Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Week-ending every Wednesday will be Goofer of the Week Award Day. A bit of explanation on this unfamiliar word is appropriate: goof, goofer (n): foolish, stupid,person or mistake.
goofiness: abstract noun
goofed (v): act of blunder, bungling
goofer (adj or adv) : silly person or action.
goof-off (v): e.g. using company time to do personal business or
civil servants playing golf during working hours to
bond with and/or collect from clients.

At the end of each month, we will pick the not-yet prestigious Goofer of the Month Award winner from the weeks awardee. Of course, all of you are eligible to nominate your candidate who must possess the above prerequisites. Remember , our PM wants us to be responsible bloggers so I will insist that your nomination must be accompanied by a qualifying citation or brief description of his/her goofiness.This award can be won by any person (e.g. Deputy Minister, Housing and Local Goverbment) or thing (like the Petaling Jaya City Council). If they are under the carpet, sweep them out. Happy Sweeping then.

I took the liberty of taking a global ride (like trawling) to ferret out some goofs around the world:

1. Judge rules government supply of Marijuana is inadequate. (The Mercury Times, Washington). Medical researchers, reports Michael Doyle, need more marijuana sources because government supplies aren't meeting scientific demand, a federal judge ruled. In an emphatic but non-binding opinion, the Drug Enforcement Administration's own judge is recommending that a University of Massachusettes professor be allowed to grow a legal pot crop.
...."the existing supply of marijuana is not adequate." Administrative Law Judge Mary Ellen Bittner ruled.
.......The Federal Government"s 12 acre marijuana plot at the University of Mississippi provides neither the quantity nor quality scientists need, researchers contend.
...........competition in the manufacture of marijuana for research purposes is inadequate, she volunteered.

Zorro (aside): I have always harbored a surreptitious inclination, on retirement, to build a small house in the country with a small unobtrusive plot at the back to grow some grass. Now that the country is into biotech, you think the government will support by leasing out a tract of land (already raped bald by government-approved pirates) for the cultivation of ganja for export to universities or big-time pharmacological outfits? Worth pursuing, yes?

2. Zoo Pays Fung Shui Expert to Aid Monkeys. Los Angeles (AP). The Los Angeles Zoo paid USD4,500 to an expert in the ancient Chinese art of fung Shui to ensure 3 endangered golden monkeys on loan from China can have a strong life force. (Lillian Too where art thou?)

3. Good news for goof-off government officials: Doctors claim on-the-job naps might cut risk of heart problem.

4, Bangkok police on alert for under-aged kissing on Valentine Day. (Our religious-sheriffs are busy kissing on this Valentine Day).

5. Archaeologists won't separate prehistoric couple unearthed in eternal embrace.

Malaysia's Goofer of the Week

Deadline Malacca: Headmistress of SMK Tun Tijah, identified as Noorhayati, pinched 30 SPM students for their parents' non-attendance at a mandatory pledge-taking ceremony. An irate parent confronted the said pincher who claimed, in defence, that she did not use much force in the pinches. Further pressed, the Sun reported, she admitted her transgression and offered for the aggrieved students to pinch her back.

Fact is, it was a race between Noorhayati and Robert Lau, Deputy Minister, Housing and Local Government (see previous posting) for this first coveted award. However, Noorhayati breasted the tape first. For her magnanimous and heroic "pinch me back" we award her Goofer fof the Week Award. Sorry, award certificate not at the printers yet.


the witch's broo said...

mr zorro,sir.

joint nominees : radzi sheikh ahmad and azmi khalid over the MyVI/MyKad real real real fiasco.

SK said...

Do not have your email address, so I would like to wish you Happy Chinese New Year here.

Kata Tak Nak said...

What Radzi said is right. I agree;. Malaysians should not wait for promises of special draws to get their arse up to the registration departments. What I am poiting at is this tendency to damn bloody downright lie and cheat. First, the 1.7 teachers per class, it is still 1.5 now. Then the free books for all by 2008, now they say it's quite expensive and in the same breath they boast of a trillion worth of trade. Now no MYV. Did I her him right when he said they want to sell all those goodies to be donated? Donate? To whom?
What has happened? There was a time when this people try to tell half truths but now they think nothing of lying outright. Anyway to your Zorro, all Chinese Bloggers and Malaysians Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Now you take care ya hear.

zewt said...

headmistress.... of a secondary school... CHILDISH !!