Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Anonymous said...

The intruders from Philippines are not here to harm us but rather to assert their claim they are owners of the land or to settle the dispute or the disagreement they have with the ruling government.
Therefore, it is wrong for anyone to think or even to say they died while trying to protect us. Likewise can the Filipinos claim the intruders die to protect the sulu sultan ? Any claim from any party is debatable at this stage !

Anonymous said...


Sam said...

Anon 8:03AM,

An invasion of 150 armed and combat-ready intruders are not here to harm us? Then does it mean that if they wanted to harm us, they should come in tuxedos with invitation cards ?

I am flabbergasted !!!

mitchell said...

For whatever reasons, death is not the solution. Our prayers go out to the families of those who have perished either from the Malaysian or Filipino side.
May they rest in peace and may their families be comforted in this very difficult times!

Anonymous said...

Condolence to our warriors.

But Hisham must resign for poor leadership.

zorro said...

Sam, spot on!

mitchell said...

There is always two sides to the story. Yes, coming into Sabah armed can be seen as an act of aggression but they also did not harm anyone when they came and also during the incursion into the village. There are two many questions and so little info and answers.
Why is Malaysia still paying RM5,300 yearly to the Sulu Sultanate?
Why did we act after so many days?
What where we negotiating?
As usual, we can never get the answers from Hisham, Zahid and also their Master!!!!!!!
In the mean time, lives are and will continue to be lost!!!!
Have mercy on us!!!

Sam JC said...

Zorro. I'm with you. I am confident of the capabilities of the Police VAT69 and Armed forces IN THEIR RESPECTIVE FIELDS.
But unlike a certain black-eyed politician's "backdoor" entry points, the backdoor entry points in Sabah have never been as tightly scrutinized. Not due to the shortcomings of our forces, but due to the "close-one-eye" policy of certain Sabah and Putrajaya policians. So we were caught off-guard. Suddenly our men-in-blue found themselves facing an armed group that was well-prepared, dug-in, with an established supply & command network all the way back to the Philippines!
The blood of the first 2 ambushed cops is in the hands of Sulu Sultan, but on the hands of the grinning, photogenic Minister who dissed these intruders as "old men in sarungs & slippers. But of course that thick-skinned fellow won't resign for his terrible error, because that's not the Malaysian way.
2 weeks of protracted jaw-jawing and extended deadlines are not signs of weakness or indecisivenes on the part of our police. It is actually an excellent tactical move to quickly put our offensive force in place. But why didn't the quiet-as-a-mouse Minister in charge of the military, order our men in green to roll the hardware in and take up offensive positions during these 2 weeks of nego's? Of course this shameless fellow won't resign for his costly blunder, because that's not the Malaysian way.
Why wasn't the Supreme Commander of the Malaysia Armed Forces advised to authorize military action, as soon as the first 2 cops were murdered? Our men-in-green must have been chafing at the bit on hearing that 2 cops were ambushed in typical 60's Commie style! Of course the 1Malaysia BR1M salesman will not resign for his irresponsibility in the needless delay that resulted in the grisly murder of another 6 cops.
Now the battle is in full swing. We should be objective and give our full confidence and support to all our security forces who are willing to lay their lives on the line in spite of the stupidity of their political masters. They are fully capable and the best we have.
But we must keep our civilian gunsights trained unwaveringly on the politicians of the day - especially the 3 irresponsible nincompoops in this tragic debacle. They are an embarrassment to King and Country and should not be in any government position beyond April 2013.

hobbit1964 said...

Oh thank you Sam!!! John Ondrasik has a song about you :P

Anonymous said...

All is not over yet.
I fear urban guerilla warfare may ensue later on.
To my mind, we miss the big picture.
Do we really believe that the self-styled sultan can raise
an army ?
He is dependent on the Phil Government for aid and can't even take care of his livelihood well.
Who then is behind all this ?

Jong said...

Ask any kid and they will tell you that those commission derived from sale-purchase of the Scorpene submarine and stolen jet engines could be used in financing those Sulu militants. Hmmm..!

Anonymous said...

Just a could be a kind stay behind tactic to disrupt the enemy post-takeover in warfare.

Here, PR is the "enemy" to UBN taking over Putrajaya. GE is soon to be upon us - the war. The incumbent is soon to be on the losing end. One of the tactic is to leave some kind of "shit" to destabilise the new PR government, e.g. militant insurgents in Sabah again a backdrop of historical claim. This cause PR not end in foreign policy headache and if it is going to escalate into some kind of war, then the PR government will be drained of necessary resources for the urgent development into military spending.

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

It is very profitable to be a dead soldier in Bolehland! For whatever incompetence UMNO clowns displayed during the short conflict with the illegal invaders, these meat heads silenced the demised families of the dead soldiers with extraordinary generous donations.

flyer168 said...


