Monday, January 31, 2011




Dead end at Taman Eastern….no way could we get back to Taman Sri Pelangi, our homebase that we left Sunday morning for Labis. Only one hotel in this side of Segamat Baru and a big FULL sign on the counter was clear enough. How will the three of us spend our time……until we are cleared to get to homebase. That was wishful thinking. At 3:00am we decided that we sleep in our cars. (Shang left during the post election PC because he had to be in KL for a meeting on Monday……he braved the floods out of Labis, thru Tenang towards Segamat. He admitted that he had never prayed so fervently every time he approached a severely flooded stretch….something to this effect: you walked on waters, get this Matrix of mine over these waters, please.

Taman Eastern was a far as he could go. Arif and I decided too to leave Labis to join Shanghai.


Still raining but a noodle stall had just opened opposite where our cars were parked. 4 cups of Nescafe tarik was god-sent.


Chew called: Where are you

Me: Stranded in Taman Eastern….can’t get into Segamat.

Chew: When did you come in?

Me: Last night and we slept in our cars.

Chew: What lah, I stay around. Stay where you are. You will stay in my house.


We decided to stay with Chew until we are cleared to get into homebase.Thank you Chew. Welcome bath...Ariff crashed out. Shang went to buy toiletries. I started this blog.


Internet connectivity kaput.


Connectivity came back.....thus this.


Will we be able to get back for CNYear eve family dinner?

Rain, Rain GO AWAY, Please come back another day....we pray.


LibangLibu said...

Tn. Zorro,

million of thanks,

4 keeping us updated.

wandererAUS said...

Zorr, all you poor souls, glad you were safe!...lagi ada teh tarik.
While you folks were praying for the rain to go away, Ayer kerbau MOOOOOOO
hope the flood stays. Remember, he unashamedly, did not hesitate to call on Bomba and Police to use the "rakyat" assets, the floating boats to ferry selective "privileged voters" to the polling stations. PR should thank their lucky star C4 did not send his submarines...otherwise, PAS would have suffered a more humilating defeat!
So you see, the rain was good for ever deceiving bastards and brought misery to local folks...

pinsysu said...

The Lord is crying incessantly i wonder why. any way praying for clearer day for all to celebrate LNY. a very happy & bountiful bunny year to uncle z & family & ur followers. God bless you all!

Anonymous said...


Forget about fighting BN. You wont win. The rakyat is with BN. Go home where it is safe and dry. Enjoy a cold one with close friends.

BN is unbeatable and come 13GE, we will take back Selangor and Kedah

caravanserai said...

Pray the weather changes
Let the flooding recede
Many will miss the friendly cuddly rabbit
Waiting for the flood to retreat

Homes flooded
Losses will be many
I knew about flood
Got it way back in Klang

Of old village
Kampong Tengah
Before developments came
Now only the memories

Once in Temerloh
The car nearly choked in the water
Luckily it held on to drive through
Friendly villagers helped

In Mersing to Kota Tinggi road
Got stucked for quite a while
Before bravely drove through
Others encouraged to do

Now weather sunny in Perak
The stranded people can have a sigh of relief
Going home for the year of Rabbit
Nature no support of Bee Anne

p/s thanks a lot for the write up on Tenang by election Hope you guys can reach home today

Al Hujan said...

The heavy rain ans the flood is the punishment from God to the people who still voted for BN to stay in power!

God is Great!

Ipoh said...

God is crying due to the recent victory of the corrupt.I hope ppl who are suffering now will think about wat their govt has done for them since the last big flood... or are they still willing to listen to more false promises? On behalf of the rakyat, i'd like to thank all you true malaysian heroes who braved it all during these difficult times.

bumi-non-malay said...

Lets hope Rakyat get angrier like EGYPTIANS with more floods, expensive food.

After all we have given UMNO-BN Trillions in Projects , Flood Remedial works......etc

Lets see if inconvenience will open rakyat eyes....this is 2011 ...nor 2006. In which I recall the stupid MB of Johor Blame Singapore.......Hello rakyat melayu, cina, India, ....dah bangun belum???

Stay safely...don't take too much running shallow water up to 1 feet can also sweep your car away!! Kong Hee Fatt Choy

me said...

Young man (not old fart LOL!)

This is one kind of report that I really enjoy reading. Too bad PR lost Tenang. Better luck next time.

Wishing you all a great CNY.


Anonymous said...


i recalled one dumbo dumno leader suggested that the big rivers be straigthen from its source to sea, hence heavy rain wont cause flooding on its river banks.

well, imagine where would Tenang now lies if that project ever gone thru?

the elegant silence leader gotten silent after returning from his yachting trip australia!

Rakyat lost in Tenang, is OK so long UNCLE & Friends are safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

so how the new rep in tenang going to helps them folks...

to give rm10k per household?

my guess is... amno & their running dogs will tell those folks go fcuk themselves!!!

kah! kah! kah! votes for them somemore la! kah! kah! kah!

Andy said...

Thanks for every effort made in the election. You all did well on chinese votes.

Wish you all very Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai!

zorro said...

Anon610pm....susah lah for crooked BN to do anything straight.


donplaypuks® said...


I see I'm in your blogroll as Don Play Play. But can you please change it to donplaypuks? Thanks.

Btw, back in action after a bit of a lay off.

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