Sunday, June 27, 2010



60 percent of the roof at the stadium that was built at a cost of
RM270 million and opened on May 10 last year, collapsed, including that

above the royal box at the grand stand.

And we are reliably informed that this same contractor is building the RM800 million new Palace. Isn't this putting the life of a monarch in jeopardy. The Agong must be advised not to take occupancy of this new Palace.

We now have proof why the Stadium Roof collapsed.
Dismiss the load of bullshit you read about structural failures, etc




Kamal B said...


What are you trying to say when you mention that it is APPROPRIATELY named after the current king? What are you implying?
Trying to play with fire again i see?
Maybe another visit to the special branch is due again? Maybe Kamunting?
Dont play with fire. If you hate the Malay Rulers then get out of MALAYsia

zorro said...

Kamal B, the same Kamal Bashir that is. DONT THREATEN ME. Of course it was appropriately named after the current King and in his own home-state. What are you trying to read into this. Go ahead, make a police report on me. They know my address. But YOU must make the report. Don't ask somebody to do it.
DO IT NOW, CHICKEN. That way, when summoned I will know who the real Kamal B is....with address and IC#. Be off, and make the report....strike when the iron is hot.

shanghaistephen said...

Kamal B,
what makes you a defender of the "durian runtuh" stadium contractor ? Zorro is only implying that a sub-standard crony contractor was awarded the contract to build a spanking new palace for RM811 million. Do you want the King to walk about his palace with a "hard-hat" in the fear of this palace roof collapsing on him, just like the stadium ?

Your idle MALAYsia threat is so shallow, moron, so go on and challenge zorro with a police report....that is if you got the balls to do it. Then we'll all get to see who you really are.
Sheeeesh !

new fart said...

To you FUCKER Kamal B., it's people like you precisely who gave me the reason a long long time ago to leave your country and swear allegiance to another country which treats me as an equal under the law. I would die for my country if I have to because I am so proud to be a citizen of hers. This great country is called AUSTRALIA. Go suck your own dick!

hurricanemax said...

the King should invite/order/cajole/host a 3Xweekly Cabinet meeting at the new RM800million palace. No ponteng-kaki will be tolerated.

Else, it will be yet another white ellie. A newly deserted and possibly haunted structure.

wandererAUS said...

Hey, second malaysian Kamal B, take new fart advise. Perhaps, you should fill your swine mouth with your two balls as well.
Good thing, I left you blooming assholes for a smart country!

telur dua said...

God works in mysterious ways? And He shall continue to do so.

People can run from the evil they do, but they can't hide from Him.

There will be JUSTICE.

shar101 said...

Kamal B in trying to appear smart still ends up looking stupid.

Therefore, the 'B' should appropriately be 'Bodoh'.

But I prefer 'Bahalol'.

Anonymous said...

Boleh jadi Kamal B tu saudara kontraktor tu kut!

Anonymous said...

This Kamal MF is a South Indian Muslim, cross-eyed, bow-legged and with a beer-belly. He has less right than you as a rightful citizen of Malaysia. He has a poor sch cert and employed as a kerani in a small Indian grocery shop. We all know him as an obnoxious Mamak sucking up to the Malays. Actually, nobody likes him. He likes himself. Don't waste your time on this distinguished a..h...

Anonymous said...

Go not worry Zorro, this Kamal B's data is with us, the Military Intel. We know who he is, where he lives etc.

Some of us are still loyal to the Agong and would not like his highnest to live in a palace built by a failed contractor. We also believe that the FIRST LADY is the Permaisuri Agong unlike the treasonous Prime MInister or should I say Crime Minister.

They better watch out.


Anonymous said...

Why can't people comment on the Gobg Badak roof collapse ? This is our right and must be respected.The money belongs to all Malaysians.

This Kamal is trying to defend those contractors. Who is he anyway ? You have no right to demand Zorro's leaving the country. He has every right to be a true Malaysian who cares for how the money is spend.

Anonymous said...

That Kamal bum is just one of those ketuaan melayu dickheads from Perkasa and Gertak.
We do respect the king and i believe so do Zorro. Only asshole like you is one of the cause of what our country become like today in terms of race relationship, corruptiuons, murders etc.....
Just piss off and fly kite. Leave this blog and corrupt it.
Disgusting idiot with egoistic bird brain.

Anonymous said...

Only in Malaysia, a contractor who builds a collapsed stadium gets a bigger contract to build the palace.

In other countries (even Ghana), the contractor will be rotting in jail.

Anonymous said...

kamal babi, kamal bodoh or kamal botol...

don't like it, then get the fcuk out of this country.

Lao' Cha said...

Zorro keep spelling Kamal Bashit's name wrong. Ok old timer, it's time the both of us go check our eyesight. Could be me though, but I'll swear on my toilet bowl it's a 't' instead of an 'r'.

Ok, back to your post that appropriately triggered his comment. I think what Zor meant by '...AND APPROPRIATELY NAMED AFTER OUR CURRENT KING. " was that the gomen found it befitting to name the stadium in honor of our current Agong.

