Monday, January 3, 2011


Tan Sri Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam,

Archibishop of Kuala Lumpur.

Did you receive instructions to remove all crucifixes for Najib's visit?

You tell us!

It was reported recently that there were no such instructions.

The Christian community expects this from you!

The TRUTH that is.





Anonymous said...

Kesian jugak jadi ketua umat Katholik di Kuala Lumpur; di satu belah ialah tuan kerajaan, di belah yang lagi satu ialah tuan pejuang kebenaran.

Anonymous said...

when the person responsible says NO to the accusation,what else do you want before you accept that it is the truth?

and the person who says NO is the Archibishop of Kuala Lumpur,are you accusing him of lying?

How dare a muslim like you accused him of lying!It is an insult to all christians!

Jong said...

Hah! No wonder I see he has big big title too! This Archbishop risks being removed by angry offended Christians for not defending the Christian culture at Christmas! Shame on you for stooping low to Najib's demands when he had no qualms insulting the Christian fraternity and you condone it?!

The Archbishop should have told Najib "come with respect if you are comfortable, don't if you are not"! Isn't that morally correct?

LibangLibu said...

Tn. Zorro,

telur paderi pun dah kena pegang?

teruk.. teruk.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop, the christians is waiting for an answer. Things don't just go away by keeping silence.

Anonymous said...

If indeed a church in Malaysia has to remove its crucifixes in order for the Muslim prime minister to pay a political visit during the Xmas season, then that is the biggest insult one can make to a religion ... much much worse than the recent hue & cry over a non-Muslim female rep's aerobic exercise with her Muslim electorates.

bumi-non-malay said...

You see these are the Crony Christian leaders who will sell their SOUL to get the TAN SRI title......Same like so many other Bishops, Tans Sri Prince Guna of Calvary....etc....all dreaming of Datuk and Tan Sri and Tun...

I urge Christians to stop Giving Money$$$$ to these Churches and feed these Corrupt and Spineless Church Leaders. They are as Corrupt, Useless and Evil as some mufti, and the so called Defender of Islam Sultan... Like some Sultan Zero of P...k, J...r, Pa.....g, Sel...or, can figure out who they are)...Rakyat mula sedar!!

........want to help the poor....drop me a line and I can direct you to PEOPLE in Need rather than maintaining their Lavish Lifestyle..... Malaysia Must Mat Kilau!!

Retired Kraken said...

There's a simple solution to all this.Do not desecrate any BN ballot paper with a CROSS.

Anonymous said...

This church is controlled by Umno?

Assamjawa said...

Look again, the Archbishop supports "1Malaysia" without hymns & crucifixes!

Anonymous said...

Kristians have to 'submit' to the authorities or their aides ma !!

damian said...

Frankly, i don't care whether the PM aide did instruct our Catholic church to bring down the crosses...what is important is the response given by our church (read:Archbishop) to Najib and his we bend down so that the powers that be can "sodomize" us again n again...wat the hell men...let Pakiam answer us ASAP...did he actually sucumbed to Najib aide request...n if yes why???...n if u do take down those crosses then u deserve to be excomunicated!!!


Anonymous said...


In Bolehland, how to get big titles if you're not a crony with konektion?? Ai yah, churchmen also human la, they go weak in their knees when they are handed out money and titles. BTW, this Calvary church is a big scam, they are all out to hit their 'target' donation, what they do with so much money I don know...

toyolbuster said...

I will never ask for the truth from any agents of the devils. Could you expect any truthful answers anyway? Who would normally ask for the removal of any crucifixes if they are not Dracula, Ghouls, Toyols or Satan himself? So, TanSri Archbishop, stop playing with the devils or you will have to answer to Tuhan.

Just remember this;

Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,
and the power,
and the glory,
for ever and ever.

Anonymous said...

I respect the robe but not that indian motherf#@$# Tan Sri spineless Priest who tell lies.Maybe he needs a confession to the suckers christians.

new fart said...

Don't you just love this kind of stories? What to expect from these backward people of the so-called Ketuanan! Throw BN out in the next GE!!!

Anonymous said...

Setting the standard of 'Gereja 1Malaysia' that has no cros??

Jong said...

Anon 12:51AM,

What ROBE? ..hiding behind that robe in the goody name of 'toleransi' and peaceful co-existence? Being bullied into submission to Najib's demands are far from it - unacceptable and undeniably insulting to the Christian fraternity and religion! And his paderi deem his right to submit to such insults?

Wake up Christians, remove him, send him packing if he's not about to disrobe!
Show your displeasure, your right to exist via the Ballot Box come GE-13, no ifs no buts!

Anonymous said...

When Jesus was going through his agony and suffering, he didn't say much. Most of the time he was silent apart from the few times he spoke in defense of his ministry, in declaring his reason for being on earth or to declare the truth.

In one of the enactment of the life of Thomas More in movie (as in the movie "A man for all season"), he also tried not to say much in the controversy of the king's marriage initially, though in the end he had to paid with his life.

As for Archbishop Murphy Pakiam, he now has to bear taunts and insinuations. That is his cross to bear. The path for him to take will be revealed to him in its own time.

In the mean time, may God bless you for whatever reasons for your comment on Archbishop Murphy Pakiam.

Anonymous said...

he looks like a highly paid wanker to me. a hypocrite of the highest degree. he is the same like his bishop called anthony selvanayagam.

petition to rome to remove him. the pope would be interested to find out what a wanker we have in malaysia that represents the vatican.

my 2 cents worth


zorro said...

Anon811pm,you wrote:
In the mean time, may God bless you for whatever reasons for your comment on Archbishop Murphy Pakiam.

The reason for my comment is clearly simnple: Was he instructed to take down the crucifixes, yes or no. I cannot make it any simpler.

Jong said...

The very fact that Archbishop Murphy Pakiam hastily rushed through prayers, Christmas carolling, singing of hymns and saying grace just to accommodate Najib's demands that they would deem "offensive", was wrong and a disgraceful act on the part of the paderi. There's no worse insult that this and a tight slap across the face for all Christians celebrating Christmas 2010!

Anonymous said...

Najib won his seat in the last elections because he transferred the Kuantan Army Camp to his Pekan constituency. The camp was previously in the Paya Besar constituency. The camp, which houses the Air Force and Mechanised division, comes with thousands of postal votes. If Najib is not scared, come stand in Lembah Pantai or Wangsa Maju, which are demographically more representative of Malaysia.PR Mps too, like Kit Siang and Karpal SIngh, should also contest 50-50 seats. So must MCA leaders who had all this while been hiding in Malay majority seats.

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that Pakiam suffers for the sake of Najib?

What a sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Church is controlled by the State?