sabah intrusion I hear is going into phase 2. It will be wide spread. Lahad Datu is just a prelude. What can 200 arm men do against a mighty army? Simple maths will tell you it will be futile, and this will be the basis for phase 2 terrorism . So this thing will spread like what is happening in Southern Thai. Apparently in southern thai, the terrorist are fanatics militant which had linked with AlQaeda, funded by Saudis in the name of establishing Islamic state, ironically linked to the CIA. The local thais are generally peaceful lot and they are against all those attacks. So similarly the same modus operandi is happening in Mindanao. Funds from saudis, mastermind from CIA to create instability. The time has come for Malaysia. If we read most Philippines media reports, all kinds of allegations of atrocities are surfacing to gain support from their public. Once this is heated up, phase 2 shall begun and it will come here - the peninsular. What will happen to us? there will be curfews, business will be affected, investors pull out and bad media coverage. How to stop this, I don't know, but keep vigilant guys. Happy hours will be over soon

wandererAUS said...

The orang India from Kerala era will soon be over, take heart Malaysians. As long as we do not loose sight of our determination and have a Pakatan govt after GE13, we will be great!
Let us witness after 13thGE, the changing of guards...the emergence of new generations taking over of the administration...with great vision for the future and sound policies running the nation. Let tell these UMNO motherfcuking bastards, enough is enough!

patrick said...

That Misleading Mother of a bigot now calls for his brainless,racist lemmings to 'save' Selangor when he's already fcuked up Sabah good and proper!Looking forward to the day when we can finally bring this evil cretin to his knees!But he'll probably succumb to a massive coronary with a Pakatan victory at the polls!And that would be a terrible disappointment!

Hansfola said...

Meanwhile TANDA PUTERA is being shown as a private screning 'for melayu sahaja' at a local university to incite hatred?

Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela died three days ago and they have already called for elections on April 14. According to them, it's unconstitutional and "not proper" to appoint the deputy as the president.

But here in Bolehland, after five years, BN still does not want to call for elections. It is as if the country belongs to their grandfathers. All patriotic Malaysians must hang their heads in shame.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Our GDP/capita has been increasing since 1978 and we are heading towards becoming a high income nation in 2020 (according to PEMANDU) BUT how much can we buy back in 1978 and how much can we buy NOW?

Is the GDP/capita really reflected in the realities of our daily livelihood? Has Malaysia improved in totality or only reflected in the TOP 1% Richest?

What can we do to correct things?

What has happened?
- Ringgit depreciation?
- Wages distortion due to foreign workers?
- Skyrocketing car taxation?
- Uncontrolled Property speculations?
- Policies favouring corporation vs Rakyat?
- And how can we have better Wages % over our Total GNI?

Anonymous said...

Must watch BN parody video on Youtube:

Anonymous said...

That photo is fake otherwise bro netto will cover it. Can u find other photos showing the same event with the same number of people? Its low quality and resoluion makes it even more suspicious. Anyway the other two event had very poor turnout. Woder why?

Anonymous said...

I would say a coward is someone who remained in Kubang Pasu for 40 years or in Pekan for 30 years. National leaders should in fact stand in KL/PJ where the population is urban and multiracial.

UMNO thinks us as fools when they dish out their idiotic response to issues. Padang Rengas is more than 75% Malay and held by Nazri Aziz. Zahid Hamidi is the MP for Bagan Datok. Husni Hanadzlah is the MP for Tambun. DSAI should stand either in Padang Rengas or Bagan Datok. Nazri Aziz's majority dropped from more than 4,700 in 2004 to just over 1,700 in 2008.

Jim said...

For Malaysians working in Singapore, remember to return to your hometown to vote.

Easibook (Singapore to Malaysia) and CatchThatBus (Malaysia to Singapore, and within Malaysia) who will be arranging chartered buses when GE13 is announced.

For those who prefer a more flexible option, Easibook is also offering a discount on express bus bookings for GE travellers. Click below to sign up for your charter bus or discount code!

Johor Chinese said...

What's wrong with the Chinese supporting DAP when MCA can't even defend us from racial insults coming from Umno-Perkasa?

Anonymous said...

When Mahathir says that there will be religious strife if the opposition wins, what he actually means is that he hopes the hardcore UMNO supporters who are all Muslims and NGOs such as Perkasa will stir religious discord to cause disharmony among the various races and religions in these country. He would want to give Pakatan a difficult time even if UMNO/BN is no more in power. Such is the wicked and envious mind of this unrepentant autocrat. He is a man of vengeance and he won’t be able to stomach the fact that his one time nemesis is the new PM of Malaysia. That is his main worry because he knows that in such an event he is going to suffer insurmountable misery and hatred towards the Pakatan government lead by Anwar. He is not the least bothered about the peace, security and well being of the people of this country. He is going to suffer the pain and anguish of having sleepless nights despite the fact that at one time he had everything his way by unscrupulously wielding his unchallenged immoral and undemocratic authority.

Anonymous said...

UMNO plays dirty tricks all the time,it is obviously what the desperado do to gain voter’s vote. It is so disgusting! disgusting! UMNO did it like Russian mafia, they rob the government, they rape the the democracy, they insult Islam, they bring down Malay’s reputation in politic. They are making sure everybody shut up! they are making sure that they gain as much money as they can while they are in power, they impede and obstruct the process of reformation. They will kill whoever on their way, they have an escape goats to blame on. It is Anwar Ibrahim and George Soros. The evil power will be dissmissed by holy spirits, the justice kingdom will come, Najib and Taib just wait for their gelatin. I hate UMNO from today on, corruption killing this country slowly, soon Malaysia will be like Mexico.