Maybe my grasp of the language is failing me, so Bernard, you check and tell me ya?

Anonymous said...

A classic case of Ali Baba kind of sub-sub-sub-sub-contracting typical of umnoputera that escalates the cost along the non-value chain resulting in sub-standard and inferior construction that endangers people while the umnoputera cronies got away with easy money, without any accountability at all.

This is what Perkasa and Gertak are championing.

Stadium is the warning. istana could be next when our disgruntled construction workers build pillars with less reinforement bars?

Anonymous said...

6 Sigma is not in the vocabulary of umno, gertak or perkasa.

najib manaukau said...

If Kamal B. does not comprehend what Zorro is saying, go and get NEP to send you back to school to learn English !
Also stop asking the non Malays to go back to their country of origin if they don't respect the King or the Sultan.
We may not be Malays but Malaysia is where we are from and besides who the hell you think you are and who has given you that right ? You too are not the son of the soil the real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters. And please tell us where are they now ? You bloody robbers !
Also who the hell you think you are and who has given you ( also immigrant too) the right to ask other Malaysians to leave this country. So the next time when you say the same thing please leave the country first as immigrant and all the other Malaysians will follow. First to come must also be the first to go and lead by example !
But I am sure you will have difficulty being accepted in another country !
I have being accepted as immigrant of another country and am still here because of family reasons but am just waiting to leave without you or your kind to tell me to and above all to let you rot. So too are embers of my family they left this Allah forsaken country some years ago.
In recent years Umno or your kind send delegations and delegations to plea to many of us to return to serve in Malaysia with incentives and hate to tell you with very little success. In desperation now your P.M. is now pleading for the non Malay professionals to return to serve Malaysia and with even more incentives. Why do you have to plea for us to return when in the first place people like you ask us to leave.
What is so great about this country that you have robbed and managed so badly for the last 53 years ? It is about to go bankrupt and now Umno wants us to return to save the country from bankruptcy !

Anonymous said...

Just leave that shit head Kamal idiot in his own cocoon. He just like to laze around, thinking how to get more easy money from the government, have more wives, how to go to heaven etc... except to live like a decent human being.

Old Fart said...

Kamal B is just another product of NEP. Refuses to understand English beyond what his literal translation in Malay tells him.

Anyway, The King should be appropriately worried. One thing to check is if when building the stadium whether the workers were also not paid their salaries. Disgruntled labourers can cost plenty. And why should they care? They are not Malaysians anyway! They don't have allegiance like we do. And Kamal B supports them obviously.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your comment have just got PR a few hundred more votes in the next GE with this comment of yours.

I hope you will post more comments like this b4 the next GE as u know PR resources are quite limited.

BTW thanks for campaigning for us way b4 the GE, AND i promise u i will buy u a beer if PR takes over Putrajaya.

North Perakian said...

Since some of these workers are illegals, are we proud to tell the whole world that our palace is bulit by illegal migrants?

semuanya OK kot said...

Consider something much bigger and outstanding for much longer, raised a number of times before: illegal export of sand. Here are the pronouncements of They Who Must Not Be Critisised:

Johor MB: Are doing "all we can". "Working with" Customs, marine police, Maritime Enforcement Agency, Land & Mines. It is difficult to trace every exit point. Sand looks like legally exported silica.

Home Ministry DG: Have set up a "high-level integrity committee" to "check using an integrated approach".

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

China has Bird's nest, we have Big Mess.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Come on, Kamal B make that police report. Zorro is waiting.

new fart said...

najib manaukau....hear...hear

Anonymous said...

terengganu can be officially named terengganu darul runtoh,for buildings collapsed.najib manakau?he is counting his moneylah!what better job can he do.

Anonymous said...

Ali Baba-styled sub-contracting is a form of rent seeking among umnoputera. Najib can never wipe it up. so why continue to vote for BN?

Anonymous said...

Well-placed sources in Kuala Lumpur told Asia Sentinel that the RM811 million figure for the Istana is only preliminary. The total cost is actually nearing RM1.2 billion and is expected to go higher, the sources said, with both the Raja of Perlis, who retired as Agong in 2006, and the Sultan of Terengganu, who took his place, becoming hidden partners with Malaysia's seventh richest individual, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhairy.

"Syed Mokhtar got the original contract at RM400 million. Then the Raja of Perlis was given a gratuity and his brother, Syed Anwar Jamallulail, became Syed Mokhtar's 30 percent partner and costs escalated," said a source. "When the current king came in – the Sultan of Terengganu -- he asked for a piece of the action and costs went up again. It was brought up in cabinet in December by an MCA minister. [Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, minister in the prime minister's department for parliamentary affairs] replied: "So what? It's the house of a Malay King, not a Chinese contractor." Needless to say, no one has brought it up since."

The favoritism allegedly shown on the Istana contract presents a challenge for Najib, who has publicly vowed to clean out rent-seeking and preferential treatment in government-linked contracts in his campaign to clean up Umno's tattered reputation.

Kamal P said...

Once BN is thrown out of office, we will get to see the whole truth.

Therefore we have incentive to vote for the alternative government.