Sunday, January 9, 2011



The Titiwangsa UMNO chief Johari Ghani had boasted during the UMNO assembly that UMNO does not need Chinese and Indian votes. Of course handmaidens MCA, MIC and Gerakan pretended they did not hear this utterance from the Managing Director of Permanis that produces Pepsi etc. So besides giving the vote to Pakatan for good measure we can SAY NO to Johari Ghani’s products HERE.

A similar insult was thrown at PPP by invited guest of honor, the Chief Minister of Malacca, who told the gaudy blue-clad audience that they could immediately leave BN. They greeted this dare with the typical subservient asinine groveling grin and were punished with complete ANNIHILATION at 308.

I hope Johari will fortify his factory with more armed guards just in case Loud Mouth Ibrahim Ali gets into his regular fit when he finishes reading the list of Jewish- origin products sent to him as a Chinese New Year ANGPOW by HartalMsm HERE.

It was rather sadistic of Hartalmsm to give the list because we don’t want Ib and Perkasa to be belting out the pornographically and infamously abusive 1994 Necro hit, Eat Shit and Die. Remember his “shit, shit, shit” fit over CNN?


Anonymous said...

On the HartalMsm list are KFC and Pizza Hut.

So you are supporting the Jewish cause each time you have a finger licking good experience courtesy of Johor Corp.?

toyolbuster said...

In most rural parts of Johor, MCA and MIC hire gangsters to "encourage" voters to do the "right" thing for their own well-being and that of their families. Tenang folks should consult the great Ibans of Ulu Niah on ways to neutralise these pests. I suggest that PAS should mobilise their ever reliable elitist squad to do the initial extermination routine so to avoid unneccesary pollution by over-dependant on pesticides. What say you Hadi, or have you struck a deal with Santa already.

Anonymous said...

lim guan eng said the same thing about the indian of kampung buah pala.and after watching the clip on youtube regarding adun of komtar thugish behaviour,well let just say everything is clearer now.

So,fuck off pakatan rakyat and barisan nasional!sama perangai sahaja!

shar101 said...


Anonymous said...

Most IT savvy folks know about Johari and his racist statement. The question is... DO THE VOTERS KNOW?

zorro said...

The 8 days house to house campaign would be definitely help. Those residing in the constituency should already be doing that before nomination day.

Anonymous said...

Najib had classified almost all private sector profit seeking big projects as part of the government ETP. This is another cunning effort to mislead the public and the investors as many was misled to think that the so call projects are assured by the authority. Building castle in the air is one issue, creating pie in the sky is another issue.

Loh said...

By calling on the government to slow on its 30% target, CSL gives the impression that the stated target had not been reached, when in fact the 30% target had long been surpassed. There are independent studies which have confirmed that the government did not base the government statistics on correct and relevant data. CSL pretended not to know the issue, or he was not even interested in such matter.

The 30% target had already been reached in 1990. The government simply quoted a figure to refute the reports by ASLI. Now Najib says that NEP is forever.

The 30% is the threshold for removing NEP. NEP should be removed, and the target had long been achieved.

By asking the government to gradually remove the 30%, CSL is telling the government NEP is still alright so long as the 30 percent is gradually removed. If the government takes his suggestion to remove it after 100 years, that would mean that MCA agrees to have NEP continued for 100 years.

It is disgraceful of MCA leaders to claim that they defend Chinese interest when in fact they offer UMNO an excuse as party to the government to implementing perverted NEP programmes. MCA candidates should be totally defeated in the coming GE.

Anonymous said...

If you have been reading this blog and you are still convince that mca is your choice, then you might as well be another Ridhuan Tee to join umno.

Anonymous said...

MP for Titiwangsa Johari Bin Abdul Ghani says Chinese and Indian votes not needed to win Titiwangsa seat. He did a mathematical calculation that all he need is the 32,000 Malay voters and that is all. He made it very clear that the Chinese and Indians are a minority and they are nothing but Customers.

Anonymous said...

Now with UMNO having institutionalised racism and injustice, there is no way that highly skilled and professional Malaysians will return. So long as the fundamentals of good quality education, institutions of governance and law and order are not restored these Malaysians will not return. Why would they want their children in the schools that UMNO has built when UMNO leaders themselves don't send their own children to those schools? Why would they want their children to face racism and discrimination when their adopted lands treat their children with fairness and justice? Why?

Najib is just a naive and incompetent PM. He won't even debate Anwar like a man. He's too chicken. May be he should send Rosmah since she appears to be wearing the pants in the house. Najib, go on doing what you are doing and you will indeed be the last PM from UMNO. We eagerly await the dawn of a new Malaysia where there will be freedom and liberty, where we shall all be regarded as Malaysians, not, as your Deputy says, Malay first, Malaysian second.

Anonymous said...

Tenang By Election DAP Grand Dinner
Date: Friday, January 28
Time: 8:00pm

Venue: Tenang, Johore

Speakers: DS Nizar, Nga Kor Ming, Dr Boo etc

Contact person: Dr Boo Cheng Hau Tel : 012-7205909

Kadir said...

Johorean please read this before you vote for BN.

In 2004 Johor had non oppositon MP and Adun. About 10 years ago under the mentriship of Muhiddin the state government issue Dana Johor at RM1. Now it worth less than 10sens. Few years back the state government conducted a beli balik at the price of 50%. With your logic with all the infrastructure and supporting civil servants why Johor is facing such large deficits, notably the failure of Johor Corp (with so much cash cows like oil palm, hotels, hospitals and KFC)that is heavily in RM3.6 billion debt?