Condolence to all the families of those that died.

Just to share this…

10,000 Tausugs to sail to Sabah - http://www.malaysia -

MNLF chief warns of ‘chaos’ if Sulu Sultan arrested -

Breaking the Silence - Bilderberg Exposed -

Indonesia–Malaysia Stand-off - "...In fact, Bilderbergers at the lounge table all agreed that such a conflict might well give them an excuse to garrison the disputed area with UN "Peacekeepers" and thus ensure their ultimate control over the exploitation of this treasure, meaning untapped oil reserves..."


“Malaysia has been named among 54 countries which have helped the US's Central Intelligence Agency by hosting secret torture cells and participating in illegal deportation of detainees to and from US custody without any legal process..."

What a waste of time, effort and sacrifices of our Political forefathers' noble intentions...!


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Usually i have nothing good to comment on the cops or pdrm.
But in the Lahat Datu case and Sempurna case , they were there to perform their real duties as cops as they had pledged before.
They were not doing their usual Kopi-O rounds.
I believe that those who done good for the nation and her citizens deserves the bravery citation.

Salutes them.

***the home minister, defense minister, IGP and najib erred by not accepting a temporary ceasefire as offered.

wandererAUS said...

When Penang CM was "attacked" by babi hutans (Muslim NGOs) at komtar, what did the police do? What did the CPO do?....fcuking nothing, not even an arrest! Do we good citizens give a shit to these blue uniform baboons...dead or alive. Fcuk the whole lot of them. Remember Bersih 3.0...Sad, Malaysians have a short memory.

Amirul said...

Why must those perkasa folks invade Komtar Penang after Friday prayer?

This is an insult to the holy religion.

Who incited them?
Polis must check the Friday sermon of the masjid that they attended!

Anonymous said...


THIS is what happens when you have TWO MINISTERS in-charge of a single incident instead of just ONE!

Click here to read:

THESE Bodies which were shown to the Media and Press were FOUND after the bombings!

The CONDITION of the Bodies look exactly like they would after being attacked by INCENDIARY BOMBS such as the "MARK77":

On the morning of the 6th of March 2013 "MANILA BULLETIN" reported in an interview with spokesperson for the Rajah Muda who led his Sulu Army to Lahad Datu, Sabah where I quote:

"However, instead of hitting their target, the Malaysian bombers dropped two bombs on THEIR OWN SECURITY FORCES, the Sultanate of Sulu said."

"The rajah muda, younger brother of the Sultan Kiram III, said they saw a jet plane hovering above at 9:30 a.m., but a bit far from their stronghold.


Idjirani said the rajah muda was bewildered by the bombing of the Malaysian security forces.

But the rajah muda recalled that Kampung Tanduo, where the bombs were dropped, USED to be his group’s camp, but THEY ABANDONED this after Friday’s fighting.


Idjirani described this as a “divine intervention.”

“If the bombs were from Malaysia that is divine intervention. It shows that our only support is from divine intervention,” he said.

On the 7th of March later MINISTER OF DEFENCE & HOME MINISTER: Datuk Zaid Hamidi and Hishammuddin Hussein Onn, showing photo's to the Malaysian MEDIA & PRESS "SHAMELESSLY" cover-up the CAUSE OF DEATH of our MALAYSIAN SECURITY FORCES by stating to the press that their Operations was running well, and claiming that the men in the photo's were the bodies of "SULU SOLDIERS" who died in the bombings...

But investigations done clearly showed the INCOMPETENCY & MISTAKE they were trying to hide through News that was reported from the Philippines as well as CLUES seen left from the photo's themselves such as the Standard Colour Uniforms, Gloves & Cargo Pants used. Most of all was the "FRANCHI SPAS-12" Shotgun Rifle that was left that is Standard issue for our Malaysian PGK ( Pasukan Gerak Khas ) and GGK's ( Grup Gerak Khas ) which you could all see at: looking at "Equipment" section by scrolling down.

It's UNDERSTANDABLE really "HOW" this could happen, as seeing from the WAY Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak REACTED from the very beginning this whole fiasco STARTED, he did NOT take the issue or matter SERIOUSLY by 'immediately' addressing the issue and was still in PENINSULAR MALAYSIA along with Deputy Prime Minister going around CAMPAIGNING & DOING "LAUNCHING" events and still cutting Ribbons, while our NEIGHBOR...the Philippines: President Aquino had made SEVERAL Public Statements from Malacanang Palace concerning this issue in Lahad Datu, Sabah.

Thus as CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the Government, PM Najib's "BIGGEST" mistake was NOT to ADDRESS this matter/issue of Lahad Datu "IMMEDIATELY"!

And WHERE was Prime Minister Najib on the 6th of March 2013 while all this was UNROLLING in Sabah?